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so delighted with a new understanding

WHO: [ profile] formidophobia and [ profile] ebony_mask
WHEN: 25 Jan
WARNINGS: creepers a creepin'?
SUMMARY: Black Mask gives Scarecrow a surprise visit
FORMAT: paragraph to start, anything you want after

If there was one person in the City Black Mask felt truly appreciated his methods, it was Scarecrow. Roman was delighted to find the good doctor harbored no hard feelings about that fateful high intensity lasers incident--or not openly, at least. He was also one of the few people from Gotham with whom Roman didn't find annoying to converse. In a city with neither a firm foothold nor an excess of allies, he wasn't about to throw away someone as useful as Crane.

Armed with a notebook, a pen, and a fake face, Roman congratulated himself on his flawless author disguise as he settled into a chair facing the glass. He looked older than he actually was, but he had certainly achieved a scholarly air.

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It was no exaggeration to say Jon's stretch in NOHoPE's pen had been boring. He tolerated the meds, the prodding, the doctors, the questions ...enjoyed the visitors. Usually.

This one was different, though.

"Don't bother to make it quick. I have so much free time, and nowhere else to be."

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"I'm not going to ghostwrite it for you." He sneered, immediately trying to win the most charming psychopath award apparently.

"Give me a general outline. Do you want to write on the fear of psychiatric institutions in the 21st century? Xenophobia when applied to a multiversal spectrum, with superpowered affect? Man's inhumanity to man while under an assumed persona?"

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Jon's eyes closed, he settled back, pulling in a slow breath.

"Of course fear is the root. Disguises allow us to recreate ourselves, to unleash that part of ourselves that society demands we repress. Often this side is violent, almost always it is impossible to predict; what inspires fear is the unknown. And the disguise creates safety from reprisal--not merely anonymity, but pure dissociation. You're not there, you've stepped out. Your monster, your shadow aspect, stands in your place, invincible and terrible."

He exhaled.

"You need not limit yourself to the 'insane super criminal' contingent to find that effect. Look at the Vatican, the military, politicians. They all cloak themselves in mystic costumes to try to alter your perception through fear, whether to unify themselves against the terror of an outside Other, or to divide against the terror of the Self as inferior and in need of protection."

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His eyes opened again, fixed on that other man with quiet intensity, at that first statement.

Then he frowned. "Who can master that which they are not first victim to? Eric Hoffer: what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you."

Jon sat forward, forearms on his knees, very nearly touching the glass. "I've responded to my traumatic experiences in a rational way. That's what should frighten everyone else, out there, beyond these walls. That we--the masked contingent--have symbols, have genius, have means and functionality beyond the ordinary poor crazed souls they lock away in places like these. We can rise up and bite back at all the people who hurt us. We won't be cowed, we won't be broken, we won't be controlled. We won't be lied to and suppressed and locked away and forgotten."

And a beat, a jump in topic, he pressed his thin fingers to the glass. "That quote. Who said it?"

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Jonathan stood up, leaning against the glass and squinting over his glasses. A soft tone, nearly a whisper. "You're not really writing a book, are you."

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"I'm going to--" Yell for the guards, was his first reaction, not that they'd do much to protect him, and then he heard business proposition and slowed down that train before it reached the station.


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Well he didn't want to write that book anyway! But seriously he was immediately looking more interested, pulling away from the glass and pacing a little, like the caged rat tiger that he was.

"As long as we clear the air first." That close cropped hairstyle did little to hide the reddened ears, the quick darting eyes that revealed he was aware he was dealing suddenly with a professional, and aware of being in the less advantageous position.

"I don't have to worry overmuch about you killing me here, Roman, but we are both adept at our craft, and so help me, if you give me cause to feel any compunctions about our renewed association, you will wish you had left well enough alone."

He stopped pacing, took off his glasses (that he'd only recently re-earned the privilege to) and started to clean them.

"Now. What is it you want?"