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welcome to the hotel dreamwidthfornia

WHO: EVERYONE. Yes, even you.
WHERE: Stark Tower
WHEN: 2/1/12!
WARNINGS: the worst crowd control since Tickle Me Elmo was released.

[When your character arrives at Stark Tower, they will most likely find a.) a metric ton of other Imports there and b.) the same machine in the Porter room that spat out their dog tags at them, waiting for them to approach. Lachesis will give them their new personalized communicators after requesting that they STATE YOUR NAME, HERO, but there might be the occasional insult! Possibly vuvuzela sounds. There is also particularly insipid elevator music playing in the background constantly, like so.

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[fake face roman is already displeased at having to be here, but this? this is asking too much from his patience. he edges close enough to speak quietly without drawing the attention of too many other people.]

I am about ten seconds away from breaking off every one of your fingers and cramming them so far down your throat that the pitch of your screams will make a castrato jealous.
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[ Andy stops and shivers, turning around slowly. He smiles nervously, looking at fake face Roman. ]

Er -- uh -- you could have just asked nicely.
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[he folds his arms over his chest, a humorless smile spreading on his face.]

But then you'd be tempted to continue.
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Not if you said "pretty please."
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Imagining you in pain far more satisfying.
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Heh. Uh. TMI, totally... [ Trying not to act nervous. ] Okay, I stopped, so, threats revoked, right?
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Are you going to stop singing?
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Your fingers will stay attached to your hands for as long as you uphold your end of the promise. How's that sound?

[he gives a charming smile, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes.]
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[ Stares. ]

Can we shake on it?
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[still smiling, he extends a gloved hand.

and makes a popping noise with his lips once he and andy shake.]
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[ Andy continues to stare, biting the inside of his cheek. ]

Soooo. We're cool, right? Sufficiently chilled out?
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[and roman continues to smile, smug with his success.]

I still wouldn't mind seeing you suffer.

[a beat.]

Oh, you mean now? Yeah, we're cool.
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[ Andy withdraws his hand quickly. ]

You are really super creepy. If I may say so.
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[he lets out a chuckle.]

I get that a lot.
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[personal profile] acahellyeah 2012-02-04 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
Maybe that's a sign you should work on it a little.
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It's been working out for me quite well, actually.
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[personal profile] acahellyeah 2012-02-04 06:52 am (UTC)(link)
What are you, like -- [ Lowers his voice. ] some kind of "insurance salesman?"
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[he gives andy a seedy wink, also lowering his voice.]

I make clients the kind of offers they can't refuse.
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Wink-wink-nudge-nudge kind of offers, right? I won't blow your cover. Not a chance.
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[immediately sneering and getting into andy's personal space.]

The kind of offers that if you turn them down, you get cement shoes and a date with the East River, you annoying little--
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[he suddenly backs off, seemingly composing himself. he smiles, but none too kindly.]

I'm going to remember this.

[then he turns and disappears into the crowd all dramatic like]