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welcome to the hotel dreamwidthfornia

WHO: EVERYONE. Yes, even you.
WHERE: Stark Tower
WHEN: 2/1/12!
WARNINGS: the worst crowd control since Tickle Me Elmo was released.

[When your character arrives at Stark Tower, they will most likely find a.) a metric ton of other Imports there and b.) the same machine in the Porter room that spat out their dog tags at them, waiting for them to approach. Lachesis will give them their new personalized communicators after requesting that they STATE YOUR NAME, HERO, but there might be the occasional insult! Possibly vuvuzela sounds. There is also particularly insipid elevator music playing in the background constantly, like so.

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[despite having disguised himself with a fake face, the moment he sees the cat, immediately his eyes dart around the room this must be the work of selina but he can't see her anywhere. how annoying! he glares right back at the cat.]
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[ She kind of likes when people seem to be annoyed just by the sight of her. In fact, she usually has to go and investigate a little nearer. Which is exactly what she's doing now, sorry Roman! ]
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[uh what this is just great. he stops glaring at her, folds his arms over his chest, and moves into hardcore ignore mode!!]
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[ Oh, you can't outlast a cat-dragon. You just can't. She'll just go and take a seat at his feet, and in a few seconds, start making the most-obnoxious miiiiii-ow? noises known to man. ]
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[UGH of course it has to start making it noises, it's probably got some kind of transmitter sending information back to catwoman to scope out the unsavory types. in a concerted effort to ignore it, he pointedly and impatiently checks his watch and shifts his weight.]
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[ But Roman, how can you say no when she hops up onto her hind legs, paws on his calf, and meows again? How? ]
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[that makes him look down at the cat with an annoyed glare. he moves his leg to push her away from him, hoping she'll get the picture.]

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[ oh god she is so ridiculously offended. She's kind of tempted to turn into something with more impressive teeth and take a chunk out of that offending leg. BUT that would ruin all the rest of her fun here, so she doesn't. Instead, she slinks away behind Roman, disappearing into the crowd.

For now.