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welcome to the hotel dreamwidthfornia

WHO: EVERYONE. Yes, even you.
WHERE: Stark Tower
WHEN: 2/1/12!
WARNINGS: the worst crowd control since Tickle Me Elmo was released.

[When your character arrives at Stark Tower, they will most likely find a.) a metric ton of other Imports there and b.) the same machine in the Porter room that spat out their dog tags at them, waiting for them to approach. Lachesis will give them their new personalized communicators after requesting that they STATE YOUR NAME, HERO, but there might be the occasional insult! Possibly vuvuzela sounds. There is also particularly insipid elevator music playing in the background constantly, like so.

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[meanwhile, roman has been maneuvering himself for a better spot (preferably as far away from the nard dog as possible), aggressively elbowing people while pretending it is the fault of the person next to him--he doesn't want to make too much of a scene, fake face or no, after all. he is about to squeeze past osborn when he recognizes the back of that head.

and he stops. there's only a hint of sarcasm in his tone.]

God, I love the Porter, don't you, Norman?
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[ Norman glances over, and smirks only mildly. ]

Oh, yes. I can't think of a single place in the City I'd rather be at midnight.
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[roman is smirking as well--such a luxury having lips is.]

Just think of all the other people inconvenienced and uncomfortable, even terrified at the thought of pressing so tightly against psychopaths in disguise. It makes the whole experience so much less annoying.
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I wonder how many of them came armed, tonight. [ Norman tilts his head thoughtfully. ] So many imports in one place, one wonders if anything interesting will happen.
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[roman certainly did, but he's silent on that aspect.]

I'll be disappointed if nothing does.


After I get my replacement communicator, of course.
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[ He laughs. ]

Obviously. I wouldn't want to be stuck inside if someone sets the building on fire, either.
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Wouldn't that just be a bitch?

[he looks around the room, thoughtful.]

It is a suspiciously convenient set-up, isn't it.
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Very convenient. It makes one wonder. [ Pauses. ] But I doubt they quite have the nerve to try.
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Not an imPort. Lachesis.
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Wouldn't that be a perverted twist. I could almost respect her more for it.
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Either way, as long as I come back, it doesn't really matter.

[he shifts impatiently, craning his neck in attempt to see the front of the line. he gives a short, exasperated sigh.]

But that doesn't mean I'm going down without a fight.
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I don't think she has it in her. We're still valuable, to whatever means they want to accomplish. More valuable than our time, evidently.
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[a beat.]

Don't tell me you buy that.
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Oh, it's very obvious we're here for a reason. The reason just isn't what they bill it as.
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It's just chaos.

[he shakes his head.]

Today, on the other hand, is more insidious. I don't know what, but my gut is telling me we'll be regretting this in the future.

[he gives a humorless laugh.]

What we wouldn't do for an opportunity to spy on people, am I right?
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Oh, no doubt. [ He looks at the line. ] There was nothing particularly wrong with the old ones, technologically speaking. Someone decided we needed a change.

[ And Kanyeshrugs. ]

Very ominous.
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I swear to God, if they have a hidden webcam or something...

[guess who is now taking the batteries out and stuffing it in a drawer when he's not using it?]
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I wouldn't be surprised. [ Ditto. :| ] We'll make due. It could be worse.