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Are you ready, Are you ready for this, Are you hanging on the edge of your seat

WHO: The Major and Black Mask
WHERE: The darker corners of the City Port
WHEN: Midnight
WARNINGS: The Major and Black Mask exist
SUMMARY: The Major has an arrangement with the False Face Society: they smuggle his vampires into the City, he hands them weapons. Tonight the bosses are overseeing the transaction personally.
FORMAT: Paragraph

“Careful, now!” The Major called out. “He’s still sleeping at the moment. And those who are like him are always very upset when their rest is interrupted!”

The Major was standing atop a shipping container, white suit and glasses faintly glowing beneath bright moonlight. Black Mask’s associates moved around him swiftly and surely, getting the job done with a minimum of noise, light, and time. Smuggling things into the City’s Port had its risks.

Above, a long wooden box was swinging somewhat precariously as it dangled beneath a crane, in the midst of being hoisted out of a small Dolvanian freighter. The ship’s official manifest listed it as having a far more innocent cargo than what had actually been stuffed in hidden compartments and tight crawlspaces. Ten boxes, of a particular size and shape with very particular contents. Coffins.

The swinging of the coffin lessened somewhat as the masked man at the crane’s controls slowly lowered it towards the ground, to join the three other coffins awaiting loading into trucks. There would be ten in all once they were done. To start with, of course. This was only the beginning.
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Black Mask stood atop the container alongside the Major, a cigarette in his gloved hand. The moonlight grotesquely accented the hollows of his skull as he looked down at the activity below.

"If any of the cargo is awakened and, by some miracle, you manage to survive, I will personally see to it that you'll wish you'd taken your chances with what's in the box."

It was impossible to tell the men's expressions beneath their masks, but their increased caution spoke the truth. Roman smiled (or would have been had he lips) and directed his attention to the Major.

"They're such well-trained, lovely boys."
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Black Mask chuckled quietly, exhaling a cloud of smoke from his nasal cavity. He gestured expansively to the men below.

"These men aren't just here to move cargo, Major, as obedient and hard working as they are. They can be canon fodder just as well, if not better."
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Roman look sidelong at the Major in a "what-are-you-nuts?!" type of stare. Of course, truly, he knew the Major was a little lacking in the sanity department, but he didn't like when it implied possible bodily injury to himself and men. The False Face Society were expendable, sure, but they weren't toys. Jesus. His thoughts were interrupted, however, by the movement down belong. He directed his attention to the commotion. Several of the gang members had backed away several feet, their body language hesitant. When one of them turned his head up to shipping container for--what? reassurance? orders?--Roman looked down with a steely, uncompromising glare.

"What kind of damage are we talking about, say one of them escapes?"
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That assuaged Black Mask's worry, at least a little. Of course, he didn't trust the Major as far as he could throw him; he only felt secure in so far as the pair of pistols holstered under his trench coat. He inhaled deeply, his eyes on the box being lowered to the ground.

"You can't buy that kind of obedience." He nodded, quietly impressed. And secretly envious. He couldn't help but admire the Major's talents. It made him a threat, true, but for the time being, a priceless ally.

"One or two corpses is a piece of cake to clean up. And if one of 'em decides to go rogue...? How easily can he be taken down?"