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Close the City and tell the people

Who: Tony Stark, a skrull body, and YOU! (This is also a mingling type of thing if you wish!)
Where: Avengers Mansion: the basement lab
When: Sunday through idk, whenever?
Warnings: Some sciencings! A dead body! There may be more autopsy-esque things in here!
Summary: Tony got ahold of the Skrull's body. This is all for education!! Also to look at everyone who comes because he monitors everyone :(
Format: Para to start, tag yourself in as you like!

809 Fifth Street. The mansion with the large A on the gates was something of a dead giveaway. They weren't open, but at a new arrival, it was likely they would. The yard itself was silent. The path to the mansion proper was blocked off with a rather familiar suit that looked a lot like Iron Man who would stand there, and point the way to the exterior basement entrance. Once in, a lot of the side projects and other tables have been cleared, and there's essentially just a Skrull's body. Tony's nearby in slacks and a button up, looking over that something that looks like an iPad (but it totally isn't!!!) his fingers tapping against it gently as he moved around the body.

There were cameras above, watching, listening in. He might be focused on the tablet for the moment, but he was pacing, waiting to educate. With the information about the Skrulls compared to what he'd known he'd been doing, he knew that hadn't worked. It had not worked. Futile. He'd thought keeping it secret had kept down the paranoia, would cause fewer problems. It hadn't. Who had been the one who suggested that? Jessica Drew. He was going to try something different, and maybe-- Maybe with all the different superhumans, different powers, things may have a better chance?

So he was going to at least try, and give some of the people a look at it up close if they wished. See who was interested, and who wasn't. And who could help out with any information he gave out. Not that he would give out all of it to anybody, paranoia only stretched so far. Things like Skrull biology, skrull society, he could share that, though. It wasn't exactly common knowledge, but common enough with the superhuman community.
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Once he'd finally arrived, Bobbi was the one Hank would usually consult on a matter of this nature, given her similar specialty. But it was Skrulls, and with that comes a history that cannot be ignored. And so, he made sure to seek her out , look in on how she was coping with it.

"I can't imagine you're enjoying this, boss."
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Hank's voice pulled Bobbi back into the moment, yanked her out of the spiral of all consuming thoughts that had threatened to swallow her completely. She turned away from the Skrull, expression a mask of coolness, calmness, and collectivity. And confidence too. That was important as well.

"It's been a rough couple of days, Hank," she said in earnest. "But it's nothing I can't handle. It's nothing we can't handle."
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He put a hand on her shoulder and offered a weak smile. "And so we will, that's what we do best, isn't it? I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner."
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"I'm sorry you're here at all," she answered, taking some genuine comfort in his gesture. "But we'll need your help to sort this all out again."

If there even was any sorting to do. As far as Bobbi knew, everyone here was a Skrull and had been all along.
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"Nine times out of ten, the City's almost more of a comfort than a cause for alarm. I suppose it just isn't our lucky number this time." Especially given how well this went last time they ran into this kind of scenario.

"But any sorting I can accomplish, you know I'm willing and able."