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WHO: Selina and OPEN to people who would be at the Institute
WHERE: The Institute.
WHEN: Saturday through Monday (just include the date/time)
WARNINGS: Probably not
SUMMARY: Selina crashes at the Institute for a few days. And probably runs into people while she's there!
FORMAT: Whatever

It wasn't the first time Selina had stayed at the Institute for a while, but the first time in this current iteration. She didn't plan on staying long, and she wasn't particularly in a social mood.

But that didn't mean she couldn't explore the building. Thief instincts all but guaranteed it. And of course there was a kitchen to steal food from and a rooftop for brooding.
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Monday morning, before classes

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[Hank finds her in the kitchen. It isn't his kitchen, not his personal one, at least, but when he has a guest, he's not going to let her off with anything short of his best hospitality.

So, as he came in, he grabbed a skillet and began rummaging through the fridge.

How are you holding up?
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I keep all my hair entirely free of tangles, if you notice. Nothing gets stuck there that I don't allow.

[Beat. Not really his best joke.]

Alright, that didn't exactly work. Sorry, haven't slept much. As, I imagine, neither have you.

[He brings the skillet to the stove, with packages of eggs and bacon under his arm.]

What do you say, then, to breakfast?
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[He pulls on a pair of gloves and heats up the skillet.]

I'd offer you coffee, but you do not want the coffee from the cafeteria. I'd recommend breaking into the teacher's lounge, instead.
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[Melting some butter, counting out eggs.]

Does it still qualify if I lend you my key?
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[He turns to give her a sly grin as he cracks open the eggs and drops them in the skillet.]

Well, then perhaps I'll just give you permission, instead. And the added condition that you must remain unseen.
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Then maybe you need some added challenge!

[He pulls out a pocket watch and considers it as he flips the eggs.

What if I gave you until your breakfast was ready?
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[He lets out a chuckle at the empty room, then turn on a second burner to get started on the bacon, and starts making toast. He's tempted almost to try cooking faster just to give her even more of a challenge, but some things you just can't rush.]
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[He's already got two mugs waiting, and is just in the process of straining the bacon and finishing the whole thing off.]

Ah, just in time! Do you take yours with cream or sugar?
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More sugar for me, then.

[He finishes up the bacon and passes a plate her way, then pours his coffee before taking a seat with his own.]


Would you like to discuss the situation?
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Oh, well clearly this means it was of no consequence at all!

[He rests his elbows on the able and threads his fingers with a frown.]

I can still feel you in my head, you know. I'm fully aware that you aren't taking this easily, and that's perfectly alright. It's a distressing situation, Selina! You're allowed to feel distress from it.
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[He can't help it, she's the one bridging the connection :c]

You can't make me feel guilty for caring about a friend's well-being. Not when she's staying under my roof after her own place blew up.

We care, Selina. Is that really so wrong?
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[He gives her a light smile and adjusts his tie.]

Well, you may just have to, as we have no intention of stopping.
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[He very tentatively starts at his eggs.]

You don't have to do all this alone, you know.

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