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we're no strangers to love

WHERE: Roman's house in the Bronx
WHEN: Valentine's Day evening
WARNINGS: Uh... violence... death...
SUMMARY: It looks like that last Valentine... broke his heart. (Yeaaaaahhhhh)
FORMAT: Quick!

[ It was his last assignment, and Andy was glad for that. Good money as it was, singing telegrams were tiring work considering how little appreciation his recipients ever showed. Even when he went out of his way to pick up costumes. Well, this costume didn't fit too well and he was looking forward to getting to take it off later. Tight leather (it was leather, right?) was really unflattering on his legs.

He knocked on the door, cleared his throat, and as soon as it opened he'd launch right into the first verse of Never Gonna Give You Up. ]
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[The noise at the door stirred Roman. He groaned and raised his head groggily, looking through bleary eyes at the living room. He couldn't remember how he'd spent the afternoon, or why he was sleeping on the couch in the middle of the day in a now wrinkled suit jacket.]

What the hell...

[He rubbed his eyes and stood up. His hand skimming along the wall as he went. He was still so tired--what had happened?! When he reached the door, he looked through the peephole.

A figure in a black...catsuit? Shaking his head and believing himself to be asleep still, he opened the door with a heavy sigh, not bothering to put on a false face.]

What do you wa--

[He blinked several times in succession as the man--man--began singing. Were those cat ears and goggles? And was that...?

That was definitely Rick Astley.

He stared with dead, dull eyes at Andy.]
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[And that was definitely the Nard Dog. After the dread Porter Room ABBA Incident, Roman would recognize that obnoxious singing anywhere. Song choice aside, this was not accident; the costume made it clear enough. Someone knew where he lived.

His eyeballs slowly rolled from side to side, taking stock of the street and neighboring windows. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

In the next moment, Black Mask's hand had shot out to grab Andy by the neck to drag him into the house.]
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[Roman had kicked the door closed after Andy was inside. He roughly let go of his neck, folding his arms across his chest and maneuvering so that he stood between Andy and the door. His tone was irritable.]

Start talking, Bernard.
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[Roman ground his teeth. Narrowing his eyes, he unfolded his arms and swung a fist at Andy's stomach, his words coming out in an angry hiss.]

Who sent you?
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[Roman's hand returned to Andy's throat as he moved his skull face close. His eyes locked on Andy's.]

Edward Nygma?
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[His hand squeezed tighter.]

I'm not going to shoot you, Bernard. You're going to send him a message from me.
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[Roman brought his other hand up and, with a sneer, dug his thumbs into the hollow of Andy's throat as he choked him.]

All you need to do is relax, Bernard, and let me do all the work.
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[Once Andy is out, Roman wasted no time in dragging his limp body to the basement and securing him to gurney. He slipped on a pair of gloves and an apron, wheeled his tray of tools close, then gently slapped Andy's face to rouse him.

He was in much better spirits already.]

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Of course, we can.

[Roman leaned over the gurney and unzipped the front of the catsuit to Andy's navel, tilting his head to the side as he looked at the bare skin as if judging it.]

Did he say why?
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[He glared.]

He hired you to dress up as my arch nemesis and antagonize me. Despite appearances, this isn't a smile.


What's with the tape?
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[Silently, he simply stared at Andy.

Then, in two swift movements, he ripped the tape from each of Andy's nipples.]
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[There was a hint of a snicker in Black Mask's voice.]

Wow. You really weren't kidding about your sensitivity.

[He pulled up the goggles, looking at Andy while his other hand reached behind him to pick up a power drill.]

The begging's nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not going to get you anywhere. Unfortunately for you, Edward Nygma has sent you to your death.

[He squeezed the trigger, enjoying the whirring noise.]

Edward Nygma is laughing at you, Andy Bernard.
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[Roman sighed. This was barely even fun. The end result would be well worth the tedium now, however, and there was no time to waste.

He pressed the whirring drill bit to Andy's torso and began writing out his message, careful not to drill too deeply.]
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Music to my ears, Bernard! Scream as much as you want!

[He called out over the noise of the drill. His art was looking good already: Riddle me tits only needed a smiley face to top it off. He began the circle on Andy's abdomen.]

This isn't personal, by the way, Bernard. Sure, you irritated the hell out of me in the Porter room with your ABBA impressions, but I wouldn't torture a guy over that--

[He paused, then chuckled.]

--well, I would, but that's certainly not why I'm using your torso as a canvas.
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[When the smiley face was finished, he released the drill's trigger and inspected his work.]

You look as pretty as a picture, Andy. Now, if you just hold tight--

[He picked up a plastic Guy Fawkes mask from among his tools.]

--all that's left is the finishing touch.
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[Roman paused.]

Any last words? Because what's next is going to kill you. And probably slowly.
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The point is--

[He set the mask over Andy's face, then picked up a screw and placed the tip of it on the mask's chin and the tip of the drill bit on the screw.]

--when Nygma decides to play games, innocent people get hurt.

[Then he squeezed the trigger.]
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There you go, Bernard. Let it all out...

[He placed the second screw at Andy's right temple. While he drilled he imagined the horror on the Mayor's face once the body was discovered.

This would be like striking at two birds with one stone. The thought was uplifting, or as much as it could be, through the continued haze (had someone drugged him? someone had definitely drugged him).]
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[He drilled the third and final screw to the opposite temple, then paused to admire his work.]

Hm. That was riveting.

[He laughed to himself as he peeled off his gloves and apron. One quick phone call for a dumping crew, and another for a moving crew. This house was compromised and no longer safe, if Nygma had known where to send Andy.]