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WHO: [personal profile] screwmeister and everyone
WHEN: anytime this week
SUMMARY: Stein is in NOHoPE. possibly there are people out there who would like to pay him a visit. maybe some of them can even enter the hospital with disguising themselves, that would be novel!
FORMAT: i'm starting with action but if you prefer something else use it in your comment and i'll follow your lead

[visitors to NOHoPE are given a visitor pass and escorted to the room of whoever it is they're there to see.

stein, wearing white scrubs with no shoes and deprived of his glasses and cigarettes, generally looks incredibly morose. sometimes he is slumped on the bed. sometimes he sits on the floor next to the bed and rests his head on his knees.

and man, he is so bored.]
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[Hank never liked coming in here, just the name itself made him uneasy, and enough that he was always skeptical of the goings-on. But when it's a former colleague, well, there was air that needed clearing. Stein had expressed ideas that worried Hank deeply, but he hadn't expected him to actually be practicing them.

Which was how he found himself here, hands clasped in font of him, raising an eyebrow as he came to Stein's cell.

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[He still wasn't really sure what he expected to say, he hadn't really thought it out this far, yet. Maybe he just wanted to look him in the eyes and see if he couldn't discern what was really going on in there.]

...Everything you said before, you really did believe it, didn't you?

How long had this been going on?
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[The cigarette he could shrug off. There were more important matters at hand here.]

Just the small matter of what led to your incarceration to begin with. The experiments. Practiced against the will of the patients, and with little regard for their livelihood.

How long? Perhaps even since Osborn was still the chair of this facility? Dd he know?
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You clearly aren't familiar with my history in dealing with the man. I certainly wouldn't put it past him, or I wouldn't have bothered asking.

He's employed far worse in the past. [Like, say, Hank's sadistic alternate universe counterpart.]

I take it that information wasn't accepted during the trial?
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That may have depended on how well you did, whether your defense was raising the topic of Osborn's complicity, or thrusting the responsibility in his hands instead.
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For something like this? No, I doubt that you would have. [And even more that he should, as well.]

But that isn't the point. It was more a hope that you could have implicated him alongside you.
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A most regrettable truth that I'm by no means unfamiliar with. He has a knack for causing trouble in that arena.
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Regrettably. Some time ago, he was given a rather strong position in our government, and caused quite a bit of unpleasantness as a result.

[Like three days of torture.]