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You say you're wrong, you're wrong

WHERE: City Hall
WHEN: 7:00 PM, EST
SUMMARY: This is the townhall meeting, where everyone can come and show up, and wave accusations and shout to their little heart's content. They can also discuss skrull accusations in a calm manner if they really want.
FORMAT: Tagger's choice!

[ And the large room where the City Council met was open for business. The walls were lined with seats, there were rows and rows of seats, nice lighting, and even a couple tankards of coffee open for business. Look, he wasn't a complete monster! There was security, but they remained silent and observed, instructed only to interfere if things were escalating to violence, and only then. Most of the Mayor's staff were already there before people started to arrive, and they were sitting in most of the seats reserved for the City council. There wasn't music, but it would be a good half hour to forty five minutes before the actual proceedings got started.

When they did, it was all about an open forum.

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[Hank just shrinks uncomfortably under Thomas' accusation. He probably deserves that.]