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WHO: [personal profile] professorstarchilde and [personal profile] professorlionface
WHERE: The Teachers' Lounge at the school
WHEN: Morning, before Hank's confession
SUMMARY: Hank is affected by the strange events and needs to talk to someone.
FORMAT: Quick-somethings?

[She's sitting in the Teachers' Lounge, trying to figure out what she's going to teach and when. It's a process, but now that she's been here for awhile, it's time. Enough of the "getting settled" she needed to dig in, might as well start here.]
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[Hank's been a little visibly listless all day, and is no less so as he enters the lounge.]

Oh, Rachel. Sorry if I'm interrupting anything.

[He tries to be unobtrusive as he gets a cup of coffee and a muffin before sitting down, but the fact that he just ends up staring at them instead of consuming is pretty obvious.]
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[He glances up at her with a start. Whereever he was, it was nowhere near this room.]

Sorry, I've just been...thinking.

Something I have yet to account for.
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I don't know, it's a situation not lacking in its complications.

[He pick at his muffin idly.] I...hurt someone, some months ago. I wasn't in my right mind, but I nonetheless feel responsible, despite everyone insisting that it wasn't my fault.
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I don't know. We have no guarantee that was actually the case, and the only reason there's reason to suspect it may be so is due to other incidents around that same time.

[He finally takes some of the muffin he's been picking at and puts it in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully.]
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[He finally looks up at her as she moves.]

But none of that, unfortunately, cancels the fact that it did happen. I broke into a man's house, sedated him, and dragged him back to my lab, where I performed certain...augmentations.
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[He puts a hand on her shoulder.] That was different, you were placed in an environment that gave you no choice, that slowly and viciously forced you into a mindset that would accomplish such things.

[He breaks eye contact there, staring back down at his untouched coffee, dropping his hand in the process.]

This some momentary impulse, a perversion of some dislike from prior interactions. I could recognize the foundation of it, if not the ultimate expression.
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[He accepts it and returns the grip, but not too tightly.]

And I would move heaven and earth to make sure of it, too.
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[He wraps an arm around her and stares at the ceiling.]

It's bee three months and nothing's come up yet. Without someone else to take the blame, my victim still deserves some justice.
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[It's probably floating around his surface thoughts pretty noticeably by now.]

Oh who even would be the usual suspects? What suspects would be there at all, aside from myself?
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You were still here when I started dating Amanda, weren't you?

He tired to kill her when she first arrived. He made a similar attempt on me at our prom. We...had an unpleasant correspondence.
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But think about it, the motive is there.

[He slouched down, resting his head in his hands.] How can we be sure it wasn't simply acting on my own subconscious desires?
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And what happens when you do? At your own hands, even?