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What is always present, but never present?

WHERE: City Hall (March 15th & 17th) and Manhattan (March 16th & March 18th)
WHEN: March 15th 2012 - March 18th 2012
WARNINGS: Will edit in, if any reason arises.
SUMMARY: On the cusp of something monumental.
FORMAT: Will start with paragraph, but otherwise it's tagger's choice.

It was time well spent, he reasoned. An elegant rise to power, an esteemed hold on society, it was something he had always favored. Sure, political power was something a bit more conventional than his younger tastes, but after three years in a bold new dimension one had to embrace change.

Hadn't one?

His pen tapped against a three-hundred-and-four tome of unsigned legislature: tapTAPtap taptap TAPtaptap TAPtaptap tapTAPtaptap tap TAPTAP tap --

"Damn it!"

He threw his pen at the thick wooden door before him, as if the instrument had whispered offensive words to his fingers. How could he let himself get distracted? He had meetings today and tomorrow, he had constituents to talk to and natives to woo. He had importance to glow with. Edward Nygma, Deputy Mayor of the City, had everything he could possibly want in a randomized environment: power, prestige, and social significance. And yet, between fending off lobbyists and penning new laws, between his lips against Felicia and his perfectly guiding words spoken to Eridan, sometimes in those untold seconds there was a gnawing need for something more. Something grander.

He couldn't stop thinking about riddles. And no matter how deeply he tried to repress the urge, no matter often he ignored the wince as his recently scarred back touched his seat, Eddie nevertheless kept thinking about riddling and revenge.

It was, as ever, Norman Osborn's fault.
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16 March, early at a newsstand

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[Roman couldn't ignore that retina-burning jacket if he tried, especially not when it was stationed directly in front of him in line at the newsstand. He hadn't seen Nygma in person since Osborn's party, and like that occasion, Sionis had the advantage of a face that wasn't his: aquiline nose, thin lips, and pepper gray hair were the order today. His eyes, however, were the same burning, dull brown as always.

He quieted the desire to push Nygma into oncoming traffic and plastered what he considered a neutral expression on his face.]

Morning, Deputy Mayor.
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[How that voice grated on his nerves. He took a sip of his coffee to hide the fact he'd unconsciously clenched his jaw.]

One of the few pleasantries of a thankless job, I imagine.

[Roman gave an obviously fake laugh, the smile on his face not extending to his eyes.]
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No rest for the wicked, hmm?

[He let out a soft "heh heh" and took another sip of his coffee, watching with amusement as Nygma turned his head forward.]
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[Roman feigned surprise, widening his own eyes as he let himself be led along. Once they were aside, however, he shook himself from Nygma's grasp, raising an eyebrow. His voice was cold.]

You have the wrong man, Nygma. Clearly the stress of politics is getting to you.
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[Brushing an imaginary speck of dirt from his sleeve, he raised his chin and looked down his nose at Edward, scowling.]

I don't know what you're talking about, you lunatic. Is this how you typically treat your constituents?
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[All he wanted was to make Nygma tingle, not listen to him twist his words obscenely. He persisted with his act, pointing an angry finger at Edward.]

I did, but after this display, I'll be supporting neither you nor Hundred.

[Which, of course, was a lie. The first part, at least.]
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[Placing his gloved, free hand atop Nygma's, he added to the illusion of a doublehanded shake, though it did not remain there for long. Instead, it slid up to his wrist and encircled it, squeezing with the intent to break something--anything. Despite the taunt, Roman did grin. His mouth cracked open to expose too many teeth--for a moment, all the cartilage and flesh on his face vanished, revealing his leering black skull.]

Why settle for mere chit-chat when you could experience it for yourself, Edward?
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[His face morphed back into the businessman's, but the sneer remained.]

Just as you're letting this happen now.

[He continued to squeeze, curling his fingers as he did.]

And I wouldn't call it humiliating, Edward. More illuminating than anything else.
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I wouldn't expect you to appreciate how enlightening death can be.

[He grinned gleefully at Nygma's pain. He'd been waiting months to get his hands on the infuriating man, but he couldn't have him collapsing in the street.]

And if you make a scene, I have no scruples about crippling you in front of these people.
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[With his other hand now released, he was free to lay it on the same limb he was currently squeezing. It curled over the fingers and pressed them backward threateningly, but not far enough to break them yet.]

I agree entirely, and I see now that my little joke with your crosswords wasn't enough.

[He pressed the index finger back, hoping to hear the satisfying snap of bone.]

I just want you to learn your place. That's all I want. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that much to ask.
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[The agony was music to Roman's ears. He entertained the idea of taking Edward back to the basement to inflict further torments, but that damned jacket was so distinct. Conspicuous. An absolute pain in the neck. Someone would surely notice Nygma struggling as they walked. Why hadn't the Porter given him the power of mindcontrol? He cursed his luck and pushed another finger back to combat his frustration.]

The place where you mind your own business.
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[Roman immediately released his hold on Edward. Whatever his retort had been was now mangled into an angry hiss that escaped through clenched teeth as he doubled over in pain.]
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[He stumbled forward along with Edward for a few steps before twisting out of his grasp. His cheeks puffing out as he panted through his pain, he swung a fist low toward the Deputy Mayor's solar plexus. His words came out in a dry, gravelly hiss.]

You son of a bitch--!

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