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WHO: Black Mask and Scarecrow
WHERE: safehouse in the Bronx
WHEN: backdated to 8 March
WARNINGS: nothing
SUMMARY: Black Mask is back from the dead
FORMAT: quick plz

[Back. Again.

He'd cheated death before, but it hadn't prepared him for the actual moment.

The Midnighter would pay.

But first thing was first: determining the state of affairs. It appeared luck was on his side, however, given the seemingly untouched state of the building.

Sourly, Black Mask pushed open the door to his office, surprised.]

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[he hadn't slept in a little while and looked genuinely ragged, and there was a glass of some strange clear liquid on the table; his shoulders hunched a bit and he looked for all the world like a harried college professor.]

"Organized crime" is nowhere near as simple as it sounds, Roman. Nowhere. Near.
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None of my doing, I assure you. [impatiently sweeping a pile of papers to the floor, gets up and circumnavigates the desk]

I don't know if Katurian has it in him to set fires, yet, but he's definitely going off the rails.
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"The Midnighter? But he's--"

He's Mall-Cop-Batman.

"....clearly not... what I thought he was."
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[He leaned on the desk, on the right-hand side, discretely lifting a piece of paper on which was written TO DO - KILL EVERYONE and some stylistically sketched bats]

What are your thoughts, then.
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[Jon scrunches up the paper and tosses it towards the trash. Misses. Oh well.]

I want to kill him personally. But I suppose you'd rather.
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I think I would, at that.

How difficult is that going to be, based on your experience?