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WHO: Carol & Hank
WHEN: Uhh... today. This evening. :|b
SUMMARY: Carol visits Hank in the hospital with some small gifts. Conversation ensues.
FORMAT: Quick!! Because I'm a lazy ass.

[ bringing hank things is always a little difficult. carol's always a little paranoid that for some reason the doctors are going to tell her no because of some regulation or another that she missed when she was reading up on things. luckily, books are generally an okay thing. so with a slim paperback and a small kinkos-bound book in hand, she walks down to where she can meet hank. ]

Hey, you. I have presents.
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[Hank drops off the ceiling on seeing her and dog ears his book, folding his arms in front with a smile.]

And here I brought you nothing! I've thought about taking up knitting, just to address that very issue, but I can only work for so many supervised hours.

You know, needles.
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[He takes the books hungrily, Carol always brings him the best things.]

Good, good. A little antsy, but--

[His eyes light up when he sees the Kinkos book, flipping through the pages rapidly. He waves it at her with a big smile.] Keeping busy, then?
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[He coyly taps a finger to his snout.] Shall I crack out my red pen for this? It's been some time since I've graded any papers, but...
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[He flips back to the bed and pulls a notebook from under the mattress, twiddling a red pen between his fingers as he walks back, flipping through pages of copious and complicated notes to find an empty sheet.]

Well then, Ms. Danvers, it looks like you've gotten yourself a imprisoned proofreader.
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[He glances up with curiosity.] Knock yourself out!
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Well, uh... [He takes off his glasses and starts fidgeting with them, wiping them down with a handkerchief.] Angelica has made it clear that I'll have a place at the Institute, but I'm not sure what effect my return may have on our reputation.

I certainly couldn't resume my position as headmaster!
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Well, I...I'd like to, at least.
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[He replaces his glasses and blinks at her a few times.]

From a social standpoint, or a personal one?
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It's a balance. There's more than just the acknowledgement of the crime, or the rehabilitation. It's a...well, it can only be a gesture when it's made willingly. But there is the retribution involved, payment made in return for one's crimes.
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Well, the Libra association isn't exactly accidental.

In addition, you have the social obligations. Criminals are contained to isolate them from the general populace, both to prevent them from committing further indiscretions and to set their minds at ease. On one side it may look like shoving the problem under the rug, away from where you'd have to look at it, but on the other it's a visible example of something being done about the crime.

It's complicated.
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[He wants to argue, but they've already had that argument. He's not feeling as stubbornly overwhelmed with guilt this time, but that only means she'd have a better chance at winning a repeat, if they didn't just end up going around in circles indefinitely.

No, there's a better way to solve this disagreement. And so, he leans his shoulder up against the glass barrier with his arms wrapped around his middle, and gives her a very flat look.

And what would be, in your opinion?
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[He adjusts his glasses and gives her a sardonic grin.]

So, essentially what you're telling me is that...I'm going to get out of here, and I'm going to be the very best I can be?
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And what, you'll appoint yourself as my probationary officer?

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