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WHO: [personal profile] hulkacceptcash, [personal profile] professorlionface, [personal profile] screwmeister, [personal profile] psychomancy, [personal profile] couldbeavoided, [personal profile] deadfool
WHEN: today I guess, sometime in the early afternoon?
WARNINGS: probably nothing too violent, considering the setting
SUMMARY: A group therapy session turns from boring to fun when good ol' Hank whips out a pack of playing cards and everyone discovers that the best form of therapy is a game of poker!!
FORMAT: let's try to action it up! everyone feel free to start their own threads set at certain moments--your character losing hideously and flipping a table over, for example--which others can then tag into with reactions at their leisure! this way we don't have to thread out the whole game or maintain a single thread with a billion people in it.

It had started out simply enough. The patients filed in for their usual group therapy session, attendance mandatory. But despite Doc Samson's best efforts, the session began to drag, and just when it seemed they wouldn't be getting anywhere Hank produced a pack of playing cards. Given the alternative (more awkward silence), it wasn't hard for the group to come to a decision: they were going to play a game (or three) of poker. Maybe it would even be therapeutic.
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midway through the first game

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[Gemma had never played poker before. To be honest, the only card game she had ever played was whist, and she had hated it.

But she was quickly getting the hang of this game. She hadn't done well at all during the first few rounds, but she wasn't out of pennies yet, and she wasn't getting worse. So that was something, right? The redhead studied her cards, not looking at anyone around her.

This wasn't really what she was supposed to be doing--she was supposed to be reading poetry two rooms over. But her listener had fallen asleep nearly half an hour ago, and she'd been told she could leave. But she had passed by the therapy room and seen Hank, and couldn't help but pop in for a spell. Her old teacher had pulled out a deck of cards and explained the game, change in her pocket had been evenly distributed, and it had been uphill from there.]

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[ Bob didn't feel like he was doing well at all, which was strange to him since he'd used to be so good at Poker. Better than he was now, at any rate. He stared at his cards with a frown, running a hand through his short hair. ]

Um. Same. Call. [ He chewed on a thumbnail anxiously and smiled nervously, adding in case he was doing something wrong: ] It's been a while since I played any cards. It comes right back to you, right?
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[Hank's cross-legged in his chair, his cards stuck between his toes, the other foot clicking his claws against the table while his hands count out his bank. His luck tonight could best be described as mixed, won some and lost some. Probably lost more.]

The thing about this game, it's half luck and half confidence. You have to count on one to get you through where the other fails, approach it with a sufficient swagger!

[And, to illustrate, he drops a couple stacks of coins on the table and pushes them towards the pot.] Raise fifty cents.
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[She laughs a bit at the two men, but mostly at herself. She doesn't think she'll ever master this game.]

Swagger is quite a strong word, I think. [She pushes her coins forward, though.] Call.
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Oh... [ Bob frowns again, taking a long moment to decide what to do. He's not good at this "swagger" thing, but he tries to straighten up his shoulders more confidently and pushes some coins forward. ] I get it, I think. Then... I raise twenty five cents.
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That's the spirit! You just have to dive right in, put your best foot forward!

[And speaking of feet, he twitches his toes to fan his cards a little for a quick glance. He rubs his chin a little before tossing in a few more coins.] I'll call.
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[Gemma purses her lips. She doesn't want to take this risk. With a melodramatic sigh, the redhead places her cards face-down on the table.]

I'm afraid you gentlemen are too good at this. I'll fold.
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[ Bob blinks at her. ]

You do? [ He wasn't expecting that... squints at his cards. He moves the last of his coins forward. ] Um. Okay, then I... also call.
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[Hank transfers his cards to his hand and sits up with some surprise. He leans forward, resting his elbows on the table.

Was that a joke? Maybe a bluff? He counted the raise, contemplating whether it'd be worth it to match or not.

All-in, eh? Guess you took my advice to heart!
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[Gemma settled in to watch the two men try to bluff one another out of the game. Her money was on Dr. McCoy, to be honest.]

I don't see how anyone could ignore your advice, Doctor.

[She said this with a smile, completely sincere.]
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I'm trying.

[ He smiled uncertainly, rubbing his chin, peering at his cards again despite the fact he's memorized them. Why did he agree to this? ]

It doesn't come back as naturally as I'd hoped. Do you guys play a lot here?
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[He gives Gemma a wink, then turns to Bob with a snicker.] Which, trying to ignore me or take it to heart?

We probably don't play enough, really, but I always like the chance when it's given.

[He taps his finger against the table a couple times in thought, then pushes more coins to the pot.] I'll call it.
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[Gemma is leaning in now, watching them try to out-bluff one another. She had gotten rather good at during her time in the City, but they seemed to be doing such a good job of it. She couldn't tell if Bob's hesitation was real or just a show. And Hank was just impossible for her to read at all.]

I think this should be a weekly event.
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[At some point, having had a million unplayable hands, Samson has absolutely nothing to bet with.]

Wow, I guess I'm out. Can I borrow something? Is that allowed?
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[Hank did well last hand, so he goes ahead and pushes a dollar over to Len.]

Considering none of it's our money to begin with? I should think so!

before the game starts

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[Deadpool crashes the party because that's how he rolls. He'd read the log summary and who can resist a good poker game full of crazy people?

Luckily, he came prepared for clever subterfuge, with a super convincing disguise (on over his trademark mask) and scrubs in case anyone got the weird idea that the infamous Deadpool belonged in a loony bin and decided to try and keep him there.

That all taken care of, he pokes his head into the room and makes a beeline for the table, slipping into one of the chairs like he totally belongs there.]
Hello ladies, walking Loreal commercials. [Yeah he's squinting at you, Bob and Samson and Hank too lets be honest.] Not that I'm jealous or anything.
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[For a second Samson just squints at his ensemble. Surely this is a joke.]

I'm sorry, are you-- supposed to be here? [If he can't control his own group therapy session then by God he's going to control who can play poker. Maybe.]
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[Well, it couldn't have been a party otherwise, right? Hank gives him a scrutinizing grin.]

We could always trim a bit off of my arms if you want a wig made.