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WHO: Shirley and Hank
WHERE: The Pie Hole
WHEN: Tuesday afternoon
SUMMARY: Hank swings by the Pie Hole to discuss baked goods with Shirley.
FORMAT: Quick to start, but whatever afterwards!

[Business is slow today, and after completing all of the needed tasks for the day in the morning, Shirley is currently wiping up the kitchen for the second time that day. There's no danger in being too hygienic!

She's having a hard time focusing though, as wiping up anything is not her idea of workplace fun. At this point, she's watching the door like a hawk for a customer to enter so she can do something that doesn't involve damp cloths.]
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[Hank's been on the outside for the better part of a week by now, and hasn't quite settled into his routines yet. As much as he enjoys having access to his own kitchen again, there's never any harm in sampling the wares of another practitioner, and the Pie Hole has always had an immaculate reputation for these kind of things.

Shirley was someone he'd spoken to a couple times, but he never made it down to the shop quite as often as he should like, so what better time than today? So he strolls through the door gingerly, taking in the atmosphere as he approaches the counter. There's nothing quite like the aroma of fresh baking to his sensitive nostrils!

He offers a slight bow as he greets her.

Ah, Mrs. Bennett. And how is the business treating you on this fine day?
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[He takes a glance around with a frown.] I had, unfortunately. Shameful state of affairs, that so upstanding an eatery would be ignored!

[Threading his fingers together, he bends down to take a look at her displays, licking his lips.] I'll definitely take a gander at that menu.
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Oh, I can do without muffins today, I'm sure. I get enough of those from my own oven, honestly!

[He glances up at her from his menu.] And while I would be remiss not to order at least one of the pies that lends you the name, I believe you've talked up these brownies of yours before. Tell me, between the White Chocolate Razzle and the Five-Layer Blonder, which do you prefer?
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I'd certainly considered going that route...

[He turns his attention back to the menu, then pats his belly thoughtfully. Three months locked in a single room probably hadn't done much for his physique, whatever damage it could really have done to a six-hundred-pound muscular cat man.

But then, he'd also been three months without sweets. These weren't easy options to weigh.
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[He quirks a smile.] Well, I might do with as many pies, perhaps.
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I've been considering my options, but the selection is a little overwhelming! I still can't imagine why more people wouldn't give them a try.

Tell me, do you have a favorite, yourself?
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You just named at least two I was thinking about.

Let me tell you what, the Institute's having prom this weekend, and we need some refreshments. So I'm probably taking a few home today, but a good spread for Saturday would be beyond perfect! What kind of bulk specials do you have?
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High range will be precisely what we're after! We'll have maybe fifty attendants or so.
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Well, that hardly sounds unreasonable! That kind of volume would threaten to run a little higher.

What would $200 get us?
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But how many would you estimate "quite a few" to be, approximately?
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About ten pies and thirty brownies for two hundred dollars? [He does the math quickly in his head.] That...could work.

I'll want to consult with my colleagues, but I'll bring them a few samples to sway the vote. So, for today, I think both of those brownies and the three pies you recommended will do.

[He pats the menu against his palm.] You have a copy of this I could take with me, as we consider our order?
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[He takes out his wallet in preparation.] Once I get into these babies, I expect the pleasure will all be mine!
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[He puts a hand to his heart and bows slightly. If he could blush through all that blue...]

Well, we foodies ought to stick together! I think mutual appreciation of the other's work is the least we can do.

But, ah, that's something of a yes and no. I was in something of a transitional period for a few months, but I'm regaining my equilibrium now. And while I may no longer be headmaster, it's still my name on the deed.
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[He winces and knocks on the counter.] Knock on wood, of course. We've...well, had a few people who've tried.
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I would by no means disagree! Of course, I'm somewhat biased in that respect, but I think preparing the younger generation for the wider culture around them is vital to our society's continuance.

We don't so much have guards as our regular faculty is equipped to protect the students and property. We...have some experiences with these matters.
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Yes, Lachesis has never been as selective as we might hope she would be.
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I'm honestly beginning to question whether she has any legitimate criteria to begin with!
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To be fair, I've known a great deal of teenaged heroes in my time. Started out as one myself, actually.
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Well, my father was a nuclear engineer before he had to retire, but no. Not for the most part.

[He twiddles his fingers.] The hands and feet were always about this size. Everything else...came later, and was mostly my own fault!
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About six hundred pounds worth, at a guess. [He straightens his lapels and preens.]

Though, frankly, I knew what the result would be, the real mistake was not properly minding my time window. That was years back, though. Nothing left to do now but move on with my more cobalt-colored life.
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I think, once you've passed a certain number, a higher weight becomes almost more impressive than any kind of shame you might otherwise have inspired from it.

I do need to have my clothes custom-tailored, but at least I save money on shoes!

[Seeing how close she is to being finished, he reaches for his wallet.] Now, how much do I owe you?
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[He digs out a couple twenties to take care of the bill, then takes up the boxes and wonders how the pies would fair if he tried juggling them.]

That should cover it. And I hope your day will only be lovelier as it continues!
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[He moves backwards to the door, but offers a bow as he does.]

Oh, I'm sure you'll see me in a few days! Nice place like this, how could I stay away?