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A Night in West Egg

WHERE: The Xavier Institute
WHEN: The night of June 16th, all night!
WARNINGS: Who can really tell anymore? Probable language. Possible violence. Copious dancing.

The guests into an auditorium transformed. Through the magic of papier mache, the room has been decked out like a speakeasy, the refreshments laid out on a very makeshift bar that will not stock alcohol as long as they can prevent it. The whole room is cast with a cool blue light, and a jazz band's been hired to take the stage for an hour before leaving the rest of the evening to the DJ.

It was time to get this party started.

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[Tom couldn't believe that he was here right now. He felt out of place, being the the oldest guy here that wasn't a chaperone, who was invited and in the company of one of the students... Graduate student now, but student nonetheless.

He's just sitting on the sides, watching everyone else have fun and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.]
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[He takes the punch and smiles a little.]

To be honest, Doc, I kind of am. I'm not really a fan of these kinds of things, not unless I'm playing up on stage... Not to mention I'm the oldest date here, y'know?
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It's not a bad thing, mind you. If anything, it means that this school is more of a school than it was last year. [He shrugs, with a small laugh.] You don't need too many creepy non-chaperone adults hanging around here anyway.
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[Tom knows that look as Hank sniffs the punch... And no, he won't be giving back the drink now.]

I'd say the turnout is still pretty good, Doc. It's definitely not one you should be disappointed in, and, hey, it seems like someone's already trying to help things along. [He lifts his punch, before taking another sip.]
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I think you're being too hard on yourself, Hank. The party is great, the turnout it great. It might not be the same crowd, but can you doubt that the kids here aren't enjoying themselves and having a good time?

[Tom should probably be more subtle about it, but he can't help but start laughing as Hank drinks his punch.]

Man, where were you when I was in school? You're the coolest professor.