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A Night in West Egg

WHERE: The Xavier Institute
WHEN: The night of June 16th, all night!
WARNINGS: Who can really tell anymore? Probable language. Possible violence. Copious dancing.

The guests into an auditorium transformed. Through the magic of papier mache, the room has been decked out like a speakeasy, the refreshments laid out on a very makeshift bar that will not stock alcohol as long as they can prevent it. The whole room is cast with a cool blue light, and a jazz band's been hired to take the stage for an hour before leaving the rest of the evening to the DJ.

It was time to get this party started.

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[Chaperoning may not have been the most glamorous of jobs, but Scathach was more than happy to help out. She knew that as the night went on, some of the other teachers would tire and lose focus--that was where she stepped in. Or would, if anything went wrong. But based on the looks she was getting from some of the students who knew her personally... she didn't think anything would. But she had dressed the part anyway, and was casually circling the dance floor.]
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[She can't help but smile, teeth and all. But it's genuine. She's happy to have Hank back.]

Not yet. But I just got a little bit closer.
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[That gets her to laugh, and she gladly takes his hand.]

Well, let me know if there's any other way I can help. A face only has so many smiles, you know.
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[Oh, Hank. She missed you so much.]

Well, good luck to you with that. Luckily, I don't think it will be too hard, considering the night. [Hopefully there would be minimal breakups/fights/etc. tonight.]
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[Damn kids.]

I'm afraid I didn't. I made the rounds outside for a little while.
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I'll help out next year, how's that?
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[She laughs.]

If you find such a song, I'll be happy to help.
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[She shrugs.]

To be honest, I don't know. I haven't listened to much modern music.
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[She laughs as well.]

I suppose so. I'm a huge Dean Martin fan, to be honest.
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[She nods. Having performed with him before, she knew just how awful he was with alcohol.

And when he starts to sing, well. The redhead can't help but start to hum along.]
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[She laughs.]

I'm enjoying your rendition too much!
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[Oh, Hank. She can't resist you. So with a grin, she starts in:]

But gold won't bring you happiness when you're growing old...♪
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[Nodding, the redhead takes his hand and lets him lead her.]

As sure as the stars shine above...♫

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