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WHO: [personal profile] hexappeal and Daimon.
WHERE: Scum bag dive bar in whatever passes as a dirty place in the City.
WHEN: Last Friday night (yeah, we danced on table tops and we took too many shots).
WARNINGS: Drinking.
SUMMARY: Zatanna brings down some harsh truth on Daimon concerning how the City works. Daimon is hoping to strike up an alliance~.
FORMAT: Paragraphs

Daimon couldn't say he loved places like this--bars mostly visited by junkies, bikers, and late night workers--but it was the best place to get a run down on a city or information on all the dark underground club houses. Tonight it would serve him well as he collected more details on the inner workings of the City and also observe how a gal like Zatanna could handle herself in a rough crowd.

Plus most establishments wouldn't let him in unless he put a shirt on.

He texted the location to the magician; if he was more of a tech geek he'd have torn the piece apart, checking for any clues or gadgets being used against him, but he grew up reading the Bible and not Science Today!

Daimon sat at the bar, keeping an eye on the door.
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What a douche bag. He clearly chose this dump for a reason, hadn't he? Just for that, she'd have to drink enough to cost the entirety of his first weeks' stipend. She's still pissed at James, so she's here more with an aim to drink and do something stupid than make a friend.

It was a good thing that she bothered to check the address out first, she might have come in dressed inappropriately for her surroundings. While she wasn't against wearing her costume in a place like this delightful little hole in the wall, it still would make the evening more eventful than she'd like. Whether it would be idiots buying her drinks or starting arguments, Zatanna would, frankly, rather avoid it. She opts for something more fitting -- a pair of dark jeans, a tall pair of leather boots, and a leather jacket; it's partially unzipped and she wears a form-fitting black and white-striped scoop neck beneath it. No jewelry, save for tiny rabbit-shaped studs in her ears, which aren't visible at the moment.

She enters the bar with a bit of an aloof attitude. She spots him a moment in, but still makes her way to the end of the bar, sliding comfortably onto a stool. Her lips twist into a pleasant smile as she flags over the bartender. "Mid-grade bourbon. On the redhead over there." Zatanna tilts her head toward Daimon, assuming that's all it should take.
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It was, maybe a good thing that she'd intended to be all tease and no delivering tonight. And, maybe a little more honest. It just depended if she liked the guy or not. He seemed difficult in that regard, but she'd always had a thing for difficult men.

"You are, it's for me." She scoops it out of his hand, gently sliding her fingers over his while accompanied by a smile that's about as genuine as fool's gold. "I suppose the bartender just wanted to make sure he'd get paid." She remains sitting, pressing her lips to the edge of the glass with a bit of coy hesitation before taking a swig. No booze grimace.

Zatanna swerves her seat so it faces the one beside her, legs still crossed closely so there is plenty of room. "Don't worry, I don't usually bite unless I'm asked to." She reaches to the stool beside her and gives it a few pats. "I promise to behave myself and that if you play your cards right, next time it'll be on me." She didn't mean body shots, either. She wasn't that sort of girl.
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"Quite the opposite. I've never been a fan of chivalry. At least not in above average quantities." Something about bad boys. Or, not so much bad boys, really. Screwed up guys. Damaged goods. Perhaps she was attracted to them due to their similarities. A silent understanding of who they really were.

She'd promised to drink him out of his first weekly stipend and she intended to do just that. You didn't come by expensive stuff in a place like this, anyway. At least not unless you were some skeevy guy that used the place for various seedy business interactions on a regular basis.

"Game? Coven? Cult?" She hunches over and slides a hand over her mouth, a tiny little snort comes before she eventually laughs. Quiet, melodic. A little sweet, even. "Really? A fair warning: I don't like being accused of... whatever you're accusing me of. Being a twelve year old with a library card and some candles and incense or something? I don't know." She clears her throat and does a little huffing laugh as she shakes her head. "I'm a member of the Justice League and I lead a group of more amicable magic users called the Sentinels of Magic. Here, I occasional lend a hand to the local law enforcement." She takes another sip of her drink, slowly savoring the flavor, licking her lips when she finishes. "I do, however, own a club. If you're looking for a job, you'll have to come in and have an interview just like everyone else."
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She peers at him, then shrugs. "It's not quite the same where I come from. Amateurs, maybe, but most don't last or don't realize what they're dealing with. I don't often step in to correct them." A bit brutal, Zee, but man. People have been warned. Again and again and again. If they felt they were in over their head, they could reach for her. But they never do.

"That's a terrible pick-up line. I'm just going to act like it was a real question." The worst flirt ever, seriously. "No, not really. I used to occasionally do a pin-up or a calendar. I don't frequently do them back home or here. The fans can be a little creepy and it makes me a touch uncomfortable, if I'm to be honest with you." Her fans varied; there were those that followed her career as a mage and as a heroine, ones that just followed her stage magic career, and then... those that were perhaps too enthusiastic.

"I'm a stage magician, as well. It is what occupies most of my time. True magic has its own rules; I don't define myself as a super heroine, though others may and it may be a word that I have used to describe myself, on occasion." Just for lack of another word.
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"I am part of a governing body of magic users. I am not often allowed to step in because of that reason alone. Beside that, one would say people meddling in the occult without any knowledge, skill, or birthright are not one of my kind." And surprise, that little thought might just be true. Sort of. She was no Doctor Fate, thank the gods. "Boy, you sure sound cool. What with your violence and things getting out of hand and all." She's teasing. Her smile is wide as she takes another sip of booze.

She peers over at him, almost judging. "See, now I'm offended. It takes great skill to perfect an illusion without magic. It would be cheating if I used real magic, yes, but I do not. On occasion I might toss some in for the finale, but very rarely do I ever." She considers kicking him. On accident, of course.
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"Actually, the meetings take place in an alternate dimension. All magic users are welcome to attend the meetings and listen to the hearings. The governing body is voted in every so often and can be removed. There are representatives of all shades of grey." She was the speaker and was generally well-liked. There was just something about her that made people trust her.

"No, because it's a challenge. And my father did it. And his grandfather. It's a family business." She kind of hated hipsters, herself. Accusing her of being one was perhaps worse than accusing her of being a cheater. "My father hadn't known of his magical skills prior to becoming a stage magician, however. I had known he could use magic my whole life, but I didn't have control of my abilities fully until I was in my teens. By then I had already been his assistant in perhaps a thousand shows and held a few of my own." She finishes her drink and slams it down on the counter hard. Purposeful.
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Go ahead. Mention Strange. She might have a few things to say about him. Heck, she might even have a distinct aura of his magic on her; just enough that it's traceable. That hers has intertwined with his at some point.

"Ten, fifteen years. I'm not sure if I should count the two years I've been here or not." And Zatanna liked to keep busy. Being busy meant no time for truly personal relationships. They were all just on the surface this way. No room to hurt others or to be hurt by them.

She waves the bartender over and wordlessly lifts her glass and tilts it back and forth a few times, indicating she'd like another of the same. When he brings it over, she offers him a charming, practiced smile. "Mine wasn't really, either. He was cursed for several years." That was all the insight she'd give him on that, however. "But that's magic for you. It's wild and unpredictable, always changing. And that's exactly why I love it."
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"How old do you think I am, exactly?" She shoots him a delightful little choose your words wisely look, eyes narrowing and a single eyebrow raised. It's too early in the night to start a fight, but he brought it up. He shall reap what he has sown.

"I haven't had it easy." Her voice is quiet and it sounds like she's forcing herself to restrain any sort of emotion. There's a hint of being upset, though the reasons might be impossible to glean. "What I am... is magic. Without it, I feel empty. So I'm sorry that you feel that way."
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[She turned forty in-game in May. She has no issues with revealing this, but sometimes acts like she might. Especially if a dude is implying she's an oldy mcoldold.]

Incorrect, but a good answer. [She shrugs and laughs lightly at that.] Yeah, half's kinda a killjoy. Danny might've been cursed when we were involved, but he was entirely turned. [She's purposely being a tease now, grinning over her glass as she takes a delicate sip.] Also, glad to hear that. I'd have to call you lame otherwise.

That's just how magic works. But don't assume that you're hurting people. You're just drawn to people that will be hurt in the future. They would have been hurt regardless. The only difference is that it's like a gash to your heart this way. [She doesn't look so happy anymore. Just a touch hurt. A touch worried. Honest.]
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It's easier to think that. Easier to blame yourself.

But you can't, not forever. [There's a sense that she doesn't mean that. That she says it, but she doesn't follow it.]
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I have.

That's where a man I've known my whole life is. [She hasn't really told anyone about David since she came here. Just that little bit is cathartic.] Alive. Because of my mistakes.

[And there goes the remains of her glass.]
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[She hadn't taken much interest in his transformation, just assuming he was being melodramatic. Not that he was a threat or anything.]

There was a war going on. He was caught up in it. Lobo -- some asshole that basically lives to make others suffer and is impossible to kill, basically -- was after me. [It's worse than any guards, any generals, any lords of Hell.]

Unfortunately, I can't. I was trying to go back for him for months, but my throat nearly seared shut with his aid to travel there. And no one else will chance travel there. So all I can do is wait, comfortably, while he suffers for my sake. [She waves another drink on over, but holds up two fingers. She's going to down them like they're shots at this point.] He was protecting me. So I could escape.
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He was an incredible magician and a great friend. [She hates that she didn't realize his feelings for her until it was too late. She didn't give him anything in return. Anything at all.]

There's only so much you can do. If it were so easy as to just turn around and pull her out, you can't tell me that you wouldn't have. [And there are those two drinks, right on time.]
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It could have been something else. There wasn't time for it, not then. I was too dense to realize how he felt. [Her breath hitches. And here she was, two years later. Drinking and screwing around and living. While he's surely being tortured, every moment an eternity. Even if she could go back and help him, he'd wouldn't be that brash, strong man she'd known before.]

True enough. Hell is more complicated than most people think, which is one of many reasons that you can't entirely blame yourself. [And that internal monologue only confirms it. Duties, family, friends, love. When they cross paths, it's hard to know what to do. Even if you think you should know.]

Fine, fine. [She waves her hand.] Punish yourself all you like. No one has ever been able to talk me out of doing it, either.