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WHO: Bruce and the various people of X-Club???
WHERE: X-Club!!! Aka the basement of the Institute
WHEN: Tuesday afternoonish
WARNINGS: Science and derping
SUMMARY: Nerds unite, man.
FORMAT: Bracket prose because of reasons.

[ Once the crazy with the whole war games stuff dies down, Bruce figures... He can use some nice, calming science. Recreational science as opposed to work science because there is a difference, okok. And he has the invitation to go and do so, so.

Here he is, about to knock on the door of the Institute before -- Oh, right. He should probably text Mr. Jeffries to let him know he's here rather than just randomly going and telling someone "YEAH I'M HERE FOR THE SCIENCE". Even though he is. ...Maybe he should have gone and texted before showing up even though he was told to come over whenever, just t- This was a horrible idea. Hurgh.

But he already brought a bag of chips and a two liter of ginger ale. ...Because that's what you're supposed to do when like. Going to hang out with other people? In order to be a considerate guest? Right? Or something. He doesn't know. He doesn't get out that much. It's a problem.

(ooc: so once bruce is inside, anybody in x-club can go and start stuff in their own thread?? stare at the fact that someone went and invited the hulk into the treehouse, steal his chips, w/e w/e)
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[Hank has a big box under his arm as he passes through the lab and comes upon...Edward Norton? Wait, right, Madison had mentioned something about Bruce Banner. Bruce, for some reason, resembles Edward Norton.

Whether he'd recognize Hank was somewhat in question due to this. Hank almost hadn't him, so it may go both ways. Readjusting his box a bit, he holds his hand out and approaches him.

Dr. Banner, I presume?
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Oh, the pleasure's all mine!

[Well, it's somewhere in between the two. Either way, once Hank gets it back, he reaches into the box and pulls out a brand new X-Club hat, which he shoves on Bruce's head.]

Dr. Henry McCoy. Welcome to the club!
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Well, we can't work on an empty stomach!

[Bruce'll get a sweatervest to go with it once he's more properly sized. In the meantime, Hank slaps a hand on his back and leads him further into a lab.]

We are, as I should hope was mentioned to you before, a think-tank. This means we mostly occupy ourselves with various pursuits and projects, sometimes poking into each others' business, other times collectively working as a team.

Currently, we have a civic collaboration on the board. Perhaps you've seen the dreadful state of the subways, following the events of last weekend?
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[He catches Bruce glancing at the supplies.] Admiring the equipment, hmm? Back home we were financed by Worthington funds, and it's actually no different here. Pretty much the leftovers of what the school doesn't use, but it certainly keeps us up to date! [He stops over one piece and gives it a fond rap with his knuckles.] Hell, some of them are custom made, but that'll happen when you leave Jeffries to his devices!

But where was I...Right, the subways! We've been tasked by the City with the job of repairing them!