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We're off to see the Wizard

WHO: Victor Mancha ([personal profile] electromexican) and YOU!
WHERE: the X-Mansion
WHEN: Right meow
WARNINGS: uh. brobots. mutants. also he's bummed out because Johnny's gone
SUMMARY: Vic's taking up Madison's invite
FORMAT: actionspam with option log

[Vic finally worked up the nerve to head out to the X-Mansion. Sure, Madison had said it would all be cool, but considering his last run-in with The Avengers, he really isn't sure how swell this could go.

He's coming up to the X-Mansion now, cautiously peering about and readying to enter.]
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[Hank is moving between spots as he tends to, maybe the offices or the labs or his residential suite. He's got a lot going on in the compound and always likes moving to keep the blood flowing, and the thoughts with it.

He swings down from the ceiling once he catches sight of Vic, notepad and pen in hand.

Well, look who it is!
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[Noticing how impressed the boy was, he decides to make a show of it, disengaging his feet and fitting in as many flips as he could manage before he hit the floor, then bowing with a flourish.]

So, Mr. Mancha, did you come for the grand tour?
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Well, let's show you around, then! Any particular interests you'd like to begin with?
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But of course! [He starts walking toward the hall. He'd be bounding, but he's gotta let Vic keep up, right?] Any specific subjects you're interested in? They can vary a bit depending.
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Ah, that'll be our Physics lab! Not quite as flashy as the one we work from downstairs, but the teacher, Mr. Jeffries, has what you might call an intuitive relationship with the subject!
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That'd be the one! So, is it the mechanopathy, or the ferrokinesis?
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Marvelous! Well, such abilities would certainly be conducive to working in such a subject, I'm sure you and Madison must get along famously.

[The room they finally come to is largely a computer lab, though it has some other equipment to it, mostly looking like it was put together from various bits of scrap.]

He's a bit more hands-on personally, but drafting and visualizing are fairly important to physics, so there's a fair portion of the coursework that involves using AutoCAD. Have you ever used it?
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Right, right, you said you have a way with computers. Learning one simple program shouldn't be too hard a challenge!
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Let me see, among the names you might recognize...Firestar and Nightcrawler are the headmasters, they teach art and drama respectively. Marvel Girl teaches history, I teach biology, and...

Well, Magneto teaches health.
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...It's complicated.

He's also my age, which, believe me, is even weirder.
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I suppose 1962 would qualify. Though an alternate 1962.

...Apparently, he knew me at home.
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You're telling me! At least you haven't met your best friend at half the age you'd expect. [...And telling you you're supposed to be dead.]
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Very. Awkwardly. He had this bandanna that...well, let's not worry about that.

Having him show up for my class when the semester began was even better!

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