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WHO: These lucky contestants
WHERE: Various boroughs of the City, and the demon dimension.
WHEN: Tuesday, August 21st, 11:54 am and onward.
WARNINGS: This post may contain graphic depictions of violence, psychological horror, and adult themes; it will definitely contain adult language. Viewer discretion advised.
SUMMARY: Vulcanus tries to blow up a collection of buses around the City in order to incite anti-imPort rioting; Lachesis mixes things up again. see here for details.
FORMAT: Go crazy, kids.

Each bus will have a labeled thread in the comments. To recap:

Bus W will explode. Lachesis will teleport these ImPorts to a location near the bus just after it explodes. Those who are assigned to this bus, you must be the heroes that the City demands. The damage will carve a hole in the street, and civilians are at risk for debris/fires/etc.

Bus X will yank imPorts inside of it and induce a week-long power switch. From 8/21 at 12 PM to the following Tuesday, 8/28 at 12 PM, characters will have their powers switched with another ImPort passenger. All characters on this bus have their new powers assigned.
Correction: this bus is located in Brooklyn.

Bus Y will yank imPorts inside of it for one minute, and then transport its imPorts to the demon dimension until midnight. Envision Dante's Inferno as the setting, but with the twist that ANYTHING CHARACTERS IMAGINE WILL MANIFEST IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE.

Bus Z will yank imPorts inside of it for one minute, and then with a LOUD SCREECHING NOISE, it will infect imPort minds with radio signals, songs, dialogue, AND IMPORTANT PLOT-RELATED INFORMATION THAT VULCANUS DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW for the rest of that day. There is no way to turn this off for the entire day. ImPorts will be returned to their prior locations at the end of one minute. All characters on this bus have their unique mental broadcasts assigned.
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[Hank, you are in hell. You're surrounded by civilians and other imPorts and you are in hell.

Today is clearly going to be the best day.

He eyes the line in the distance forming, pitchforks, torches, "DIE MUTANT SCUM" signs, and he whispers a mantra to himself over and over: Don't let it see your fear. Don't acknowledge it. It can't hurt you if you don't let it be real. ...Maybe. Thanks, magic. Thanks for all this.

He tries to find the best position to get everyone to hear him. They had no idea how long they'd be here if they didn't do something, and they had to find a way to get out. But first, that'd have to stay alive.

We need to establish a perimeter! Civilians in the middle, the rest of us will need to keep them protected. Don't...don't acknowledge anything on the outskirts, not if it isn't presenting a direct threat to you.

[Of course, it's just then that his riot in the distance begins to charge.]
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I can raise a wall, if someone can buy me a few minutes!

[It was a little late for not acknowledging them, as Equalists were already flipping around Lin, batons crackling with electricity. Pillars of earth erupted from the charred ground and knocked them away, and occasionally a metal cable shot out from her hand to lasso an opponent and slam them into the ground. It was taking all she had to fend them off, and more seemed to be approaching every second, including a certain masked gentleman walking slowly and deliberately toward her in the distance.]
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Leave that to me, and you do what you must!

[He pounces into action, fist flying into the nearest Equalist. The tazer batons were no joke, and it took the best of his maneuverability to avoid so many of them, especially as he tries to crowd them away from the rest of the group. This wouldn't be easy on his own.

Worse still, there was a very large humanoid robot rising up behind the approaching riot.

Oh, of all the damn times!
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[Lin breaks away from the fighting, positioning her hands in front of her. The ground quakes slightly, and a couple long, torturous minutes later she smashes her palms into the ground, causing a large earthen wall to shoot up around the group.

She returns her attention to the Equalists, her cables shooting out and grabbing two around the waists and tossing them over the wall. And then she notices the robot towering over them.]

...You're kidding.
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Move, we have to move!

[And no sooner does he say it than a laser beam narrowly misses him as it tries to anticipate his path. Sentinels hunt mutants, and he's the only one of those in this group, isn't he? He'll have to stay away from the wall, can't let this thing put anyone else at risk as it tries to hunt him.

He runs on all fours deeper into the fray, gunning for its legs, but the mob of mutant-haters and Equalists aren't about to make it an easy journey.
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[Lin chooses to bypass the mob entirely, bending her knees and then shooting forward as a column of earth erupts from the ground and catapults her through the air toward the robot. As long as it issn't made of platinum, she might have a chance against it.

She lashes out with a cable, wrapping it around the Sentinel's massive head and swinging toward its arm. At worst, maybe she could just distract it.]
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[The best way to distract a sentinel from a mutant was putting it's mind on self-preservation, so she definitely managed that.

As Hank was still closing the distance, he uses the extra room to breathe she's given him try to identify the model this was, and the specs that came with it, the weaknesses that he could get to.

Stopping a moment to get a flying leap, he latches onto one of the machine's fingers, and springboards from there to claw at its face.

Get through the panel in the small of its back! If you can sever the wiring there, it should be crippled!
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Got it.

[She swings up onto its shoulder, trying not to lose her balance. They don't have much time, and something this big could cause a lot of damage, especially to some confused civilians. So she retracts her cable and leaps backward off the Sentinel. Four cables shoot out from her hands when she falls passed its lower back, imbedding in the metal and pulling her up to look for the panel.

She isn't exactly a mechanical genius, but she locates it easily enough. Grasping its metal armor and making a handhold for herself, she retracts the cables on her other hand and rips the panel away. A metal blade emerges from her forearm guard and she begins to slash away at everything behind it. Hopefully it couldn't feel pain, because those massive hands could swat her like a fly.]
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[At best, it has sensors telling it something's tinkering around in there, but the best it can do is sway uselessly out of reach, a metallic tentacle stretching from its palm to try detaching her.

Unfortunately for it, Hank manages to rip out one of its optical sensors, drawing away its attention away from Lin as the power drains from its cells after she cut it off. Hank climbs on top of the head to move out of the way, but the whole machine seizes up before it reaches him anyway, every rotor locking up.

Hank peeks down the back and gives her a thumbs up before kicking off the head and tumbling his way back to the bus, trying to cut off the oncoming swarm.
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[She nods back to him as a piece of the robot's metal armor tears away and launches her away before it comes crashing down. She hits the ground with a crash, shoving her hands forward and making a crater when she lands. Hopefully they wouldn't have to deal with any more giant robots.

In the meantime, though, she'll get back to fighting the Equalists and anyone else that manages to cross her path.]
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[Hank plows into them behind her, doing his best to establish a furry blue moving barrier between them and the bus.]

Anything you can tell me about these gents?
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They're Equalists. They're trained to fight against benders using chi-blocking and those batons and gloves. They're less dangerous if you can keep them at a distance.

[That can be a pretty tall order, though, since they're flipping and darting around like acrobats. She's doing her best to keep them at bay by kicking pillars of earth at them.]
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[He's not really a slouch in the flipping and darting department, himself, so he manages to keep one step ahead of them, striking as openings present themselves.]

Unfortunately, I work best at close quarters! But then, I don't exactly bend, either, so that may give me some advantage.

[Though the extent he knows about bending is from Toph borrowing the Danger Room occasionally to train.]
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Dr. McCoy!

[Hey, Hank, it seems like you got a buddy trapped here with you in this Hell hole. And he is awfully confused. Where IS this anyway?]

What IS all this? How did we end up here!? [Because unlike him, you seem like you're used to this kind of thing with how you're taking charge of the situation.]
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I'd love to give you more specific answers, but I'm afraid I lack them, myself! [Whoops, dodging someone trying to hit him with an anti-mutant sign.] It's danger, and, well, not Danger, but... whatever it is, we have to keep the civilians safe!
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[He grabs the anti-mutant sign from the man and elbows him in the face.]

That much I could guess. Is surviving-- [He ducks under a fist and sweep kicks the anti-mutant enthusiast onto the ground.]-- really the only thing we can do in this situation?
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The only thing? Not necessarily! [He rolls across the ground, leading into a powerful kick to push the mob back further.] Top priority, certainly, until we're given a chance to catch our bearings. Under this rush and a push, we don't have much else available to us!
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Then we hold our own until we can get enough of a breather to rest.

[That might be easier said than done though. He actually debates if he should hold back with these people. Are they even real? Either way, for now he's focusing on knocking them out as quickly and as precisely as he can without wasting much energy.]

For our sake I hope there is an end to these people. They are weak, but eventually our stamina will give out. [EVENTUALLY.]
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Don't remind me! We have no indication of how long we'll be here or how we arrived, and we can't last forever if we have to keep at this.

[Hank isn't taking any chances with them not being real. Though they have only start appearing at the mental prompting of their own, but if they were separate and sentient, he wouldn't want to risk hurting them too much.]

Something will have to give, I'm afraid!
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It will--

[Which becomes apparent when a sign he didn't expect hits him in the face. Hard. For a second his mind snaps under the pressure of this whole thing and his next move is reaching out and breaking the man's arm. The crunching snap is enough to cause the guy to scream and drop to the ground holding the broken limb.

They seem real enough. But T'challa pauses for a brief moment.]

Dr. McCoy. Can you confirm if these men are real...?
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[Hank's slightly preoccupied with being surrounded, multiple antagonists latching onto his shoulders and tearing at his suit as he peels them away and tosses them off.]

It's a tough call to make! They at least feel real, and the damage they're inflicting certainly is, but then you could say the same about the projections in the Danger Room. If they aren't, they certainly seem to react convincingly enough.

I, unfortunately, don't have the equipment on hand to draw any final conclusions!

Though heaven knows why they're protesting mutants instead of imPorts...
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As we both agreed upon, something will have to give...

[Even if Hank can't see it, his attacks are becoming slightly more vicious on the attackers than they were before. Not enough to kill just yet, but enough to cause broken bones or more serious injury.]

...and if I have to choose between the lives of the people here and these prejudice assailants. [...] Well, I do not plan on hesitating if I must take action.
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[He's mostly preoccupied with his own fight, but once he does notice, Hank cringes. He isn't letting up, but he's remaining measured in his methods, even if inadvisably so.]

If it's all the same to you, I'd really rather not risk it. They'll always find some way to turn that against us.