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WHO: Drs. Curt Connors and Hank McCoy
WHERE: Hank's lab
WHEN: Shortly after Curt's post. So...backdated. A lot.
WARNINGS: Science.
FORMAT: science?

Connors was waiting outside the door to the Xavier Institute, idly looking around. This place was so interesting. All the different people with such different powers...he felt completely out of his element and yet he loved it here. At lest Dr. McCoy had been here for a while and would probably be able to answer questions Connors had.

And also, he could ask about Dr. McCoy's...unique condition. It wasn't every day you met a blue furred lion man.

He quickly shot off a message and waited outside of the Institute.
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When Hank reached the foyer, he idly entertained the thought of opening the door and waiting above it to surprise the visitor, but ultimately decided that a higher level of decorum may be necessary for this situation. He was eager to see Dr. Connors research, after all, and didn't want to jeopardize that.

That he couldn't shake the feeling of some vague familiarity to the name bugged him as he reached for the knob, but he decided not to let it bug him. "Dr. Connors, how unexpected! Come right in."
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Hank was kind of an original at it, even if he was hardly the only blue and fuzzy mutant on the staff here. He'd endured stares for many years, so he'd learned to ignore them, though he may still notice them with some frequency, especially on first meeting someone here in the City, where this could be even more unique.

He led Dr. Connors in, hitting the button on the elevator to summon it up. "Oh, not at all! A schedule like mine requires some flexibility, and it's always pleasant to give a potential colleague the proper welcome! You wouldn't happen to have brought some of your notes, perhaps?"
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Hank pressed the button to send them down and rested his hands in the pockets of his labcoat. "Oh, we all have our pet topics. Mine is, big surprise, genetic mutation. Some of my research may carry some overlap with your emphasis. May I...?"
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"Oh, believe me, I've seen worse," he said, pushing his pince-nez up his snout as he gave them a glance. The elevator stopped, and he walked right out of it and toward the lab, never looking up from Connors' papers, but making the occasional thoughtful noise.

Sorry, Curt, you've almost entirely lost him in thought.
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Hank was pulled out of his reverie at that, glancing up from the papers and adjusting his glasses.

"Hmm?" Hank, you are being a terrible host. "Ah!" He folded the papers and placed them behind his back. Easier to focus that way. "Well, time does allow for one to accumulate equipment. I also have a colleague that's quite the machinist, so the collection's only grown since he arrived in February."

He walked over to one piece that he didn't think had been there the day before, muttering under his breath: "I'm actually not entirely certain what this one does."
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"Well, of course! We ask Madison," he replied cheerily, before mumbling an addition, "assuming he even knows. You never know what'll happen when inspiration strikes. Can't take it for granted."

Hank gave it a light, affectionate rap with his knuckles before turning back to Dr. Connors. "But to answer your question, your assumption is correct! We teach K-12, with a special focus on imPort students along with assisting imPorts of all ages to learn the safe and responsible applications of their abilities. But we're still part of the New York state charter school system, so we're not exclusive to either."
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"It was a social atmosphere much like this one that first inspired its foundation, back where I come from. But the challenges are different here, given that we're in such a relatively early stage of the social introduction of superpowers. It's as much getting the world used to us as it is keeping our own in good condition, which is why we've taken in so many native students as well!"

He paused for a moment, thinking it over. "Classes begin in a little over a week, though I'll miss the first few due to my other business. Perhaps we could arrange something after my return?"