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awakened to cheers after years on the faultline

WHERE: The new Avengers Embassy, at Stark Tower (the one that's not the Porter building)
WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 25th afternoon to evening
WARNINGS: Probably nothing?
SUMMARY: Max Lord introduces the newest member of the Avengers to the team: Black Panther! Everyone, get to know each other, this is for mingling of all sorts.
FORMAT: Quick.

[ It's not exactly a meeting; they can discuss pertinent issues (as always, Max has a whole agenda of topics to bring to the table) another time, because today, what Max wants to talk to the Avengers about is short and sweet. It's something to celebrate! Within their brand new Headquarters Max Lord stood in a brown suit and a checkered tie, a table laid out with food and drinks running the length of the wall to his side. ]

Now, I know we have a lot of Avengers business to discuss, especially since some of us were gone for most of the month. But that's not what we're here today for. But of course if you want to talk shop later I won't stop you.

I'd like to present you all with the newest addition to our team: please welcome Black Panther to the Avengers. I think we can all agree we had a few [ Er. ] holes to fill... and this is our guy. In fact, I think a few of you know each other already.

( I put up a few working subthreads but feel free to make your own! This is for mingling and working out fun team dynamics, do and talk about absolutely whatever you want to. c: )
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[It isn't really the first thing he has on his mind to discuss, but the one he did would need to be eased into. So, when Hank approaches Tony, he's got his eyes on the room around them.]

Nice new digs. What will this mean for the mansion?
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[ He takes a look, eyeing Hank for just a moment before gesturing ] Well, if anyone needs a place to stay, the mansion's available. We're not removing the labs there either. This is more of an official place, so hopefully we won't see the mansion fall into misuse.
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You think it would be a better setting for a press conference than the front yard? Doesn't quite have the rose garden spectacle to it.
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It's a give and take, honestly. The mansion has the homey feel, but it's a little... quaint , to be honest. If we want to look more modern, it's about time we changed the usual venue. You worried we'll be getting rid of the mansion altogether?
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Not really. It's too much of a mainstay to be neglected outside of the most dire consequences, it's just that some changes take getting used to.
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I understand. [ He lifted an eyebrow. ] We can just call this one an old new standard. Remember when we switched to the tower back home? This time we're doing it on our terms.
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Mmm. I suppose it is better than being forced to it. No dissolving and reforming, no one needs to move their lodgings, no rubble.

[He paces a little, minding the decorations, thinking to himself that they could doing better with the art that's been hung.] But keeping our house in order frees us to focus on outside threats, doesn't it?
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Exactly. [ He pauses, watching Hank, waiting. Something about his tone made Tony wonder if he was just talking about moving to having another embassy. ]

That's the most important thing, right now. We need to focus on squaring ourselves away before the next major wave of crap comes our way.
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Preparing for the next one, managing the fallout from the previous one. [He clasps his hands behind his back and gives Tony a glance over his shoulder.] Where do we stand with that, exactly?
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Working on it. Max has been working pretty hard to make sure we clean up. [ And he doesn't say that he's been working his ass off on the Vulcanus issue. ]
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[Hank turns around to face Tony with a slight shrug.] I know that, of course, as I've been working with him on a lot of it. [He crosses his arms, both eyebrows raised.] I was hoping to hear a little more on the situation beyond politics and public relations. How're things going in the trenches?
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[ He sighs. ]

Not as well as I'd like. Vulcanus is dicey, and we can crunch numbers and study data as much as we can, but at the end of the day, we're still getting nowhere, and they've been just as quiet. It's certainly concerning.
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Still no leads toward their organization or locations? No hint at their future plans?

I know you were gathering information provided by those under psychic deluge that day last month, that hasn't given way to anything?
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His lip twitched slightly, and he shook his head. No, it has't. Other than the fact that they wanted us to start a war, and now it's the end of September, and there hasn't been a thing. Nothing's been happening on the global front, either.

It makes me wonder if something's going on inside the organization.
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Is there any way they could have planted the information? Some kind of red herring to put our guard at ease once the time passed? Maybe it was too quick an assumption that Lachesis was behind that day.

Do we have anything to corroborate the source or veracity of the information we've been working from?
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And this is why I don't believe it's anyone until I have proof, Hank. There's nothing to suggest that it was Lachesis, it could have been them, it could have been a diversion, it could have been someone else entirely working their own agenda to screw with us. There's no origin, and the only thing we had was people hearing voices.

There's no way to confirm or deny any of it. We have to go on tertiary data to pull the strings together, and unfortunately, that takes time to not only analyze, but gather.
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You might instead say I was hoping Lachesis was involved, because she we at least know already to have those capabilities. If Vulcanus, or really anyone, has achieved the means for not only psychic assault, but molecular rearrangement that's both instantaneous and remote, and interdimensional travel beyond our present means.

If they can do all that, then we're under greater danger than we might have thought. Which is saying something, really.