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i need a knack for keepin' out of trouble:

WHO: ImPorts in Venezuela
WHERE: Mérida, Venezuela
WHEN: October 15th 2012 - October 18th 2012
WARNINGS: Strong language is likely. Potential violence.
SUMMARY: President Pisani throws a festival for imPorts one and all! While this is a catchall log for the first four days and set wholly in Merida, you are not limited to those parameters. If you want to pursue your own logs too, feel free!
FORMAT: Whatever you'd like.

It was a beautiful city, green and lush. Morning mist locked fingers with older stone and quiet brick. Much of the populace lulled in the valley between two solid growths of mountains, cushioned in an ancient palm and electrified by the lively pulse of the crisp, rain-courted air. The temperature is brisk, chilly, but that shouldn't discourage you from enjoying the lakes and rivers breathing through the land. The city itself is equally crisp and its usually pristine avenues are ablaze with color; banners and posters and warm hellos. There was warmth everywhere, in homes and faces and hands.

Welcome to Mérida, Hero.
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[Kenzi had maybe slept a couple hours. She couldn't be sure. It's hard to remember when naps have happened when everything is just running together. And while she isn't one for walks in nature it certainly feels nice to get away from the noise.

A little fresh air certainly does the trick to clear her head.

She finds one of the lakes that isn't too crowded with people and strips down to her swimsuit. She jumps into the water without hesitation because honestly, that would only make it worse. She surfaces with a loud yelp and shivers but she's certainly feeling very awake now. After a moment she lays back and just floats around.
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[Hank is out enjoying the scenery more than he had last time he was here.He may be dressed for the outing, but something feline in him abjectly refuses to get in the water. He nonetheless see Kenzi's dive, and makes an amused noise as he interrupts his walk.]

Not quite what you were expecting?
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[Kenzi sits up, her one straightened hair now all curly. She took one look at Hank's shirt and cringed.]

Little colder than expected but it's nice now. Now...who let you out of the hotel wearing that horrible shirt?
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Well, I guess that's your official welcoming from autumn, then.

[He straightens the lapels of his shirt, taking a moment to personally appreciate its inadvisable gaudiness.] I let myself out, of course. Even dressed myself this morning! It isn't that bad, is it?
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Suppose it is.

[She swims a little closer to where he's standing and lets out a laugh.] Well, that explains it. And yes it is that bad. Only tourist and incredibly eccentric people wear Hawaiian shirts.
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Well. [He straightens his glasses on his nose with a grin.] I just so happen to be both, so I suppose it works out.

[He bends down and extends a hand to her.] Dr. Henry McCoy. Usually just Hank.
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Hnn, suppose so.

[She gives a little laugh as she shakes his hand. She fights the urge to say "I know" and simply nods.] Kenzi. I've seen you on the network and heard you run the imPort school?
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[She wouldn't be the first. It's weird and he's glad he never tried to keep a secret identity.]

Not so much run it anymore, but I do teach there. You seem like you'd be a bit too old to be a student, however.
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Oh. [A chuckle as she shakes her head.] I'm not. I mean, I had kind of looked into it for working on my powers but I think Julian's doing a good enough job that I don't need to.
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Mr. Keller? Yes, he's a recent graduate of ours. So, you're working under his tutelage, then? [He frowns thoughtfully.] That's a bit of a surprise, actually.
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Yeah, he's been helping me since I discovered my powers here. [She raises a brow.] Why's that a surprise?
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He was...never the most disciplined student. I suppose I hadn't expected he would be an effective teacher.

What are the powers in discussion, out of curiosity?
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I kind of figured that. [She says that with a laugh. Mostly because she was the same way in school.</small] Well, it probably helps that I got saddled with TK.
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Well, see? That explains it, that's one subject he has unambiguous expertise with!

Though the level of mastery he's achieved lately hasn't been fully explicable, either.
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He only brags about it all the time. [She grins. It's the bragging that is part of what makes her like him.]

In any case he's been a great help. Though I still gotta work on my control.
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See, that sounds like the Julian Keller I know. Though given the circumstances he's gained it under, I don't know that control is something he'll be fully capable of teaching.

Have you met Rachel, by chance?
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Yeah, I suppose not. [Although she doesn't know the circumstance she can make some wild guesses.]

I've talked with her once.
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[No one does, it was a complicated situation involving the passage of memories between alternate universes. Tough to teach that to someone else.]

If it's control you're hoping to learn, she might have a few pointers to pass.
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[She gives a little nod.]

I'll try to talk to her again then.
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I've been curious lately what it really must be like for someone who's gone their whole life without previously carrying such a condition, how the transition period works. We work a lot in the mechanics already, but the human experience behind it is more interesting, I think.

I guess what I'm asking is how do you feel about suddenly being extranormal?
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[Kenzi pulls herself from the water and wraps the towel she brought along around herself.]

Pretty damn awesome honestly. Back home I'm surrounded by people with freaky powers and sometimes I feel really left out. Sure, being the human in the group is my thing but sometimes I feel like I'd be more help if I had freaky powers too. And now I do.

Although at first it kind of scared me.
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Well, needing to get used to it I can understand, it's hardly a small matter.

[He goes ahead and takes a seat. His walk is definitely on hold, so he decides devoting his whole attention to the conversation at hand is the best course to take.]

But I guess it must have been eased by coming from a setting where the situation wasn't wholly unfamiliar, either.