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i need a knack for keepin' out of trouble:

WHO: ImPorts in Venezuela
WHERE: Mérida, Venezuela
WHEN: October 15th 2012 - October 18th 2012
WARNINGS: Strong language is likely. Potential violence.
SUMMARY: President Pisani throws a festival for imPorts one and all! While this is a catchall log for the first four days and set wholly in Merida, you are not limited to those parameters. If you want to pursue your own logs too, feel free!
FORMAT: Whatever you'd like.

It was a beautiful city, green and lush. Morning mist locked fingers with older stone and quiet brick. Much of the populace lulled in the valley between two solid growths of mountains, cushioned in an ancient palm and electrified by the lively pulse of the crisp, rain-courted air. The temperature is brisk, chilly, but that shouldn't discourage you from enjoying the lakes and rivers breathing through the land. The city itself is equally crisp and its usually pristine avenues are ablaze with color; banners and posters and warm hellos. There was warmth everywhere, in homes and faces and hands.

Welcome to Mérida, Hero.
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[Hank isn't really an easy guy to lose in a crowd, but him picking people out of it is another matter entirely. Still, enough of a big deal is being made about any of them that you can usually spot one if the throng doesn't overwhelm you with their own attentions, so he doesn't miss Julian when he passes by. It just takes some polite maneuvering to reach him.]

Enjoying yourself, Mr. Keller?
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[ Beast is usually the kind of person you'd notice first in a crowd like this. This time Julian doesn't, but he looks in decent humor when he turns around. ]

Hey, Professor. You're skipping school for a party? I never thought I'd see the day.
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Well, I wouldn't call it "skipping". We put together a class trip! I was leading a group of students, they've gone off... [He takes a look around the crowd, catches sight of one or two, and makes a mental note of it. He'll need to track the rest, still, but his nose'll be no good with all the festive scents.] ...somewhere.
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[ Well that explains why Aradia and all the others are here. He'd just figured they were skipping too. He would have. ]

Yeah, I think I saw some of them. I don't blame them. This sucks way less than I thought it would. Who knew Venezuela was this cool?
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[Hank gives him a bit of a disapproving look over his glasses, but his smile still keeps.]

Anyone who paid attention in their Geography classes. There's a lot of very rich culture here for anyone willing to give it enough attention to appreciate it.
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[ Side-eyeing. He's not even in school anymore and Doc McCoy can still make him feel bad for zoning in class. What's even up with that? ]

Hey, I appreciate it. Only most of what I know came from Sofia, so all this... [ Gesturing at the carnival. ] I didn't expect this.

I didn't expect any politician to make so much sense, either.
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Ah, she was from Caracas, wasn't she. [He frowns and looks down for a second, fiddling with his glasses. That always seemed to be the way these things ended, didn't it?] It's never easy being apart from the ones we love, especially not in a setting we'd otherwise associate with them.
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I don’t think she’d been back since she came to the States. She’d have liked this, she should be here. [ Which is about the closest he’s coming to saying that yes, he misses her. He wants her here. He clears his throat. ] Anyway, I never thought I’d see this place with or without her. Are you doing this Masquerade thing they’re planning, Doc?
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Well, you have my sympathy. I know how that must feel. [Yeah, he's fooling anyone on that one.]

I'm not sure how effectively I could be masked. I suppose we'll see how things look on Friday, but given the nature of this trip, it probably would be best to make an appearance.
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[ Dryly. ] Right, because no one's gonna know it's me. [ He lifts up his metal hands. ] I think the party's more important than the costume. Least it better be, or I'm skipping.
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[Hank makes an amused snort.] Yes, well you could at least wear gloves, if you felt so led! There's hardly anything that I could do to hide my identity at this point, save to recreate my earlier image-inducer designs.

Either way, it should be a delightful enough evening.
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There's probably people here who'd freakin' love an image inducer. I'm kind of surprised that hasn't happened already.

Anyways, it should be cool.
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Well, Kurt outgrew his, and I was never really a fan of them outside of circumstances where they were really necessary. So I suppose it's been more the lack of onus to revisit the technology.

...Especially in a universe where many of the components we'd take for granted at home would have to be built from scratch.
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I don’t like ‘em anyway. They’re about hiding, and we shouldn’t have to. None of us should have to. [ Glancing at Beast. ] Not in any world, this one or home. There’s a hell of a lot of people who’d say I’m wrong about that, though. Even here.
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Well, hands aside, you've never really been in a position where you'd feel they're needed to continue you're daily life, either. I agree that such an instrument shouldn't be necessary, and like I said, never enjoyed using one regularly, but I can at least sympathize with someone who might desire not having to be identified by their unique appearance wherever they go.
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Cess always hated how she looked. [ And he pretty much always hated that she hated it... ] I know that. And like I said there's people here who'd want to hide.

I just don't think they should. I don't think anyone should.

[ The fact that he did when he had no hands is a totally different thing. ]
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You've known many people with insecurities regarding their appearance. Some are better at hiding that than others. But knowledge of the issue doesn't grant automatic understanding, either.

You can think that they shouldn't want to, in an ideal world. But you'll have to show me an ideal world before I'll having an easy time agreeing that's it's as simple as that.
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Nah, there is no ideal world. You know when I first got here, this world was so much better than ours. People didn’t hate us. Now look at it, it’ more like home all the time. If you ask me, it was always gonna turn out that way.
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Well, that doesn't mean we can't try to improve it. If their best aspirations are for a world without us, we'll need to show them that we can do better in tandem.
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[ There's a little pause, and then Julian looks at him. ]

You know, saying stuff like that, it makes you sound like the Professor.
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What can I say? His teachings were instrumental in my early life. I'd like to believe I don't mirror him exactly, but there will certainly be some overlap.
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Yeah, well the way I remember it, he ran out on us, and left Summers in charge.

[ He gives Beast an appraising look. ] And you left. But it was Summers' fault, wasn't it? Because as soon as he was out of the picture, you came back. You came to the school.
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Charles didn't leave, not in the end. He simply...stood aside. [Hank gets a lot of what was going on to lead him to do that, but given how things went afterward, still doesn't feel it was the right choice.

And exactly how it was Scott's fault in Hank's case is something Hank is always iffy about discussing.
] We never should have left the school to begin with. It opened us to attitudes about our situation that only proved to be unproductive.
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[ So that isn't exactly what he asked, but yeah. He agrees with it anyway. ]

That's putting it mildly, Doc. But you're right. We left the school and got turned into Cyclops' personal army.

The weird part is that you're at the school, and the Professor's still there on Utopia. You talk more like him than he does.
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[Hank sighs and takes off his glasses. His shoulders slump and he suddenly seems a great deal more tired than he had a moment ago.

Keeping a dream alive is miserable work.

Somewhere around Hope's birth, Charles lost his resolve. He became too overwhelmed by seeing the school torn apart and by past mistakes, some of which Scott only pressed against further, that he risked making another, greater mistake.

He's working to hard to atone to Scott to challenge his leadership to the degree it has needed to be. He's the only thing that I think has kept Scott grounded for so long as he had been. The Professor wasn't by any means perfect, but he was a necessary part of the dynamic.

I think we all underestimated how dangerous Scott's confidence could be, when left free to do as it pleases.

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