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Bells will ring, the sun will shine.

WHO: Zoidberg, Pherson, Mitchell, Dr. Strange, and YOU! No seriously. If you know Zoidberg, you're invited. If you work at City Hall, you're invited.
WHERE: City Hall, then later to Coney Island
WARNINGS: Zoidberg marries and mates with an octopus and then dies.  So, uh.  Yeah.
SUMMARY: Zoidberg and Pherson storm City Hall and force Mitch to marry Zoidberg to an octopus. Other characters witness. Later, Zoidberg, the octopus, and Doctor Strange go to the beach where Zoidberg mates with the octopus and dies.
FORMAT: Para to start, then quick. There will be sub-headers at City Hall and at the beach. You are welcome to tag into this, observe the insanity, or maybe go off and do your own thing while the insanity is happening.

Liberating Opal from the Brooklyn Aquarium had been simple enough once Mister Pherson became involved. He seemed to know all about the proper ways to rescue animals from their human captors, and as far as Zoidberg could tell, he was enthusiastic about convincing Mayor Hundred to perform the crustacean/cephalopod wedding in City Hall. It was a bit of a hike to actually get to City Hall while hauling a giant octopus, but Zoidberg knew that in the end it would be worth it. He'd finally found himself a mate, and ultimately he believed he was experiencing the emotion of love that he had struggled to identify for so long.

Now it was up to the Mayor. Here's hoping he would listen to his constituents.
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[Hank had been here for completely different business entirely, securing permits for various projects he had upcoming. But no one can really pass up a procession of animals coming through City Hall, so he wandered into the office to investigate and was more than a little surprised by the setting.

A shame this wasn't his world, he would've been legally empowered to perform the wedding, if asked.

So, I suppose a hearty mazel tov should be in order!
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[Hank would appreciate the restraint if he knew about it, but the swelling is a little concerning.]

Certainly! But while I'm not entirely familiar with the way your species works, I must ask if that's normal. Forgive me if it's an untoward question.
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Well, as long as you're sure that it's healthy.

[He glances around the room, settles on the...octopus in the bucket.] I hope the blushing bride is just as happy.
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Well, you should best be carefu, you wouldn't want to explode on all your guests!
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But just imagine how long City Hall will be living off the ink!
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[Calvin approaches Hank, red-eyed, downcast, and actually not complaining about wearing a suit.]

Mister McCoy?
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[Hank kneels down to Calvin's level with a frown.]

Hello there, Calvin! What seems to be the matter?
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[Calvin looks down.]

Zoidberg said that after the wedding, he's going to die. I don't want him to, but he's acting excited for it.
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[Hank's face quickly contorts into something far more disturbed than his prior smile.] He's...but...I don't understand!

Did he say why?
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He says it's the end of his species' life cycle or something. Once him and Opal have kids, that's the end of the line for him!

I don't want him to die. Can't we do anything?
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Well, I suppose then there's the biological imperative to drive him. It's a...complicated situation. [He puts his hand on his shoulder, trying to explain this in a way that doesn't invoke the Lion King. Are Zoidberg and Opal even biologically compatible? Will their coupling results in any offspring?

I mean, what does he even say to this situation? He's only just trying to process it himself.
] Sometimes, this is just...a part of life.
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Well then life needs to have different parts! We've got superpowers, we don't have to take this!

[Calvin is not good with accepting death especially when it's this absurd.]

You do genetics, right? Can't you reprogram Zoidberg's DNA so he doesn't have to die after he's married?
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I study genetics, but manipulating them is a very delicate process. One wrong misstep, and... [Well, you end up giant and blue. Though that hadn't been entirely unanticipated, but it was never meant to be permanent.]

I'm sorry Calvin, but...I don't know if there's anything I can do, assuming he would even let me try.
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So that's it then? There's nothing we can do? This could be the last time any of us ever see Zoidberg!

[Calvin looks so sad right now. Hopefully he's able to restrain himself from bursting into tears in the middle of the wedding.]
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The best suggestion I can really offer is to celebrate the life he has had, and to cherish what time you have left with him.

[It's a lousy solution, and he knows it, but the whole problem has taken him somewhat off-guard.]
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I guess that's all we can really do, huh?

[The kid frowns.]

That, and water-ballooning the heck out of the Porter if she doesn't bring him back.
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That's only likely to get her to retaliate against you, I'd advise against it.
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