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santa, can you hear me? i have been so good this year.

WHO: assorted city hall staff and friends
WHERE: somewhere in city hall
WHEN: friday, dec 21
WARNINGS: none atm
SUMMARY: city hall secret santa gift exchange!!
FORMAT: commenter's choice c:

[The gifts are laid neatly in a pile beside the Christmas tree. Step closer and claim the package with your name on it.]


➝ A pair of these. It's obvious that the sales clerk wrapped them.


➝ It's a neatly-wrapped gift in plain, dark blue paper. There isn't a bow or anything, just a simple tag with her name.

Inside, she'll find one of these and this one too. The first sheet is addressed to Max, and the boxes "made me look good," and "held it together" are checked off.

There's also book, with a note tucked inside.

Sorry, I'm not that great at giving people gifts. Hope you get a kick outta these anyway.


➝ A gift bag with three things in it: a teddy bear Christmas sweater, a Burger King paper crown, and raccoon plush with a red devil horn headband glued onto its head.


➝ A photo album of mostly candid pictures of city hall employees, including one of Mitch with a sharpie mustache drawn on. April is photobombing several of them.


➝ A pair of touch screen gloves, inside a black box with a red bow.


➝ A letter opener and a wax seal with a coffee cup in the fashion of Superman's seal.


➝ A simple but large white ceramic mug, along with a bag of Christmas blend ground coffee from Coffee Chain.


➝ In a large gold giftbag with white tissue paper are two ugly light-up Christmas sweater vests (this one and the one on the right). Once he's found himself to be adequately disappointed, beneath the second vest and the copious layers of extra tissue paper that appear to be cushioning it is a perfectly folded, perfectly tailored navy-colored Brioni suit and a chocolate brown tie that off-sets it nicely.


➝ One of these horrible photo custom print tee-shirts (size crazy large), with a snapped photo (as in one clearly taken with a cell phone when they weren't looking one day) of Mitch and Bradbury sipping coffee printed on it.

[NOTE: the name of the gifter is already on the package!]
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[Suddenly, without warning the door flies open and is filled with a large red frame. Have you suddenly stumbled into a Kool-Aid commercial? The jury is still out. Either way, Hank McCoy has officially crashed this party in a big red suit with a black bag over his shoulder, shaking like a bowlful of jelly and everything.

As he makes his way in, he lets out a loud bellowing laugh that he probably practiced the night before.

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[ The earpiece in Bradbury's ear squalls in alarm just about the same time, and his first thought is Jesus fucking Christ, we just upgraded security before the red and the blue and the booming laughter actually coalesce into something recognizable and he barks out a laugh.

Wearing the shitty reindeer sweater Zee got him, he makes his way over to Hank, grinning wryly. ]

Give a little heads up before coming over, "Santa." You nearly gave my team a heart attack.
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[He puts his hands up in a slight shrug.] Well, you know how it is, coming like a thief in the night and all. Or maybe that was a different Christmas-related individual.

You look like you need something to complete that ensemble! [And he pulls his bag around and pulls out a pair of reindeer antlers from it.]
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[ He normally wouldn't indulge, but maybe he's I'm a cheerful mood or maybe it's because he spiked his eggnog while no one was looking. Either way, he accepts the antlers with mock graveness. ]

Just as long as you promise not to hitch me to any sleighs. I'm off-duty right now.
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[He nudges Bradbury with his elbow.] Well fine, go and spoil all my fun, then.

I've probably got something better in here for you, actually! [And he goes back to digging through the bag, finding some jingle bells which he tosses over his shoulder while giving Bradbury a smile, then returning to dig some more.]
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Does that automatically get me on the naughty list? [ His lips quirk. ] I've been good this year, I swear.

[ One-handed, he puts the antlers on, just in time to free up a hand to catch the bells tossed his way. He's looking over at what Hank's doing curiously, but doesn't offer any more questions for now. ]
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Of all the things Santa may be, spiteful isn't one of them!

I don't think I packed any-- [He pulls out a bag of charcoal, which he just stares blankly at for a few moments before setting down at his feet.] ...Well, nevermind then!
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[ When he sees the coal, he has to laugh. ]

Maybe Santa isn't spiteful, but I am. [ Yeah, he can think of a few people in City Hall who deserve coal this year, that's for fucking sure. ]
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Oh? And how's that? [Santa is always willing to take suggestions.

Finally, Hank pulls out a bottle of bourbon. His favorite brand, even. This he hands to Bradbury.
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Don't worry about it. It's Christmas, or close enough. Everyone deserves a break.

[ Under the fake antlers, Bradbury's face lights up in pleasant surprise, and he takes the bottle from Hank with a wide grin. ]

Wow, and I didn't even have to send a letter to the North Pole.
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[Hank tips the fuzzy rim of his hat.] Oh, Santa always knows, that's just part of the job.

[He holds up one finger, then reaches his hand in the bag and pulls out a red reindeer nose.]

This one's for your boss, and you'll need to apply it firmly and without warning. Can I count on you?
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[ It startles a laugh out of him when he sees it. ]

You serious? He'll kill me.

[ He doesn't look like that's a prospect that bothers him all that much, though, and he grins, reaching out to take it from Hank's hand. ]

I just hope you're not counting on getting photographic evidence.
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Ah, if only I could be lying in wait behind you as it happened! But alas.

[He also hands him a recipe book with a few colorful tabs placed on the pages.] This one's the real gift, you can use that to ease his ire afterwards.
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[ He can't help but be nosy, curiously turning the book over in his hands without actually opening it to look at the marked pages. ]

No offense, but unless this shows him new ways of injecting coffee directly into his bloodstream, I'm not sure it's gonna make him strangle me less.
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[He shrugs is shoulders with a wide grin.]

No, and it probably won't do him any lasting good anyway, but I thought it could be worth the shot.
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[He plops the bag down in front of him, digging through it while still glancing up every now and then to maintain eye contact.]

Well, we got a letter at the North Pole telling us that you had all been particularly nice, so it was decided a bit of an early delivery would be in order.

[His eyes go back to the bag as his eyebrows raise, and he pulls out a nice big jug of quality apple cider, wrapped in a red bow. His smile is hopeful.]
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[Hank wraps his hands around the white trim of his jacket and preens.] Well, not as sweet as the cider, but I've had my share of sugarplums!

I hope the holidays have been kind to you, Diana.
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Well, you know how it is. [His fingers point in an upward arc next to his cheeks.] Just wear a smile and everything else will fall into place.
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I like to think so! The holidays are no time to be spent sulking, after all.