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santa, can you hear me? i have been so good this year.

WHO: assorted city hall staff and friends
WHERE: somewhere in city hall
WHEN: friday, dec 21
WARNINGS: none atm
SUMMARY: city hall secret santa gift exchange!!
FORMAT: commenter's choice c:

[The gifts are laid neatly in a pile beside the Christmas tree. Step closer and claim the package with your name on it.]


➝ A pair of these. It's obvious that the sales clerk wrapped them.


➝ It's a neatly-wrapped gift in plain, dark blue paper. There isn't a bow or anything, just a simple tag with her name.

Inside, she'll find one of these and this one too. The first sheet is addressed to Max, and the boxes "made me look good," and "held it together" are checked off.

There's also book, with a note tucked inside.

Sorry, I'm not that great at giving people gifts. Hope you get a kick outta these anyway.


➝ A gift bag with three things in it: a teddy bear Christmas sweater, a Burger King paper crown, and raccoon plush with a red devil horn headband glued onto its head.


➝ A photo album of mostly candid pictures of city hall employees, including one of Mitch with a sharpie mustache drawn on. April is photobombing several of them.


➝ A pair of touch screen gloves, inside a black box with a red bow.


➝ A letter opener and a wax seal with a coffee cup in the fashion of Superman's seal.


➝ A simple but large white ceramic mug, along with a bag of Christmas blend ground coffee from Coffee Chain.


➝ In a large gold giftbag with white tissue paper are two ugly light-up Christmas sweater vests (this one and the one on the right). Once he's found himself to be adequately disappointed, beneath the second vest and the copious layers of extra tissue paper that appear to be cushioning it is a perfectly folded, perfectly tailored navy-colored Brioni suit and a chocolate brown tie that off-sets it nicely.


➝ One of these horrible photo custom print tee-shirts (size crazy large), with a snapped photo (as in one clearly taken with a cell phone when they weren't looking one day) of Mitch and Bradbury sipping coffee printed on it.

[NOTE: the name of the gifter is already on the package!]
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[ Max grins as she looks over her present, looks up at Bradbury and nods with a friendly smile. They're nice presents and thoughtful, and the note on top is a little bit flattering.

Once presents are opened she wanders the room, drinking coffee (late nights are always a regular) and chatting to people here and there. ]
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Pardon me!

[Suddenly, a simply enormous Santa Claus does a leaping roll right over her head, landing with way more grace than is right for his size. He pulls out a black velvet sack from under his arm and digs an arm into it.]

Miss, I think you might have forgotten something! [And he pulls out a pair of prosthetic ears. Are those Spock ears?]
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[ She ducks instinctively, looks up and then laughs, accepting the ears with a grin and looking them over. ]

I'm pretty sure these aren't actually mine.
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Oh, I beg to differ! [He stands up a little straighter, peeking in the bag again before reestablishing eye contact.] At least, they may not have been two minutes ago, but a lot can change in so short a time.
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Like - elf ears? Elf or Vulcan? Suddenly being mine?

[ She holds them up to either side of her head, still grinning. ] Worse things have probably happened.
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We'll have to assume the former, though a pointy green hat would have helped that image along. A shame I couldn't have found one in the time I had! I wasn't about to take one from the workshop.

[He reaches an arm back in his bag and pulls out a box of gourmet tea.] I had, however, found this!
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Yeah, you can't take the elves things after they've worked so hard.

[ Oh hey. She takes it with a grin. ] This looks fantastic, thank you Santa.
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Generally, work like that should be rewarded rather than penalized. It's like an automatically "nice" listing!

Not unlike your group here.
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Yeah, well. [ she looks around, a bit of a proud smile on her face. ] I guess we do work pretty hard around here.
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Well, considering whose lead you have to follow. [He leans in a bit, hand cupped over the side of his mouth.] Is it true what they say about him being more machine than man? I think I could believe it.
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[ she laughs a little bit and leans closer in turn. ] I don't know about that, but the workhours he keeps are sort of inhuman.
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You have to be careful, in case he recognizes your suspicions. Have you ever seen him come into direct contact with water?

I'd ask about speaking in machine code, but his powers would make that redundant.
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I've seen him come into direct contact with coffee, does that count? It's water based.
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Inconclusive at best. If he's drinking it, there could be specifically designed chutes and routines to handle its disposal. If it was spilled directly on him, then we could make some deductions!
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I think that sounds like a pretty dangerous endeavor. What if he is a robot?
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We'll have to hope that someone around here happens to be smart enough to fix him! Luckily, I do happen to be onsite today, so I think we'll be fine.
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You can fix robots?
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I've been known to tinker a bit. Not exactly my specialty, but I'm hardly a slouch!
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Just a jack of all trades, aren't you?
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[He raises himself to his full height, dusting off his shoulders proudly.]

Well, I like to think of myself as a bit of a modern renaissance man.
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Can you paint too?
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I'm certainly no Rembrandt, but I've dabbled in Neoclassicism. Or would that be Neo-Neoclassicism?