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WHO: Shinjiro Aragaki and Hank McCoy (maybe others later?)
WHERE: Xavier Institute
WHEN: Sometime near the end of Holiday Break
WARNINGS: Possible bad language
SUMMARY: Shinjiro decides to scope out the institute while most are on break.
FORMAT: Whatever you're comfortable with.

Hurt or not, Shinjiro wasn't getting much done sitting on his backside at Minako's apartment. There were things (and an adorable little feline friend) to keep occupied with, but eventually he'd need to get a feel for the City on his own. Back home in Iwatodai, he had a good ear for information and the presence to obtain it, whether it was at school or in the back alleys.

Navigating the streets would come with time, but he had most of the main roads down. His travels took him to various places of interest, one being the Xavier Institute. Having found it, he was immediately reminded of the conversation he had with creature. He'd been invited to take a campus tour, but Shinjiro was more content to visit on his own time at his own pace. With most of the campus deserted due to the holiday, there would be less of a chance for people to interfere or notice him. He could explore peacefully.

Could someone at this school really help him control something he's been trying to suppress for the last couple of years? Castor was a tough persona to tame. He and Minako were the only two persona users he knew that were stuck in the City, so the staff wouldn't even know what an Evoker was, let alone a persona.

With a heavy sigh, he stopped in the middle of the hallway and leaned against the locked door, staring blankly at a darkened classroom with empty desks through the window. "Who am I kidding?" He muttered softly. "This was a stupid idea." It was just school away from home in appearance. He could waste time with reading, writing, and arithmetic when they got back home.
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[Hank would have preferred to spend the day downstairs in the lab, but there was paperwork piling up that needed to be finished before the semester began, so he'd made himself a sandwich and was wondering his way back to the office, leafing through a small stack as he nibbled on it.

He had expected to run into anyone else, maybe one of the other resident teachers, though Kurt was in the offices already and Madison was getting that lab-time Hank wishes he could. He hadn't seen Rachel, but it's possible she was enjoying a day off, or days at this point. She's the one who would've noticed if there was anyone new on the grounds, as the proximity alarm isn't so high a priority with a psychic on staff.

But it was the lack of expectation that stopped him in his tracks as he passed the room Shinjiro was in, frowning in surprise with a bit of lettuce sticking out of his mouth.

Oh. Hello. [He'd seen this one before, hadn't he? What was the name again...] Shinjiro, wasn't it?
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[He slurps in that bit of lettuce and straightens up, tucking his papers in his armpit.]

Sorry, I just wasn't expecting you today. You came by to have a look around?
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[Luckily, Hank's still too caught off guard to do bubbly. But he still has his papers to put away.] Why don't you follow me up to the office and I'll tell you about the place on the way?
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[The uncertainty is noted As they make their way down the hall, and Hank couldn't really expect anything less. Best he could do to put the young man at ease was not to throw him too quickly into anything.]

So, I suppose you've seen the classrooms already. Or at least to a slim degree, as they tend to cater to their specific subject in the way they're equipped. Do you have a favorite, by chance?
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[He misses that the question was dodged, and assumes it was just misunderstood.] Sorry, I meant favorite subject. Though they can reveal quite a bit on closer inspection! You should see some of our science classes. [Though of course the Biology teacher's gonna be biased on that one.]
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[Xavier's has always been a "win more flies with honey" kind of place.]

Well, there is Home Economics! A wonderful class, I used to teach it myself. [He walks a few strides up to a door on the left, which he opens to reveal a classroom with more ovens than desks, and most of those desks holding sewing machines.] I've always believed that every man should know how to sew and cook, it's a great preparation for bachelorhood!
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[Hank shuts off the lights and closes the door behind them as they continue down the hall.] Home Ec, of course, is only one of a wide variety of electives we offer in addition to the standard curriculum. There are also multiple foreign languages, a comprehensive drama program, art, fencing, and no shortage of sports!

You a fan of the old pigskin, by chance?
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Well, football had been a good outlet for my powers when I was a teenager, but how effective something like that will be tends to vary with their nature.

[They reach the end of the hall, and Hank sets his files down on a table in the foyer before hitting the elevator button.]

I suppose I should get to the point, then.
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Ah. No, no, my fault for jumping to assumptions. Is it a medical issue? That'll be important to know if you should enroll, what we may have to work around.

[The elevator dings and the doors open, Hank gestures Shinjiro in before following after and hitting a button to the lower floors.]
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I'm a doctor. I don't mind complicated.

[He clasps his hands behind him, stretching his back a little as he waits for the elevator to finish its descent.]

But if you don't think it will be an issue, we could talk about your powers instead. Their nature will determine the best way to work with them.
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[Hank rests his hand on his chin and wonders about the description, filtering it through his past experience with superpowers. Is that like duplication? The name implies something more like a dual identity, only one having access to their powers. If it's like that, Hank imagines Shinjiro's lucky there's only one, compared to the most prominent example of that type he can think of.]

And how does that work?
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I guess I'm curious more about the mechanics than the actual process. What is the Persona, what does it do? Is it an extension of your psyche, or a sort of fugue state that allows you access to other abilities?

[The elevator dings, opening out into an environment that's more laboratory than school. Clean white walls and steel-reinforced doors. Hank moves to the first one on the right, waiting for Shinjiro to follow.]
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[Of course, once he enters, he'll notice that it isn't really an office at all. They left those behind on the ground floor.

Instead, the room he finds himself in is vast, with metal paneled walls and a control booth in the upper corner. Between each panel is a string of projection lenses. Advanced science at work.

This is the Danger Room. [He pauses, frowns.] ...The name's traditional. Speaks more to its original purpose than how we use it now. [You kids are so lucky for that.]

It's a multipurpose holoroom that creates hard-light projections, with numerous programs to accommodate the user's style and skill level. Essentially, the perfect setting for the safe and comfortable practice and training of whatever abilities its user may possess!

I know it looks crude at first, but once you switch it on, it's all very cool.
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[Hank shrugs.] That's up to you. If you feel comfortable making a demonstration, it could give me an idea what we'll be working with.

[He points over to the viewing window on the upper side of the wall.] And if containment is a concern, I can always watch from the control booth.
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[Hank heads over to the wall and a voice command opens the elevator. A moment later, he appears behind the glass in the booth, his voice coming through over the intercom.]

<I'm going to be running a few recordings on this, if you don't mind. Video, spectrum analysis, monitoring vitals and the like.>

<Will you need any props?>
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[ Hank taps a few buttons on the console, three bullseyes, each five feet in diameter, appear floating in the air in a line. ]
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[Oh. That isn't what Hank was expecting at all. He stands there staring for a few seconds before looking at his readouts on the energy readings from the display, and making sure Shinjiro's vitals look good.

After about thirty seconds, he hits the intercom again.

<Is it safe to come out, then?>
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[After a few moments, Hank comes back down out of the elevator, reading a few pages from a computer readout he's carrying, talking as much to himself as to Shinjiro.]

So, at an initial glance, it's sort of a...powerful manifestation of some sort. The biggest question being what it's a manifestation of, as its nature could be important to determine how best to work with it.

[Finally, he looks up from his papers to the young man.] You seem to be very cautious about it. I assume it's a little volatile?
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Well, that will be the main priority to work with then, should you decide to enroll. [He makes a few notes on the papers, some definite circling motions in his penwork.]

There are a few exercises that could help, but it will be a bit of trial and error until we figure out more.
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Well, classes begin again in a few days, so if you'd like to enroll then we can start you right along with the new semester. We can take care of that in the offices upstairs.

[He takes off his pince-nez and taps them against his papers.] But more specifically, we'll have to design a program for you to sort through what works. To strengthen your control, to practice that control, and to evaluate your progress.

My first thought is that meditation may show results, but we won't really know until we test it.
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It certainly couldn't hurt. [He says, replacing his glasses with a smile.] I mean, what do you have to lose otherwise?
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Great! Why don't we head upstairs to handle the paperwork, then?

[He folds over the printout and shoves it in pocket before heading towards the door.

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