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who am i to blame?

WHO: Scathach & you.
WHERE: Where-ever.
WHEN: Any day this week.
WARNINGS: Potential for violence!
SUMMARY: Wanderings of a restless vampire wow this sounds like a bad novel.
FORMAT: Paragraph to start, then whateva.

The trip into the dungeon with Archer and Minako and the ensuing battle had really been the highlight of the past few months. Considering this world, that is certainly saying something. Then again, it had rekindled something in Scatty that she hadn't felt in quite a while: a desire to fight. Not just in her dojo with her fists and wooden swords, but to get into a real fight, to hear the clash of armor and feel the ripping of mortal flesh beneath a well-sharpened blade.

Perhaps it hadn't been the best experience for someone like Scathach.

In this place, she knew she couldn't satisfy that desire for battle. It wasn't the right time, the people here weren't equipped. Not just in terms of weaponry, but in terms of how combat used to be done. Most of them didn't know what it was like to lead thousands of men into battle, to watch them hack at their enemies with handmade axes and knives, to smell the blood that soaked the earth after hours of rage and sweat.

Another time, another place, another lifetime.

So instead she wanders, mostly at night, dressed in her customary white, a ghost even in the bright City lights. During the day she frowns at the lingering snow (often from the front window of her dojo), hoping no more will come. At least it isn't rain.
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i guess that leaves me friday

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[Hank, for his part, just needed to get out more. He'd let himself go in the past few months, cooped up in the lab all the time, so his new year's resolution was to exercise. Of course, when you're known for your acrobatics, a simple jog isn't going to do you much good, but why bother with that when freerunning is such a better option?

So he's running across a wall, trying to be conscientious of pedestrians as he transfers to the sidewalk. He slows when he catches sight of the familiar redhead, slowly switching to his hind legs and locking in pace beside her.

Penny for your thoughts?
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[He pays a bit more attention, but mostly because he's big enough that he'll block the sidewalk if he doesn't move around anyone coming toward them. Even so, he smiles and places his hands on his hips.]

Well, it was my offer. I'm not worried about being overcharged.
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[His aren't terribly dull either, after all.] Well, assuming the past hasn't varied too greatly from our homes, I would think it's almost like another world entirely!

What do you think you miss most of all? That's what this is about, isn't it? Nostalgia?
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Well, I guess I have no standard of comparison, but this one's still real, isn't it?

[He runs his hand over a post office drop box as they pass it, rubbing the his fingers together afterwards with a frown. He doesn't want to think what he'd just put his hand in.] Prick it, it still bleeds, hmm?
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[Hank is just a rare breed of super genius in that he actually knows how to handle people.]

I could go on about coagulation and how its entire purpose is to make sure that doesn't happen, but I think what I should instead say is "Then you'll just have to be more tender with it."
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[He hasn't the foggiest, so he just smiles.]

A bit basic, sure, but always worth keeping in mind, I think.
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Not feeling tender lately?
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Who knows? I've never really been a vampire, so I couldn't say what it's like. Maybe you need a vacation, some chance to stretch your legs and...I don't know, go hunting.
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Do you think that could be the problem?
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Perhaps you don't, but what would happen if you did? I'm not talking about hunting humans, obviously, but to place yourself in some environment where it would be safe for you to, well, cut loose a bit.
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[Hank spreads his hands with a smile.] That's what I meant, of course! Somewhere remote, somewhere you could just...cut loose.

Logan used to do the same, just take an occasional trip up to the Yukon and disappear for weeks. Come back in a better headspace. You knew Logan when he was here, didn't you?
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Well, you aren't quite Canadian, either. But there's sure to be plenty of places that would serve your purposes.
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The tundra may be too cold, but would the desert be too hot?
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