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I'll ride the Rockoplane or the Tilterwhirl

WHO: The staff and students of Xavier's & YOU!
WHERE: The Danger Room
WHEN: Saturday & Sunday afternoons
SUMMARY: The First Annual Winter Carnival is being held in the Danger Room! Come visit the virtual midway, ride the rides, win the prizes, and participate in a large scale game of hide and seek!
FORMAT: Tagger's choice!

The Danger Room has been programmed to look like a winter wonderland amusement park. Everything is white, a soft, layer of snow coats the ground and a light flurry seems to be perpetually falling all around. Although it's all a simulation, it even feels cold in there.

As you enter, there is an old fashioned carnival booths with games and real prizes to win. After you wander through the maze of booths, you will find the heart of the fair in the form of a county fair style midway. A ferris wheel, tilt-a-whirl, a carousel, swing ride, a pirate ship, a round-up, all of your favorite standard rides are there. There's also a fun house with a full of mirrors and puzzles and a tunnel of love for all you love birds (but beware... there are teachers chaperoning the entire event so don't try anything too sneaky in there!)

On Saturday, Scathach will be hosting a large scale game of hide and seek through out the entire Danger Room carnival. Everyone attending is welcome to participate and the winner will receive a gift certificate to Chuck E. Cheese!

Now go forth and frolic!
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[More like a great place for a girl with luck stealing abilities. Games of chance? A piece of cake for Vriska. She's amassed such a useless hoard of crap that it's getting hard to tote it around, including but not limited to a goldfish, a big cheaply made stuffed animal, and more small prizes than she knows what to do with. It'd be nice if she still had her sylladex to hold everything.

She's taking a break off to the side of the booths, eyeing her haul and wondering if she should fly it back to her hive before continuing, or if she should just call it a day. These things are probably more fun when you go with friends. Not to say she wasn't having fun abusing her powers, of course. It felt great getting to use them for something again.]
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[Armloads of stuff like that are bound to get someone's attention, and to no one's surprise they do! Hank gives her haul a bit of a quizzical look and sighs. One small boon of the carnival, he supposes, she would probably never have stepped foot on the campus otherwise.]

You look like you need a shopping cart.
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[It's true, she would never step foot on campus otherwise. Certainly not for things like school and learning. That stuff is for humans and chump trolls that want to assimilate into human culture. Vriska's just fine on her own making her fortune breeding spiders. Ok, so not really a fortune, but more than enough to keep herself provided for and still be a stingy fuck with a lot of it.

She almost regrets coming when she sees Hank approach. Not this guy again, she doesn't feel like dealing with another attempt to talk her into schoolfeeding. Or conversations about hope and crap. That's Eridan's thing, not hers.]

Maybe I do, maybe I don't, but I really doubt you have one just lying around. This wouldn't be a problem if my sylladex wasn't a piece of shit here.
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I admit, we weren't exactly expecting anyone to sweep us so thoroughly. But then, I think these games are usually rigged anyway. [One side's always cheating at carnival's, it's the only way games of chance are ever won, isn't it?]

We could probably find you a tote bag somewhere, if you think it would all fit. What's a sylladex?
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Then you've never met someone as lucky as me! When you've got all the luck in the world, this kind of stuff is just wiggler's play.

[She glances at her stash, looking thoughtful for a second.]

All of it probably would except for that big stuff thing. [She jerks her finger at the 41" tall stuff dragon. Sadly it's red and not white but she'll still name it after the dragon her Ancestor chased.]

This is pretty pointless, you're an iteration of earth that doesn't have sylladexes? How do you store anything properly? They're a personal inventory. They're as big as however many captchalogue cards you have.
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[He looks around to see where the nearest tote rack is. It's a bit of a walk, but he couldn't be sure she'd still be there if he went to fetch one. And he's way too preoccupied with this mystery of physics to let her go just yet.]

How big are these cards? I imagine at least as large as the items they carry. Lugging something like that around seems far too inconvenient when you could just have a bag instead. Like a purse, or a backpack. Maybe even a briefcase!
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A little bigger than my hand, but the size of the card doesn't matter. It's how many cards you have in your deck that's important. And once it's in there, it doesn't take up any space at all until you fetch it from your sylladex. It's handy as long as you don't have a shitty modus and actually have enough cards to hold stuff. It's pointless if you've only got a few cards to work with. You really don't have anything like that here?
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[He frowns, looking a little disturbed by the very concept.] Anything like that would break every law of the physical universe! Where do they go when placed in these cards? That level of mass doesn't simply disappear, it has to be either compacted or moved elsewhere!

[A pocket universe maybe? But then what's in that pocket universe and how do you keep it from taking your stuff? If you were to scientifically engineer hammerspace, how would you go about it and what difficulties would you face once you're over the critical "how the hell do you even do that" hump?

He's already begun thinking about ways to approximate and recreate this technology. Good on you, Vriska.
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Maybe here, but it doesn't where we're from! And it doesn't from John's version of Earth either, so I really don't know why it would be such a problem. And I don't know, it just goes in the card. That's just how it works, no one questions it.

[Well, she won't really mind if he tries to make them, it makes her life a lot easier.]
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And it no longer works here? Do you happen to know if there are any that do around the City?

[He could certainly do a much better job replicating the technology if given the chance to study it, after all.]
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I don't know! I haven't bothered asking. I figured if mine was busted, everyone else's was too, but I guess I could ask around.

[Vriska shrugs.]

Why are you so interested in it?
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[Hank puts up a finger, illustrative more than anything, his eyes wide with excitement.] An advancement of that nature, if it could be understood and replicated, may very well revolutionize our approach to personal storage not only as a society, but as a species! It could, to understate it drastically, change literally everything!
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[Wow, OK, he is a lot more interested than she expected.]

Really? Because that's pretty basic stuff where I'm from. Like I don't know of time where we didn't have it. If we're really that more advanced than this place, that's just pathetic.

Do you really think you could replicate it if there was a working one?
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[His arms cross and he slouches a little.] Honestly, I'm not entirely sure! I'd certainly love to try, however long it may take, it all depends on if I can determine just what concepts it works from. Whether I'm successful or not, even the attempt will prove fascinating.

It's possible that you've been exposed to it long enough that you take for granted just what the potential of it is. This is actually pretty typical of the conveniences we consider normal.