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you see the signs but you can't read

WHO: Madison Jeffries, Hank McCoy, Rick Bradbury
WHERE: X-Club!!!
WHEN: January 31st, or thereabouts.
WARNINGS: Ethics???
SUMMARY: Bradbury has a question he needs an expert opinion on.
FORMAT: Quick.

[ he'd already picked a bottle of scotch -- nothing fancy, and no glasses, and he wondered if they'd end up drinking from beakers or something -- before calling madison to see if they were still going to meet up.

as it turned out, it seemed something had come up. actually, by madison's tone of voice, something that had gotten him incredibly pissed, but if bradbury thought anything unusual about it, he knew better than to comment. they'd agreed, instead, to meet the next day, which was why he was making his way over, bottle in hand. it was after office hours by now, but he had a feeling that x-club's members didn't keep much of a regular schedule anyway.

how much that had to do with the demands of the job and how much of it was just the kind of people they were, well, he wouldn't make any assumptions about that.

needless to say, he wasn't entirely sure what to expect, or if madison would be in the same mood he'd been in when they last spoke. it was why he was a little cautious when he knocked, holding the bottle of scotch like he might hit someone with it if he had to. ]

Anybody home?
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[Sleep? Who needs it! There's enough important work to be done as it is. Which is why Hank is siting at his workbench, monitoring some cultures when he hears the knock.] Just a minute!

[He hops off his stool, making his way to the door. Not often that they get visitors this late. Is his tie straight?]

Ah, Rick! [He turns his attention to the bottle.] Pop on by for a nightcap?
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[ hank isn't the only one being diligent ― madison is deeply focused at his own station, quietly forming nanoassemblies in the air with gestures of his wrist. of course, he's all dedication until he hears the knock, where he he goes all deer-in-headlights for a second until phew, it's just bradbury.

careful, he sets down his work and gives a little nod, stepping forward toward the door, behind beast.

Glad t'see you, man. [ he scratches his chin, scruff longer than usual despite his now-shorter hair. ] This is more about that q than leisure, yeah?
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[He takes the bottle and looks it over, trying to figure out what to do with it. Do they have any cups down here? Should they drink it out of beakers? That would be silly.

There are mugs by the coffee maker, (and what's a lab without a coffee maker?) so that's where starts heading.

Then we'll talk and drink, if the two aren't mutually exclusive.
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[ madison immediately regards bradbury's expression a rather concerned look. then, he glances over his shoulder to pipe up: ]

With―? My mugs? Fine.

[ but he turns to look back at him, decides to open his mouth to say something before him. then, changes his mind. with a gesture of his hands, three chairs pull up from nearby desks. taking a seat, he nods for bradbury to take one too.

he leans forward in his seat, and gives a little cough.

Whatever it is, y'don't gotta feel bad for just sayin' it.
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They aren't all yours, calm down. [Hank mutters to himself as he pours the drinks. By the time he makes his way back, three mugs and the scotch bottle balanced in his hands, he's singing a different tune. He's read the news, he's not at all behind on that one. At least not on what's publicly available.

It's a very serious expression he's wearing when he hands Bradbury his mug.
] Southwest Phoenicia?
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Uuuuuh. [ of course, it takes him a second. ] Oh. Y'mean, the gal?

[ no, his face doesn't match the dire nature of hank's ― he looks confused, mostly (it's awfully hard for him to keep track and stay focused on the external world, as he is now). sitting up a little more, he snatches a mug from his paws. ]

Whaddya mean by "stop"?
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[Hank leans against the counter with the mug in his hand, but he doesn't touch it otherwise. Not yet, at least. It's a bit too heavy to wash down just yet.]

It's funny how low the standards sink once you've already hit that point. I take it trying to talk to her hasn't gotten anywhere yet? [Or at least he hopes the discussion wouldn't have reached this point if that hadn't already been attempted.]
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[ madison's mug also lies neglected in his palms ― less from staving off drinking, more that he's already forgotten about it.

with a chuckle:

I usedta be sorta dad-like, once. Y'try givin' her a credit card? Teenage girls love credit cards.
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Okay, so. [He raises his glass to his nose, taking a quick sniff. It seemed like decent scotch.]

You came to us, hoping we might have a solution?

[He glanced Madison's way, hoping he might have some ideas to contribute here where Hank didn't.]
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[ staring past them at a distant spot on the wall, he begins to ramble. ]

We usedta fight gods in Alpha Flight. Great Beasts, yeah?

[ and he pauses as he's ready to continue ― shakes his head, ending on an entirely different note. ]

I might have a couple a' solutions, but the only ones I got on hand are by force. [ dismissively: ] That ain't what he needs.
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[Hank takes a deep breath. He could really use that drink now.]

I don't think I need to say that wouldn't be an acceptable route. [He slumps, finally taking a swig of his scotch. It's hardly an easy question, or he'd have found some way of dealing with Quentin by now.]

If she were a student who was acting out, I'd say that you need to give them their space. Don't push them, but earn their trust to the point where they would listen to you.

Of course, none of my students have ever conquered an entire country when they've been acting out.
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Naw. He needs t'give her less space. If we're actin' theoretical...

[ tapping at his temple, where his hair turns white, he looks down into his cup. making a point in avoiding hank's gaze.

suddenly, the tonal notes in his voice drop: they go from light-heartedly distracted to avoidant, a little cold.

Y'really wanna stop a powerful being? Y'need t'rip part a' her away from herself. Physical body, powers, both. Lock her like that.
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[Hank shoots a glance Madison's way, not really liking the implications.] Depends on the case, how important and extricable that part is to her survival. There are many you may encounter whose powers have left them in a place where taking them away may in fact kill them. Others, not so much the case.

It's not something we generally like doing. Bad history.
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[ tap tap tap. ]

About them gods? When I killed ― usin' the term loosely ― Tundra, god a', uh. Tundras? I didn't even touch his powers. Just hadta overpower him t'obliterate him, and I reckon his spirit got sent t'the dimension those fellers dwell in. Harmless, there.

[ he shrugs, mouth forming into a firm line. ]

Bad history or not, it works. Y'can either overwhelm and kill 'em or take away their powers. Or both.

[ under his breath: ]

Even the strongest mutants can't fight that.
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[Hank downs the rest of his glass with grit teeth and casts an aside in Madison's direction.] They've certainly been made to often enough.

[He refills his drink, turning his attention to Bradbury. It's plain on his face that he doesn't like anything about where this conversation is going.]

If not quite a god, she could still be something like it. The important thing with gods is their area of dominion, but how exactly they interact with it can change by the pantheon. Some simply command them, others are powered by the existence of them, and still more may physically personify them.

So, the question is, does she need the 21st Century, or does the 21st Century need her? Cut her off or kill her, there could be dire consequences for us all.
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[ he immediately shoots a weird look at hank (still a little hurt from yesterday, bothered now), but glances at bradbury, a little brighter. ]

Y'alright with potentially undoin' time and existence past Y2K?

[ he sniffs, disaffected (if he were younger, less fried, would he care more?). ]

I reckon endin' it's gonna be the easy part if y'go that route, morals and crap aside. Sorta the ramifications and endstuff that's gonna be tough.
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[Hank shrugs.] I'm Episcopalian! Have been all my life. Besides which, atheism is hardly a tenable position when you're personally acquainted with no less than a handful of gods.

[He rests his hand on his chin, expression sobering a bit.] I take it the father isn't available. [And it's probably too late to find someone to fill the position, too. That takes too much time.]
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Well, I'm an atheist. [ he chuckles and, suddenly painfully aware that he's the only one 100% sober, takes a good swig. ] I don't believe in any a' the gods and things I meet.

[ he passes his gaze between hank and bradbury, leans forward. for a moment, he even looks like he's thinking. it's mostly all nasty flashbacks and bad memories he's sorting through, but they're something. ]

Look, I dunno. Y'need t'stop thinkin' about her as a little girl. When I was her age, I already quit school, left home and was doin' my own thing on the streets.
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The attitude is perfectly normal for that age, especially in these circumstances. They want to be taken seriously, they don't acknowledge how much there is still to learn.

[Hank still nurses his second glass. He doesn't even quite feel it yet, it can take a lot to get someone his size drunk.]

It's the actions that are the problem. Generally you want to give someone like her a safe environment to exercise this phase of her development, the opportunity to grow up into a better adjusted adult.

Many of them won't really be receptive to it, and it isn't really easy, either. None of it is easy.

What to do when it's gotten to this point, well, I don't really know.
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I just don't think y'can treat this like a regular damn spat anymore. [ he sniffs, and takes a sip ― only halfway through his first cup. ] I've seen some bad rebellions, but this is, y'know. Real bad.

[ he feels like he should say something, some obligatory reassurance.

instead, pointedly:

Y'wanna nurture her? Y'hafta stop her a'fore that.
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[Of course, it was probably longer ago for Bradbury than it was for Hank, but at least he would've been spared the spandex bit. Teenagedom in this day and age keeps getting so complicated.

He puts his drink down on the table, maybe a little hard. Folding his arms in front of him.

Honestly, I think that, if anything, will probably make her less likely to listen.
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As opposed t'her not listenin' entirely now, doin' god knows what?

[ mouth tilting into to a sharp frown, madison shakes his head. momentarily looking past bradbury entirely to stare daggers into beast, even. his leg begins to anxiously bounce, rolling the whiskey around its container. ]

S-sometimes y'gotta roll up your sleeves and stop people being destructive, even if y'care about them or if they don't really deserve it. Even if y'hafta hurt them. [ a little rudely: ] Maybe y'still don't get that, Hank. But I do.

[ he's not sure whether he continues to prove a point, or finally cover the topic just in case. the comparison doesn't even really work, anyway, so it's probably the latter. ]

It ain't a secret that I got some history with headstuff, and now's about the time where the cycle starts repeatin' itself. The next time I go over, y'got my complete and moral permission t'make it stop. Don't want this dilemma crap on my part.
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[Hank looks incensed, he isn't even really sure what that's referring to. It wouldn't really work applied to the opposing sides of the Scott issue they fell under, as what Jenny's doing now isn't so different from his methods. If anything, it only forces the comparison of Scott with a teenager, something Hank would love to point out, but he doesn't.

Worse still, it could be about their earlier argument about Cross. The mention of Madison's "headstuff" only punctuates Hank's worries about how far that one's going, what with his seeming resignation to its inevitability.

Hank can't drag that all out here. Not in front of Bradbury.

You'll have to excuse me if I still don't think killing anything that presents a problem is viable or reasonable as a longterm solution.

Maybe you should get some sleep.
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Yeah, well. [ for a second, madison plainly seethes ― lips pulling back into an angry grimace. marginalized, that's how he feels; he almost feels tempted to bring up his fratricide of his brother until, no, that's an awful idea. that's not a healthy example of sacrifice.

expression falling back into his usual distance, he sits back to finish off his mug. setting it down on the ground.

Maybe I should.

[ turning to bradbury, he imploringly gestures at him. ]

The way I see it: Sufferin' is worse'n anythin' else. If y'feel like whatever y'do could save more people some pain, I reckon it justifies the means.
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I do think making the world a better place is partly our responsibility. It's everyone's, imPort or not. That's what X-Club is for.

That said, I don't think the way she's trying is the best way to approach it, either.

[He turns his attention to Bradbury, but his face doesn't soften in the least. If it's time for closing arguments, he wants his point to be very clear.]

If you're going to do this, if you're set on shutting her down, don't lock yourself into one option. Make sure it's the best one, the right one. Don't do anything you'll regret unless you're absolutely sure it's necessary.
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[ he's suddenly aware that he's very, very tired; arguing isn't on his mind anymore.


Don't take your sweet time, either. Clock is more'n likely tickin' away.

[ widely indicating the lab with a sweep of his arm, he points a finger to him, then hank. ]

If y'want us t'make y'somethin', we oughta get it outta the way ASAP.
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Maybe not. [Hank darts his eyes to the gun, his glare only growing more intense, if anything.] But don't just resort to that because you haven't bothered to think of anything else. This isn't something to take lightly.

Make sure it's what you have to do, if it's what you're doing.

[He says it, but already he feels like his words have been lost to the ether, like he hasn't been convincing at all. Why pull out his gun in polite company if he hadn't already made his decision?]
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[ madison's gaze also drags to the modified gun, and there's a brief flicker of pride in his eyes (he always misses his handiwork, his babies) before he remembers to look at least a little bit more grim. ]

You're a good guy, R. You're gonna be a good guy no matter how it ends.

[ this doesn't feel like a defeat or a victory, though he knows that the idea being considered certainly isn't hank's. the flow of numbers in his head from point a to point b in his head are strictly computational, right now. maybe it's a comfort that danger is silent, but he's felt oddly detached about this entire thing either way.

after all: it would just be one extra death one bradbury's hands, he thinks. now, it seems like nothing to him.

We should probably get a couple a' extra bottles.
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[Once you've seen enough teenagers with big ideas, when you've done the things Hank had at that age, when you teach a school full of students who could be the next inheritor to the type without the proper influences, you never let yourself forget how much they really are still kids. They've experienced more than their fair share, and they're always so quick to grow up, but there's still so much they don't know or understand. There's so much guidance they still need.

Hank picks back up his mug and finishes it off quickly. He's suddenly not in the mood to be social.

I think I'm done for the night, personally. [And with that he walks back down to the break area to clean out his mug.]