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EARTH 5746JK1278!W welcomes you, hero.

WHO: Any imPort transported to Metricog of Earth 5746JK1278!W.
WHERE: The city of Metricog.
WHEN: The moment of midnight February 24th, 2013 to the moment of midnight February 28th, 2013.
SUMMARY: Now stolen away to a strange city of a strange world, our heroes are left to their own devices in their efforts for answers!
FORMAT: Whatever the player chooses.

This is the city Metricog. It is quite unlike the City you were living in but a few moments ago. However, in terms of global placement, it IS the City. Metricog belongs to a steampunk world with towering buildings of steel and smoke stacks rising to the sun. Streets are paved with bolts. Cogs and copper clocks and brass valves are etched into every alley, every concave. You will be sequestered from your world to this strange land FOR FOUR DAYS and greeted by stranger inhabitants: natives of Metricog are sentient and can communicate with you in a verbal-to-audio manner that you can understand (how strange), but they are not fleshed. They are natives made of oil, of coal, of natural gas – or of mechanics. There are androids so very human-like with their follicle wires or they are bodiless walls of machinery lining rooms and halls that see and listen and speak. The range is as wild as your imagination.

The atmosphere of Metricog twins what your City atmosphere is like – but not for the same reasons. Your very ability to breathe oxygen at ground level is dependent on the fifty house-sized bellows scattered about the cityscape. These provide a frequency of communication unique to the citizens of Metricog, no imPort can understand it directly. The fact that imPorts can survive the byproduct of these machines is pure coincidence. If anything were to happen to even one of these bellows, your oxygen levels would suffer. If two? You would find it hard to focus, to think, your blood would slow. If three? Try not to think about if three.

Any flora or fauna you might be remotely familiar with are secluded to well-protected glass biomes. Rabbits, pigeons and rats are collected under flower bushes and stubby shrubs and young groves in three separate biomes. Each biome is differentiated from the other in some way, even if they have overlapping elements. All are where Central Park would be.

Suffice to say, organic organisms like most (BUT NOTABLY, NOT ALL) imPorts are a rarity. So you will find it VERY peculiar when the native mayor of Metricog greets you and tells you that your flesh-and-blood brothers who had come just the day before!

Wait, what?

Yes, you’re only the second group to debut EARTH 5746JK1278!W. There's a reason why you were brought here by the omnipotent Lachesis (who gained her superior power and changed the world -- and the universe -- two years ago). You may not know it, but you're on the tail of five Vulcanus Skrull agents. They are all empowered in a special way that only Vulcanus can connive, and they are hiding from you. They do not want you here, it was never planned for you to come here. These agents have their own mission for Vulcanus, and it's to learn how to mine this world for fuel. After all, a war against imPorts needs fuel, and half the natives of Metricog are just the ticket. But you don't know that. All you know is what you're told from the mechanic and fueled denizens of Metricog: that your brothers had already come!

If there are people like you here, you need to find them. What if they're other imPorts? What if they're City natives? What if they can help you?

What if they have answers?
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[So maybe climbing the tree hadn't been the best idea. Not that Rikku can't climb trees--she is awesome at climbing. Well, climbing like, large machines. Trees are a different matter. But this one had been made of metal, so she thought maybe she'd be alright.

Except now she's stuck and cred, metal limbs can hurt if you get poked the wrong way! At least she hadn't been thrown into this particular dimension in her thief garb; jeans and a sweatshirt really help keep the sharper edges away from her skin.

She had just really wanted one of those nifty machina owls, okay.]
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[Hank decided that some fresh air would do him good. A walk to get him away from those damned clocks, even if he hadn't gotten far enough that he wouldn't hear them next time yet. Something else caught his attention. Something in the tree.]

Having fun?
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[Wait, isn't that one of Santo's old teachers? She's pretty sure. How many huge, blue, furry dudes can there be in the City? Or this version of it, at least. Considering how everyone else is made of machina, she's pretty sure this guy has to have come from the right direction (wrong dimension?). She grins a little, trying not to seem as sheepish as she is.]

Yeah, totally. It's great up here, I really recommend it.
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[He lets out a slight groan, looking hesitant.] Eh, you know how it is with cats and trees. Getting up is the easy part. Getting down, well...
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[That makes her snort, laughing a little.] So... how does a cat usually get down? Please don't tell me we're gonna have to call a fireman up here.
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I'd be a little afraid of that, personally. You never know here, he may end up literally breathing fire!

[He walks around the tree, seeing if he can trace a route. It always looks easier on the way up.] Do you know how you managed to climb it? Maybe you could reverse the maneuver.
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[That... had not occurred to her. But it's occurring to her now, and her face goes from horrified to disgusted to thoughtful to intrigued and a little excited in about ten seconds.

But focus, Rikku.]

Right uh, I kinda went up this way-- [She awkwardly dangles her foot behind her in the general direction of zero branches.] Somehow.
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[He crosses his arms and scoffs with a half-smile. You aren't really helping your situation much Rikku.]

Well, you could always just jump, and I'd catch you on the way down.
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[No she is not. But she can't really help it when she's stuck in a tree. She shoots him a dubious look.]

You'll catch me?
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[He rests his hands on his hips and tries to give her a reassuring grin.]

Sure! I'll even jump up halfway to break your fall sooner.
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[Well. He does look Ronso-ish, which is sort of reassuring.]

You don't have to do that. Just uh, stand somewhere good so when I jump I won't get stabbed by a branch.

[And here she is actually preparing to jump down.]
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[Well, he doesn't have much in the way of a tail, but the look and color is about right. He looks up at her position and then down at his, doing some quick calculations on the angles before moving into a nice, safe position for her to land.]

All clear down here!
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[Ronso-ish! He doesn't have a horn, either. And also speaks Spiran English perfectly. But hey, maybe he's some weird hybrid Ronso-sort of person! It's far-fetched, but she'll think of just about anything at least once.]

Alright, pitto. Hope you're ready.

[And without another word, she throws herself out of the tree.]
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[He watches her descent, moving a little to correct himself to the path. When she's about fifteen feet from the ground, he launches himself up to catch her, moving away from the trees as he skids to a safe landing.]
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[Rikku tries her darndest not to screech, but she can't actually stop herself. Look, it can be a little terrifying to see a twelve foot tall, furry blue man hurtling towards you. But she grabs on to that blue fur and holds on for dear life until they land. And then she laughs.]

Dude, awesome!
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[He sets her down on her feet and puts his hands back on his hips, maybe a little proudly.]

Of course! Who else could hope to achieve feats only capable of the bouncing blue Beast!
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[She is totally okay with him looking proud because she is no longer in that awful tree. She brushes imaginary dust off her shirt and eyes him, grinning.]

Bouncing Blue Beast? Is that your superhero name? Kinda long, isn't it?
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My magnificently appellated epithet is only extended for effect. "Beast" on its own usually does the trick.
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[BIG WORDS, MAN. Just kidding, it makes her laugh.]

Well then Beast, it's nice to meetcha. I'm Rikku, otherwise known as Machina Maw. [Because that's a super awesome name. She sticks out her hand for a shake.]
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[Sometimes it's still fun to bring them out, more so these days when he uses them more to amuse himself than to make himself sound smart. He takes her hand in one of his massive mitts.]

A pleasure! You're involved with a former student of mine, I believe?
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[Her grin shows that she's pleased he's remembered.]

You betcha. Santo Vaccarro.
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That's the one! Been together quite a while, haven't you two?
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Sure have! He's totally said awesome things about you before I think.

[Probably not Santo hate school]
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It's sweet to see how you kids make it last so long. Makes the old folks wonder if we haven't been doing it wrong all these years.

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