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EARTH 5746JK1278!W welcomes you, hero.

WHO: Any imPort transported to Metricog of Earth 5746JK1278!W.
WHERE: The city of Metricog.
WHEN: The moment of midnight February 24th, 2013 to the moment of midnight February 28th, 2013.
SUMMARY: Now stolen away to a strange city of a strange world, our heroes are left to their own devices in their efforts for answers!
FORMAT: Whatever the player chooses.

This is the city Metricog. It is quite unlike the City you were living in but a few moments ago. However, in terms of global placement, it IS the City. Metricog belongs to a steampunk world with towering buildings of steel and smoke stacks rising to the sun. Streets are paved with bolts. Cogs and copper clocks and brass valves are etched into every alley, every concave. You will be sequestered from your world to this strange land FOR FOUR DAYS and greeted by stranger inhabitants: natives of Metricog are sentient and can communicate with you in a verbal-to-audio manner that you can understand (how strange), but they are not fleshed. They are natives made of oil, of coal, of natural gas – or of mechanics. There are androids so very human-like with their follicle wires or they are bodiless walls of machinery lining rooms and halls that see and listen and speak. The range is as wild as your imagination.

The atmosphere of Metricog twins what your City atmosphere is like – but not for the same reasons. Your very ability to breathe oxygen at ground level is dependent on the fifty house-sized bellows scattered about the cityscape. These provide a frequency of communication unique to the citizens of Metricog, no imPort can understand it directly. The fact that imPorts can survive the byproduct of these machines is pure coincidence. If anything were to happen to even one of these bellows, your oxygen levels would suffer. If two? You would find it hard to focus, to think, your blood would slow. If three? Try not to think about if three.

Any flora or fauna you might be remotely familiar with are secluded to well-protected glass biomes. Rabbits, pigeons and rats are collected under flower bushes and stubby shrubs and young groves in three separate biomes. Each biome is differentiated from the other in some way, even if they have overlapping elements. All are where Central Park would be.

Suffice to say, organic organisms like most (BUT NOTABLY, NOT ALL) imPorts are a rarity. So you will find it VERY peculiar when the native mayor of Metricog greets you and tells you that your flesh-and-blood brothers who had come just the day before!

Wait, what?

Yes, you’re only the second group to debut EARTH 5746JK1278!W. There's a reason why you were brought here by the omnipotent Lachesis (who gained her superior power and changed the world -- and the universe -- two years ago). You may not know it, but you're on the tail of five Vulcanus Skrull agents. They are all empowered in a special way that only Vulcanus can connive, and they are hiding from you. They do not want you here, it was never planned for you to come here. These agents have their own mission for Vulcanus, and it's to learn how to mine this world for fuel. After all, a war against imPorts needs fuel, and half the natives of Metricog are just the ticket. But you don't know that. All you know is what you're told from the mechanic and fueled denizens of Metricog: that your brothers had already come!

If there are people like you here, you need to find them. What if they're other imPorts? What if they're City natives? What if they can help you?

What if they have answers?
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[ Bradbury's glad he invested in a pack of cigarettes and a lighter before hitting up the bar, back in the City, but with no idea how much longer they're going to be here, he wonders if he should be rationing these out. Well, it's too late anyway. He can't sleep, and he has nothing better to do, so he sits on the stairs in his Metricog-issued pajamas, which are the same oil-slick color as the formal suit he'd been given to replace his clothes while they were whisked away to be washed. Or possibly incinerated, he doesn't know.

He hadn't exactly feeling all that up to going up to the roof, and he isn't dressed for it, and the stairway works just as well for what he had in mind, namely: smoking with a vengeance, as he works his way through a cigarette like he's got a grudge against it.

Sitting around gets boring, though. After a few moments of consideration, he brushes his pajamas off and stands, making his way down the hallway of mayors past. He leaves a trail of cigarette smoke as he goes, still expecting a fire alarm to go off any minute, but nothing happens, so he's eventually simply content to keep walking, barefoot.

God, these things are creepy. Given what the average inhabitant of Metricog looks like, most of these guys look like they could spring to life any minute, just as long as you plugged them in. Robot taxidermy. The morbid thought has him absently reaching to brush his gun, which is strapped in a holster at his hip instead of the usual shoulder holster he favors. Maybe it's paranoid to be wandering the hallways with a weapon (and one he's not even sure still works, at that) but given recent circumstances, paranoia is inevitable. ]
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[Hank couldn't sleep either. Who could with the hourly alarms? Trying to stay at Pendie Manor overnight had been a terrible idea all around, both for them as guests and for their hosts. Hank couldn't really blame them, they didn't seem to fully understand what they were dealing with. Which could be said of both sides, really.

He'd left his labcoat on the bed that he wouldn't be spending any time on, leaving him in just a pair of rolled-up khakis and a t-shirt, uncomfortably aware that he was starting to smell. It's probably too much to hope there might be a shower around here, but it's worth a look anyway. It gives him a chance to explore.

It's this that brought him to the top floor, studying the images of mayors past. He could agree with the eeriness of the setting, especially while so empty at night. It felt more like mausoleum than a museum, and he wondered if he wasn't intruding when he saw Bradbury. Well, smelled him first, even in a city with so many odd and smokey smells, tobacco stood out as very different from all of them.

He'd seen the news about how things had ended in Southwest Phoenicia, but for all he knew maybe he had nothing to do with that. He couldn't jump to conclusions, there wasn't any reason to. So why did he feel so apprehensive to say anything?

In the end, he finally nodded at him.
] Rick.
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[ He wasn't expecting to see anyone else at this hour, and that honest response showed in Bradbury's face when he heard someone call his name. Genuine pleasure, at first, when he recognized who it was, though after a moment, he sobered. Their last conversation hadn't exactly ended on a high note.

Mitch knew he'd died. How much did Hank know, or suspect?

Still, a familiar face was a welcome sight, and the tentative smile he offered was his own effort at letting the doctor know he was glad to see him. ]

Hey, doc. If you're looking for the bathroom, I don't think there is one.
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[Hank frowned, was he that transparent? Could Bradbury smell him from there?Jesus, this was embarrassing.]

No, I didn't expect there would be. I suppose I was just hoping I might get... [He ended up vaguely gesturing. He was tired and he needed a shower and he was on a weird robot world, words weren't his friend right now.] ...lucky. I wonder how long Metricog has been like this?

[This was easier, light conversation. He didn't even know where to begin with everything else.]
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[ Bradbury wasn't exactly fresh himself, and that was probably more apparent to Hank than the reverse. Still, wasn't that the excuse everyone used when they wandered down hallways they shouldn't? "I was looking for the bathroom?" ]

Good question. [ He glanced critically at one slightly dinged mayor's statue, resisting the urge to flick his springy mustache. It took a lot of willpower.He shifted, tactically, so his cigarette smoke had less of a chance of blowing into Hank's face. ]

Judging by the looks of this place, a long fucking time. [ he took a drag of his cigarette, letting the smoke settle before exhaling in a slow, steady stream. ]

So what do you think? Freak accident, or the Porter's fucking with us again?
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They say Lachesis gained power two years ago, but there definitely seems to be more than two years worth of history here.

[He narrowed his eyes, leaning in to look at one of the former mayor's more closely.] It could be shorter life cycles. But more likely that she's shown far more of her hand here.

Imagine if she had the power to do the same at home! Do you think it could have been the native Porter that brought us here, or could they be working in congress?
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I have no idea what you just said. [ Bradbury admitted, candidly. ] But you're asking me if I think we're getting screwed from both ends, right? Maybe. Sure feels like it, anyway.

] He glances past at a statue of a Mayor with a beard made of interlocking bolts. ]

Either way, I'm not sure I like the idea of staying here longer.
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Well, jerked around more like. The other one brings an uncomfortable mental image with it.

[And then, as if to drive Bradbury's point home further, the hour hit and 13000 clocks screamed for three seconds. Hank covered his ears, a bit more sensitive to the pitch than most people, and winced. When he finally took them away, he swore he could hear someone swearing on the lower floors.]

Just city hall here, or Metricog in total? I can't imagine who thought these would be adequate lodgings!
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[ He may not have the doctor's superhuman hearing, but the cacophony was a fucking pain for Bradbury too, and his ears were still ringing when he moved his hands away. ]

Fuck. That's one way to keep you up. Beats coffee, huh? [ HE winced, tipping his head to the side as he popped his neck. ]

The whole place gives me the creeps, doc. I never thought I'd say I miss the City, but I do.
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Madison would be more at home here, I think. [He shakes his head around, like he can ward off the ringing that way somehow.] Me, I've always been fonder of being around life. Organic life, I should say.

We should probably be camping in the biomes instead.
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[ His lips twitched, just a bit. Thinking about how much this place would be a nightmare for the other technopath he knew, but he isn't about to say so out loud. ]

I could get behind that. No sleeping bags, though, and I don't know if I like the idea of sleeping in a rubber tent. [ He plucks at his current clothing, grimacing. ] Somehow, I don't think they've ever heard of polyester.
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Who needs them in this climate? I'd say we could just sleep out under the stars, but the smoke obscures them too much.
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I'm surprised you can even tell there are stars. [ A beat. ] And I dunno, I guess you'd need a tent for privacy. Or to avoid going blind. Some people sleep in the buff, you know.
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At home, maybe, but I think it makes a poor guest to do so elsewhere. ...Except in very specific contexts, of course. [Awkward qualification is awkward. He waves a hand at Bradbury's pajamas.] You certainly wouldn't have been able to manage it here, anyway.

But I don't think it would hurt to try it until something more permanent can be worked out. [In the unfortunate event that they're stranded here indefinitely.] How much sleep are you expecting to get otherwise?
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Sounds like you're speaking from experience, doc. [ It's a mild, gentle ribbing, but he nods, conceding the point. ]

I've slept through worse. [ Gunfire and explosions, mostly. ] And I guess earplugs are always an option.
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Well, you know. [He just kind of shrugs. What else is there to say?] Things happen.

Personally, I wouldn't trust any earplugs they might provide here. You can never be sure what they'd expect to be effective when they've never had ears.

You should come anyway, we can talk on the way. There are topics of a little less light fare still unmentioned.
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[ For half a beat, Bradbury goes very, very still. Then he nods, all trace of lightness from his expression gone, taking a deep inhale of his cigarette before carefully stubbing it out behind the pedestal of some mayor's statue (he'd crush it underfoot, but that would make more of a mess) and tucking the extinguished stub into a pocket.

It would be a lie to say he wasn't expecting this, but then, he isn't sure what to expect. ]

Sure, doc. Just lemme get my shoes on, if we're gonna be walking for a while.

[ He starts leading them back the way they came, feet almost noiselessly padding along the floor. ]
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You know, that's one part of the wardrobe I've never really experienced the appeal of.

[It's nothing he could just come right out and say, not under circumstances like these, but given the way the news has gone...he has to know. He isn't even entirely sure that Southwest Phoenicia will be relevant to their lives again, but the question must still be asked.]
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[ He shakes his head, not quite a grin making the corners of his mouth lift. There isn't much room for amusement, not now. ]

Consider yourself lucky. Buying new shoes is a bitch.

[ He slips into the room he's claimed just long enough to shuffle on his borrowed shoes -- metal-toed boots, which just look funny paired with what he's wearing now, but then again it's a mechanical city, so there's no way Bradbury isn't sticking out like a sore thumb anyway. And the "pajamas" don't chafe as much as the outfit he had earlier.

He's quiet until they finally step outside the building, bringing up another cigarette to his mouth and lighting it before he exhales. ]

This isn't just gonna be a walk, is it, doc? [ No sense beating around the bush. ]
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You think it's bad now? Last time I had feet that could potentially fit in shoes, even a size 20 was too tight.

[On their way down, he picks his lab coat off the cot set up for him. More of a slab, really.]

Could be a long talk. It's probably better if the route matches. [But it isn't until they've passed through the front gate that he finally raises the question.] I'm sure you've heard what happened by now, yes?
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Southwest Phoenicia?

[ there isn't really any sense in playing coy, so bradbury shakes his head, lips compressing in a thin line. ]

Didn't have to hear what happened, doc. I was there.
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[It isn't easy to draw your lips into a line of your own when they're as thin as a lion's. Somehow, Hank manages it anyway.

He had suspected as much, of course, which is exactly why he'd brought it up. But he hadn't expected Bradbury would be upfront about it.

Mm. You talk about trying to find a way to deal with it and suddenly, two weeks later, it's dealt with. That doesn't take a detective to figure out.
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[ It made a difference, that it was Hank asking. The doctor was someone Bradbury felt like he owed the truth, and he was in more of a position to know about Bradbury's involvement than others. He hadn't really had time to let the knowledge sink in, himself, and he'd never been good at keeping his face straight, so his expression wavered, flicking from hesitation to shame and finally to simple exhaustion. ]

I guess it doesn't.

[ He felt, absurdly, the need to apologize, even if Hank wasn't the right person to make it to. He hated letting people down, and it was hard to shake the feeling that he had let Hank down, even before he'd so much as opened his mouth to condemn him. He'd turned Hank's words in his head for a long time after he left X-Club; even with the alcohol fuzzing his brain, they weren't ones he'd forget.

He swallowed, hard. No sense in getting all choked up about it now; that was what getting blind drunk after he'd woken up in the Porter was for. ]

I did what I had to do. [ His voice soft, he took a drag off his cigarette, needing the hit of nicotine before he could force himself to say it. ]

I killed Jenny Quantum.

[ It was the first time he'd ever said those words out loud, and the weight of them hit him like a punch to the gut. ]
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[Hank's shoulders slump as he stops in his tracks. Is that the answer he was waiting for? He had entertained it as a possibility, but had hoped it was unlikely. Bradbury was just one man, after all, wasn't he? The sheer scope of the whole crisis...could Hank really have expected this?

If the discussion hadn't even come up earlier, he wouldn't have any reason, but in light of that, he's not sure if he's more disappointed than shocked.

He reaches behind his glasses to rub the bridge of his snout, feeling more tired than he had already. He falls back in step without a word.
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[ He expected -- well, Bradbury didn't really know what he'd expected Hank to say. Normally, he'd be the one silent, listening to someone else, but the way the doctor said nothing almost made him itch to fill the silence, try to explain. But there's nothing to explain, not really. He'd convinced himself it had been the necessary thing to do, the only option he'd had at the time, but that didn't mean it was easy to justify it to anyone else.

Or that he should justify it to anyone else. He hadn't done something to be proud of, and he hadn't sought it out to be a hero. He'd just thought that, maybe...

It didn't matter, did it? What was done was done.

He didn't break the silence, letting it stretch out, but his cigarette burned out just a little faster than it should. Too many sharp, deep inhales. ]

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