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EARTH 5746JK1278!W welcomes you, hero.

WHO: Any imPort transported to Metricog of Earth 5746JK1278!W.
WHERE: The city of Metricog.
WHEN: The moment of midnight February 24th, 2013 to the moment of midnight February 28th, 2013.
SUMMARY: Now stolen away to a strange city of a strange world, our heroes are left to their own devices in their efforts for answers!
FORMAT: Whatever the player chooses.

This is the city Metricog. It is quite unlike the City you were living in but a few moments ago. However, in terms of global placement, it IS the City. Metricog belongs to a steampunk world with towering buildings of steel and smoke stacks rising to the sun. Streets are paved with bolts. Cogs and copper clocks and brass valves are etched into every alley, every concave. You will be sequestered from your world to this strange land FOR FOUR DAYS and greeted by stranger inhabitants: natives of Metricog are sentient and can communicate with you in a verbal-to-audio manner that you can understand (how strange), but they are not fleshed. They are natives made of oil, of coal, of natural gas – or of mechanics. There are androids so very human-like with their follicle wires or they are bodiless walls of machinery lining rooms and halls that see and listen and speak. The range is as wild as your imagination.

The atmosphere of Metricog twins what your City atmosphere is like – but not for the same reasons. Your very ability to breathe oxygen at ground level is dependent on the fifty house-sized bellows scattered about the cityscape. These provide a frequency of communication unique to the citizens of Metricog, no imPort can understand it directly. The fact that imPorts can survive the byproduct of these machines is pure coincidence. If anything were to happen to even one of these bellows, your oxygen levels would suffer. If two? You would find it hard to focus, to think, your blood would slow. If three? Try not to think about if three.

Any flora or fauna you might be remotely familiar with are secluded to well-protected glass biomes. Rabbits, pigeons and rats are collected under flower bushes and stubby shrubs and young groves in three separate biomes. Each biome is differentiated from the other in some way, even if they have overlapping elements. All are where Central Park would be.

Suffice to say, organic organisms like most (BUT NOTABLY, NOT ALL) imPorts are a rarity. So you will find it VERY peculiar when the native mayor of Metricog greets you and tells you that your flesh-and-blood brothers who had come just the day before!

Wait, what?

Yes, you’re only the second group to debut EARTH 5746JK1278!W. There's a reason why you were brought here by the omnipotent Lachesis (who gained her superior power and changed the world -- and the universe -- two years ago). You may not know it, but you're on the tail of five Vulcanus Skrull agents. They are all empowered in a special way that only Vulcanus can connive, and they are hiding from you. They do not want you here, it was never planned for you to come here. These agents have their own mission for Vulcanus, and it's to learn how to mine this world for fuel. After all, a war against imPorts needs fuel, and half the natives of Metricog are just the ticket. But you don't know that. All you know is what you're told from the mechanic and fueled denizens of Metricog: that your brothers had already come!

If there are people like you here, you need to find them. What if they're other imPorts? What if they're City natives? What if they can help you?

What if they have answers?
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[It was kind of a curious site, the biomes. Being a concentration of all or nearly all organic life in Metricog, it felt a little like visiting a theme park, or a zoo. The second would probably be more accurate, given the general coordinates.

It's funny to think about how outdated someone of his specialties would be in a world like this. Or a city like this, at least. He couldn't really tell much about the world outside. Maybe he should ask someone?

For the meantime, he'd just enjoy the stroll, take in the sights, and pay attention to how the life around him might have adapted to its new circumstances.
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(it was a scientific wonder, that. sadly it was absolutely lost on cross seeing as, though he had procured pants somewhere, he still had a hair filled with shampoo and no nicotine fix. the towel acted like a shirt so that it would hide all the battle, but the fact that he was trying to break in to find a lake to bathe in was the biggest problem.)
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[Hank saw him before he saw Hank, somehow. Neither of them were terribly conspicuous people. He simply folded his arms and leaned forward with a quizzical look for a moment, watching, before finally saying something.]

What are you doing?
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(that's hank's voice of reason, isn't it? cross dips low under the water, trying to hide under the cover. pity that his bright red hair doesn't do much and pity that his eye is still poking out.)
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[Hank walks over to the shore closest to where Cross is and takes a seat on a rock. Might as well take the opportunity to lounge a little.]

Seems like a funny place to take a swim, don't you think? [If course, there probably wasn't any alternative location in a city full of steam and clockwork.]
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(Cross looks up at him, wondering if he should even acknowledge his presence before staring right at him for a long time. maybe, just maybe, that would make hank think that he was the local wildlife and not at all a grown man hiding in a stream.)
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[No such luck. Hank just rolls his pants up higher before scooting right up to the edge to dunk his feet in. He's been doing enough walking, they could really stand a good soak.

Once he's made himself comfortable, he looks right at Cross.

You know I can see you, right?