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EARTH 5746JK1278!W welcomes you, hero.

WHO: Any imPort transported to Metricog of Earth 5746JK1278!W.
WHERE: The city of Metricog.
WHEN: The moment of midnight February 24th, 2013 to the moment of midnight February 28th, 2013.
SUMMARY: Now stolen away to a strange city of a strange world, our heroes are left to their own devices in their efforts for answers!
FORMAT: Whatever the player chooses.

This is the city Metricog. It is quite unlike the City you were living in but a few moments ago. However, in terms of global placement, it IS the City. Metricog belongs to a steampunk world with towering buildings of steel and smoke stacks rising to the sun. Streets are paved with bolts. Cogs and copper clocks and brass valves are etched into every alley, every concave. You will be sequestered from your world to this strange land FOR FOUR DAYS and greeted by stranger inhabitants: natives of Metricog are sentient and can communicate with you in a verbal-to-audio manner that you can understand (how strange), but they are not fleshed. They are natives made of oil, of coal, of natural gas – or of mechanics. There are androids so very human-like with their follicle wires or they are bodiless walls of machinery lining rooms and halls that see and listen and speak. The range is as wild as your imagination.

The atmosphere of Metricog twins what your City atmosphere is like – but not for the same reasons. Your very ability to breathe oxygen at ground level is dependent on the fifty house-sized bellows scattered about the cityscape. These provide a frequency of communication unique to the citizens of Metricog, no imPort can understand it directly. The fact that imPorts can survive the byproduct of these machines is pure coincidence. If anything were to happen to even one of these bellows, your oxygen levels would suffer. If two? You would find it hard to focus, to think, your blood would slow. If three? Try not to think about if three.

Any flora or fauna you might be remotely familiar with are secluded to well-protected glass biomes. Rabbits, pigeons and rats are collected under flower bushes and stubby shrubs and young groves in three separate biomes. Each biome is differentiated from the other in some way, even if they have overlapping elements. All are where Central Park would be.

Suffice to say, organic organisms like most (BUT NOTABLY, NOT ALL) imPorts are a rarity. So you will find it VERY peculiar when the native mayor of Metricog greets you and tells you that your flesh-and-blood brothers who had come just the day before!

Wait, what?

Yes, you’re only the second group to debut EARTH 5746JK1278!W. There's a reason why you were brought here by the omnipotent Lachesis (who gained her superior power and changed the world -- and the universe -- two years ago). You may not know it, but you're on the tail of five Vulcanus Skrull agents. They are all empowered in a special way that only Vulcanus can connive, and they are hiding from you. They do not want you here, it was never planned for you to come here. These agents have their own mission for Vulcanus, and it's to learn how to mine this world for fuel. After all, a war against imPorts needs fuel, and half the natives of Metricog are just the ticket. But you don't know that. All you know is what you're told from the mechanic and fueled denizens of Metricog: that your brothers had already come!

If there are people like you here, you need to find them. What if they're other imPorts? What if they're City natives? What if they can help you?

What if they have answers?
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[Hank just ends up staring at the figure for a few minutes. It's unmistakable, there aren't really many others who look quite like him, after all. He tries to do it from a distance at first, about as inconspicuously as someone his size and appearance can manage when organics are already sticking out like a sore thumb, before the curiosity finally gets the best of him and he moves in to examine it more closely.

It's got to be an awkward, almost narcissistic sight, the way he's scrutinizing it like this, occasionally muttering "Do I really look like that?" The whole thing leaves him a little embarrassed, flattered, and uncomfortable at the same time. He tries to strike up a conversation with the vendor about it, trying to figure out how long it took to make, what interested its creator in the much it costs.
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[The fact that he had managed to find a figure with only one arm had made Connors more than slightly grumpy. The fact that his was on sale had managed to make him more than slightly irritated. No he is not going to buy the figure thank you very much. He was walking through the shops, trying to find a way back to the biomes, when he spotted someone blue, large and fuzzy.

Hank. Connors paused for a moment, not entirely sure what to do. The last time they talked, he had been...well, not himself, for lack of a better word. Part of Connors wanted to just shy away and not talk to Hank-and he knew that if he thought about it too long, that was what he would do. So, he gathered up what small courage he had, and walked up to Hank, apologetic smile on his face.

Ah, I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
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[Hank looked up when he heard the voice, just before it registered who was talking to him. When he saw Curt, there were signs of a similar timidity, an understanding that there could be two faces to the man. It took him a moment to properly respond as he searched for cues to which one was addressing him now. There had been a lot of that going around earlier this month, hadn't there?

He stood up from where he'd been leaning on the counter and excused himself to the vendor, turning to face Curt properly.

Dr. Connors. No, that's alright, I think it can probably wait.

[He inclined his head a little, still looking for signs of agitation.] How have you been?
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Much better now, thank you. [Connors smiled weakly at Hank, attempting to put the man (but also mostly himself) at ease.]

I...well, I apologize for our last conversation. As you could probably have guessed, I wasn't exactly myself.
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I... [...Was really hoping that to be the case.] Yes. I had.

A lingering effect of the serum?
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I don't think so. While the serum did enhance aggression, this was something different. [He was certain it had something to do with that Kyouko girl he talked to, but he was the first to admit that he didn't exactly know what was going on.]

And besides, certain other effects started to happen. For instance, when Spider-Man came to snap me out of my delirium, I somehow managed to bend space, turning my room into the Manhattan sewer system.
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Mm. Likely the result of something more widespread, looking at what was going around the Network at the time. [Unless bending space was some sort of dormant power of Connors', but there wasn't ruling out the influence of other powers either. It's been such a long month.

He thinks back on when this happened to him, what...happened to Blake.
] Was anyone hurt?
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No, thank God. [Connors looked ridiculously relieved at that. He was still carrying guilt from the people he hurt last time, he didn't want to add any more to it.]

My claws managed to graze Spider-Man, but that was about it.
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Hazards of the job, nothing he isn't used to. [But that does remind him of something the shadow said.] He was the one who stopped you before? On your own world?
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[Connors nodded. When he spoke again, he was careful to monitor his words. After all, he knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, but he doubted many other people did.] That man has done so much for me, both here and back home. I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay him.
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I suppose I hadn't realized that would mean we're from the same world, if you're from his. [He'd always found his name vaguely familiar, maybe some papers he'd seen published here or there.]
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Or at least we're from similar worlds. The Spider-Man here is much older than the one I know back home.
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[The strange thing is, that isn't even strange. Seems to happen all the time around here.]

It's odd to think that an entire cluster of the multiverse seems to be part of the same family. All alike except for little changes.

And all of them seem to have a younger Spider-Man than ours.
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Well you know what they say about the exception to prove the rule.
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One of these days we should develop a reliable form of extradimensional travel so he can tour all of these various universes and show them how he turns out.
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That sounds like a wonderful idea-developing a reliable form of extradimensional travel, that is. I'd love to be able to visit more places like this.
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Well, visit being the key word. If we had something like that, we wouldn't have to worry quite as much about this one. ...Or even the City, for that matter.
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The City isn't too bad. Granted, there are certain people that I'd love to see here, but it could be worse. [That seemed to be Connors's mantra these days. 'Oh yes, things were bad, but at least he was still himself.' 'At least he was still sane.' 'It could always be worse.']
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Oh, believe me, they could always be worse. [For the longest time, Hank and many of his colleagues in the Avengers have felt that the City was calmer compared to their home universe. Not without problems, and hardly always good, but the crises at least seem spaced out further.] But I think open travel between it and home would give us a number of other options, as well. Relieve the separation from our various homeworlds, ease some of the political pressures resulting from our presence.

Imagine how our relationship with natives would change if an imPort threat could simply be sent home instead of continuing to cause any danger! [Of course, that leads to the question of who gets to choose what qualifies as a threat.]
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It would certainly make the visa office more overworked. [Connors responded, with a joking smile on his face.]
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[At that, Hank lets out a nice hearty laugh.] Oh, can you even imagine trying to regulate interdimensional travel? Or, just...the political disaster that would almost surely result from interaction on a grand scale?

Or should I say...imBroglio?
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[Connors tried to stifle a giggle at Hank's pun, failing in the process. He paused for a moment, thinking, then his face lit up with excitement.]

A political disaster it would be, yes, but it would be one of great imPortance. [he responded, placing a notable emphasis on the first two syllables.]
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[Hank smiled wide with a quiet titter.]

In so many ways. But there are just as many each world could benefit from if they worked together. Of course, peace in the multiverse would be more than difficult. In fact, it almost looks imPossible!
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[Connors gave a small chuckle, nodding at Hank.]

I'll agree with you on that. The natives here can barely cooperate with us. The idea of them cooperating with other worlds is simply imProbable.
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To be fair, the incursion on their native soil isn't imPertinent, they may have an easier time negotiating with lands that aren't as well. More room for give and take there.

If you never got a say in hosting sometimes rude guests who had a tendency to throw your entire existence out of balance, you may be driven to imBibe as well!

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