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secret identity, nobody knows but me

WHO: Hank "Beast" McCoy and Peter "Spider-Man" Parker
WHERE: One of the Avengers mansion labs.
WHEN: This past Monday
WARNINGS: Probable discussion of Peter being a jerkface.
SUMMARY: Spider-Man has a confession to make. Again.
FORMAT: Whatever works.

Peter had planned to call Hank over the weekend, but between the City's unrest and his conversation with Mordin, he was reluctant to get into what was bound to be another emotionally-fraught conversation in a lab.

But he'd been putting the other man long enough already -- nearly a year, at this point -- and if he didn't tell the truth now ... well, Peter knew himself well enough to know he probably never would. He owed Hank better than that, even if he couldn't see any way this conversation could go well. He'd be lucky if they were still friends after Hank heard what he had to say.

Full of nervous energy, Spider-Man paced back and forth on the wall as he waited for Hank to arrive.
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It's after 5pm when Hank arrived, as he'd warned it would be when he got Spidey's call. Not til classes got out, not on a Monday. He wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the meeting. Would the Ol' Webhead really come clean with his identity, or would it simply be a discussion of why the identity is important to maintain? Hank honestly wasn't sure which to expect. He didn't really know what he could expect to find under that mask, either, the imPort community always seemed so small, but you never know what the natives are going to know about your life when you arrive. Maybe Spider-Man hadn't actually been keeping a civilian identity at all, fearing that Cityzens would recognize him.

Whatever it was, Hank could probably expect to hear at least something on the topic as he made his way into the lab. Seeing Spider-Man on the wall, he went ahead and jumped his way to the ceiling, finding a good foothold to meet the other man on a similar level.

"So... You've had a good month, I hope." It's been a rather long month, come to think of it. "I heard you helped out a friend of mine a few weeks ago."
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"You're familiar with a gentleman by the name of Curt Connors, aren't you? He's apparently from one of those variants of our own world." One of many Hank's heard of where Spidey is apparently a teenager, which always seemed like an oddly common occurrence in the ones he'd heard about. He honestly has no idea about how the relationship he mentioned was reflected back home, unfortunately.
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And the self-experimentation, monstrous mutations, being former patients of NOHoPE, et cetera. They would both know about that, though, so no need to hide it. But no need to make it exactly explicit, either. "Stuff. It's funny how one word can contain so much."

His position on the ceiling shifted a little uncomfortably. He glanced out the window. "Nice day for a chat, isn't it?"
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Hank relaxed his muscles, letting himself just hang for a moment. His brows tightened pensively, something wasn't adding up here. "What happened after prom? Are you saying you've thought about this before?"
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"I spoke to a lot of people that night. It was nearly a year ago, I can't remember all of them." What he did remember mostly involved an impromptu performance of a Dean Martin song, cut short by a fight breaking out. He remembered carrying a bleeding boy out of the auditorium. The rest of the evening kind of paled in comparison, but he had done his fair share of mingling with the other chaperons.
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It did ring a bell. He'd just been released from NOHoPE and was celebrating his newfound freedom with a friend. The conversation turned heavy, but he can't remember how it concluded. He knew it must have been important, but something's missing, and trying to pry at it only made his head ache. He wiped a paw across his forehead, eyeing Spider-Man a little suspiciously. Had Peter told him about that discussion? Why would he have done that?

"How do you know about that?"
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Hank's footing on the ceiling loosened and he dropped to the ground feet-first with a thud. His hands moved to his pockets as he turned to look up at Spider-Man skeptically. Suddenly, he didn't feel so much like being upside-down. "What are you talking about? I met with Peter Parker. You're not him, he takes your pictures for heaven's sake!"
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Hank staggered backward about a foot or so, feeling like a lightbulb in his head had just turned on, dark spots he'd been trying to shine on for months finally illuminated. "I... I do. You told me about...Gwen." And he was right, they had spoken at prom. They'd spoken about this very thing. He had thought he was going crazy, that maybe it was a side effect of his post-release medication. He'd spoken to his therapist about it, even got a new prescription.

His initial surprise gave way under the scrutiny. It was still a kind of surprise, but this one more personal, a bigger weight on his mind. "But I didn't before. And you knew that."
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"I'd just gotten out of the hospital, I thought perhaps I was going mad..." Hank's face dropped as he ran his hands through his hair. This was big, to think that he thought he knew the one so well, only to find out he was also the other. And a "mindwhammy" involved as well, had Peter been unconsciously tampering with his memories?

He looked back in his eyes with a scrutinizing glare. "What kind of mindwhammy are you talking about? How do you know it won't do the same thing again?!"
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To his surprise, he remembered a great deal more than he expected. He remembered having a direct involvement of his own.

"You unmasked, hadn't you? Publicly. I gave you an image inducer so that you'd have a chance at a viable civilian life."
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It had been the only real involvement Hank had in the whole affair, other than watching from the sidelines. Knowing the situation it would present for a fellow hero, a fellow teacher, he and Spider-Man hadn't been especially close at the time, but he felt it was the least he could do.

The rest of the situation, well, mutants had fought and lost the registration battle years earlier, he never particularly liked it then, but he couldn't spare too much sympathy for everyone making a lot of noise about it now that it was at their door when they hadn't cared then. Not with the mess the superhero community had made of the whole thing. Not when his own people were on the brink of extinction.

Individual stories were always the more resonant, and Peter's, given what he'd told him before... Part of him still wanted to be mad, and was. But there was still another that wanted to understand.

"Your family was targeted then, because of who you were discovered to be?"
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i could not even tell you

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He could understand that. A public identity in a large city with half the criminal community after his head, it didn't work. At least for Hank, most everyone important to him is just as superpowered as he is.

"And what did he do for you?"
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i don't envy you it

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Hank wasn't quite sure what to say anymore. When it came down to it, it really wasn't about him, but that it still had some detrimental effect despite that... It was hard for him to really put his finger on what his stake was.

"So it essentially erased the memories I had of that conversation? And this is a quality you've carried for maybe two years before we arrived here, but still don't fully understand?" Magic, always pesky like that, difficult to explore and understand. And he'd always tried so hard, too. But you're sure it won't just take hold once again once I leave here today?"
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Hank rolled over a chair from the nearest desk and settled into it, crossing his legs and knitting his fingers. He sat there a few moments in silence, eyes not moving from Peter's position on the ceiling, giving the matter a lot of long thought. Peter had already acknowledged the problem, he's promised to do better with it, and worse still, Hank can understand what drove him to it in the first place.

At least from an intellectual standpoint, Peter's done everything right to set this right. Hank can't, or at least shouldn't hold that against him, even if it did take too long, even if it does mean he'll have to think twice about how much he can trust Peter when something similar is on the line in the future.

"Okay. I accept your apology."
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Hank leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms as he glanced up at Peter. "Forgiveness is never about what we deserve, it's the decision of the wronged party of what they will give. You may be a bit wrongheaded, but you're heart's in the right place.

"And more than that, you're still my friend, Peter. I forgive you, but I also hope you've learned from this experience."
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Hank raised an eyebrow, offering a smile of his own. "Good. Because I'll hold you to that."
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Hank swiveled in his chair to meet the new position, giving a smile that carried a weary note in it. "And I'm glad to be that one as well. I won't take the responsibility lightly."
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Hank rocks his head to the side, shrugging. "We each have had our own challenges to shape us. Sometimes have to prove yourself against the determinations of other can be a powerful motivator."
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"Well. Yes." He scratches at the side of his neck, a bit awkwardly. "Though while those are more common, I'd say the ones who went well past bemoaning it have had the more profound effect on my life."
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"I think there are ways to treat it lightly, and sometimes it can be important to do so." He cringed slightly. "But probably not that one."