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the bittersweet between my teeth.

WHO: diamond lil and hank mccoy.
WHERE: the institute.
WHEN: the day after lil's showdown with hooded justice.
WARNINGS: lil's a cranky canadian.
SUMMARY: these two people have somehow avoided meeting each other until now.
FORMAT: quick brown fox.

[ she doesn't know what she's doing there really, except that she has no where else to go. maybe she's looking for a fight. it's diamond lil -- she's probably looking for a fight. not that it doesn't seem like she'd already had more than her share of fights. she's sporting an impressive black eye, a split lip, and who knows what other bruises and bumps she's hiding under the unusually modest combination of leggings and a loose sweater. it's an unusual sight. lil can remember only one other time she's ever bled, and the memory makes her gut clench. being invulnerable makes her unaccustomed to pain and injury.

she isn't coping well.

she'd rather have the familiar bitter hurt of arguing with her husband. maybe that's why she's at the institute, lingering at the entrance to the basement. she's absently thumbing at the cut in her lip in an agitated way, trying to decide whether or not she has the self-control to just turn around and leave.
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[One thing about keeping multiple labs is that spreading your projects among them can give you a slight bit of exercise when you're on a science bender. Just moving betwen rooms can be enough to keep your body awake, your brain moving. It isn't much, but every little bit helps.

It's one of these times that brings Hank into the hallway as Lil waits, carrying a funny little shoulder bag under his lab coat, as he's taken to in the last few weeks. He doesn't want to find himself in a new universe unprepared again.

Catching a figure out of the corner of his eye gives him pause, until the woman's identity cements and the other oddities dawn on him. Wasn't she supposed to be invulnerable? He turns to face her, his face drooping in concern.

Ms., ah, Ms. Crawley. [Jeffries wouldn't be the right name, would it? He really can't tell anymore.] ...You look a little worse for wear.
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Yes. Sorry, I just...assumed such an address would betray a familiarity that isn't quite there.

[though, perhaps it should be, really. There aren't many mutants in the City, so he doesn't have much excuse not to be on a first-name basis with the ones that are. Especially given her closeness with his colleagues.]

You look, rather surprisingly, like you could use medical attention. Would you mind? [He walks a little ways up the hall toward her and opens the door to an exam room.]
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[He follows her in and shuts the door, just in case Madison walks by. Things are tense enough with him as it is, and Hank doesn't want to worry about what it will look like if he sees her here.]

When a patient walks into my lab, there's nothing more important to be done. [He pulls on a pair of gloves and loads a tray with a few supplied.] Especially when she's meant to be invulnerable.

Have a seat, please.
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[He sets his tray to the side and moves in for a closer look, surveying the damage to her face.] That doesn't change that this sort of thing just doesn't happen. There are reasons you aren't used to it, could your powers have shorted somehow?

Are there any other bruises aside from these?
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[Oh, Neverland. There's an awkward topic. Despite what he did know about the establishment, Hank never realized that Lil was there. He never tried to talk to anyone about it, there's just too much. And this certainly wasn't the time.]

Good heavens, what did you do, pick a fight with the Hulk?!

[Jen wouldn't have done something like this, and she's the only Hulk around. Turning off powers, though, the only people he knows of who can do that are Bobbi and Bradbury. What would Lil be doing fighting either of them?]
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Nelson must make friends quickly, I don't think I've heard of this fellow.

[He turns to his tray for some swabs and a bit of alcohol.] The open wounds will need to be cleaned. It may sting. I can give you some painkillers for the contusions, you'll want to keep them under a cold compress. Probably best to stay in bed for the rest of the day.
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[Her invulnerability really limited what exactly he could do. Just cleaning the wounds and trying to relieve the pain until her body healed on its own was really about it. Maybe prevent swelling, if swelling is even possible for her. He would have had files on this at some point, they're probably still on Utopia.

Her intentions sat poorly with him, given everything as it is. Hank isn't sure what to think of Madison anymore, aside from that he worries about him. With the sort of things he tends to say, who wouldn't be? And so much of it seems to center on the woman sitting before him.

Are you really sure that's wise?
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[He leaned back a little, brow furrowing in concern. He's heard the way Madison talks about her, like she isn't even human, just some wight who emerged out of the shadows to torment him. Some worry of the effect this may have on her had occurred to him numerous times.]

I'm not sure you can be really said to have him, either.

Timcampy's been staying with me, if you could use the company.
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He can be testy. I find that keeping him fed usually placates him effectively.

[The first statement isn't so easily addressed. He's already heard the situation from multiple angles, but there's one big one he's been missing. The most central, perhaps.

It feels a little intrusive broaching the subject, given that he doesn't know her as well as the other two, but it seems like he's walked right into it anyway.

But what does that marriage mean? Not only to you, but him as well? Pardon if I'm speaking out of turn, but it seems like it's been unraveling at both ends.
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[He leans away from her, struck by how obviously bad he's worsened this conversation.] I'm not trying to lecture you.

[Snapping off a glove, he takes off his glasses to rub at his eyes, leaning an elbow against one of the side tables. Suddenly, he looks very tired.]

But you're right. I don't understand.

I'm only trying to.
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[Lil, let's be real here. You're not the one Hank's worried is crazy.]

Or putting herself in a position to be similarly harassed. I think there's a lot to be understood there, because there's so much that isn't readily apparent.

He's all you have left? But you aren't without options, either. You don't have to put yourself through this, do you?
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You have a life here. [As opposed to back home.] How would you have wanted to spend it, if you had the choice?
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[He lets out a sigh, rising back to his feet.]

And assuming that isn't an option?
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There has to be something more you want out of life. If there isn't, then maybe there needs to be. Haven't you ever had any sort of dream? Before Alpha Flight and any of that?

[It's not exactly easy to give someone answers for their own life. At best he can provide a guiding hand, but if it's to be for her, she'll need to fill in the blanks herself.]

If nothing else, I think you should keep your distance from him. It isn't doing either of you any good, and he's... You need a better support system than he can provide.
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Not now. Not like this. [He wipes his glasses down before replacing them on his nose again. Much as he'd like to, he can't fix all of their problems, but he can at least act as an obstacle for today.] I think you've suffered enough pain for one day already.
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[How is Madison really? It's a good question, but one Hank isn't necessarily equipped or in a position to answer. Neither is he sure that he should voice the true extent of his fears, either.]

He's seen better days. I think he may be under a great deal of strain lately.
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[Hank isn't inclined to blame either girl, but he still has one piece of information lingering on his mind.]

I'm sure you had a reason to leave him for Cross.
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That's his problem. [But it being such a big one, it's becoming all of theirs, as well.]

I didn't ask to accuse, I was simply hoping to hear your thoughts on it. Yours, directly from the source.

I've already dealt with enough speculation from every side, I think it's time someone gave you the opportunity to tell your side of the story.
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[That really isn't far at all from what he guessed it would have been. It wasn't exactly a conundrum that would give the likes of Poirot any pause either, of course, not for someone who's already spoken with Madison about her. Not for someone who knew what was going on between him and Danger before she'd arrived.

The guilt, however, is something he hadn't guessed at. Madison still has that tether, unfortunately.

In a similar situation, I doubt anyone wouldn't. Was it really wrong of you to want someone who would care about you the way you needed when the person who should have wouldn't? [And Cross did care, damn his absence. He cared more than he wanted to, from the way it sounded when Hank last talked to him.] Maybe it's not something to be proud of, but you shouldn't be ashamed, either. It isn't all on your head.
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I didn't say it just to make you feel better, I said it because it's true.

[That isn't really true at all, so why even say it? To remove the messenger from the equation? If he makes it sound more objective, maybe she'll be more likely to believe it.]

You do deserve a to be around more people who care about you. You need a better support network, especially in a time like this.
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It's not always easy, getting used to a new place like this, a new life. The first step is always the hardest.

[Tentatively, he rests a hand on her shoulder with a weak smile.] I'm willing to help, as I can.
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[His eyebrows raise and his shoulders lift in a slight shrug.]

I'd like to think there's more to compassion than mere pity. It's not what I've "got to" to, but I do think it would be the right thing.

But you don't have to accept, either.
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I can do the best I'm able to. [But how far that will go is something he's increasingly uncertain of. It's getting to the time where they'll have to have a talk about where things are, where they'll be going. He's not really looking forward to it.]