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waiting for the last time for my friend to change my mind

WHO: Rick Bradbury and anyone of (legal) age who wants to crash in.
WHERE: A fairly unremarkable bar somewhere in the City.
WHEN: March 21st, evening.
SUMMARY: It's Bradbury's birthday, and this is in no way a party.
FORMAT: proes to start, taggers choose their own format!

The bar isn't anything special. Bradbury liked the bar he and John used to meet up in regularly, but considering they'd been thrown out of it a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't really an option.

The bar he's chosen instead is more for convenience and proximity than because it matches his personal taste. The crowd's a mix of white collar workers winding down after all day in the office and the sports fans glued to the plasma screens mounted on the far wall. Vintage sports memorabilia decorates the interior, though it doesn't seem to particularly cater to one or the other. As the evening crawls on, the crowd gets rowdier, but it's really not a club, so there's not exactly a whole lot of dancing going on. There is a jukebox in the corner, though the selection seems to be entirely limited to songs from the 90s and earlier.

So essentially, it's a tacky sports bar, but at least it isn't a total dive. There's somewhere to sit, and for tonight, the booze is (mostly) on the house. Kick back, relax, grab a beer and find someone to chat with.

[ ooc; tag in at will! this is meant to be less an organized celebration and more of an open mingling log. if you're someone bradbury knows (who can actually be in a bar, anyway), feel free to assume you got a message to the general effect of "drinks later @ [address]!!" at some point today. ]
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[Hank honestly isn't sure why he came either. Despite being invited, he feels like he's in the company of too many people he's been kind of avoiding, and hasn't entirely decided whether the guest of honor is among them or not.

If the lab hadn't been claustrophobic, he might've skipped this entirely. Too many secrets in the air, too much simmering drama, and Hank was growing tired of the lot of it.

Seeing Madison sitting alone didn't overly surprise him, the man was king of the wallflowers even on his best days, and Hank was smart enough to know there probably hadn't been one of those in a while. He's still undecided on whether he's making a mistake by pulling up the stool next to him, but he does it anyway.
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[ he's mildly surprised when he sees movement at the corner of his eye. it's gone in an instant ― after all, there aren't a lot of blue people around that aren't mutants, least of all here.

lifting his eyes up, madison attempts to give a smile. it sort of works out.

McCoy. Hey.

[ they haven't been getting along as of late. or at least, he thinks so; x-club isn't the happy mess that it usually is. ]

Must be the emptiest the lab's been in a long while, yeah?
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[He isn't the only one worrying about the Club's health. Things are too tense lately, and the two of them haven't been enough to balance it out, as Hank figures it.

He orders a bourbon and tries a weak smile of his own.

I'm sure the dust motes must be holding some sort of celebration while they have the space all to themselves. Luckily, the party will be too microscopic to demand much clean up.
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[ madison blinks once, then twice, before realizing hank probably said a joke ― he didn't catch it, really ― then chuckles all stilted.

he considers his drink, but decides to forgo it for a moment. he's inclined to attempt to make conversation. slightly okay with failing at it. slowly:

Just surprised y'showed. This ain't your sorta scene, yeah?

[ wine bars over sports bars, he thinks. ]
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[He takes a look around the room, settling on the television. March Madness had kicked off for the year, but it didn't look like Albany was going to pull through tonight. Hank would be more interested if it was football.]

Isn't it? I think my scene is a bit more plebeian then most people tend to expect. We all still cling to our roots on some level, especially when we have so little of them left.