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WHEN: 23/03
SUMMARY: Harley explores the city; Harley probably gets into trouble.
FORMAT: quick to start, will change to suit. specifying different locations in comments, pls be patient.

[Harley is a late riser. She wakes at ten thirty in the morning and doesn't get dressed until forty-five minutes afterwards. Her initial exploration of the City has been: one shopping trip. Today she plans to do another.

And maybe eat?

Life is hard without money. Life is boring when you live on your own. Nevertheless, she is in good spirits. ]
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[Hank has been thinking about a new tie. But there are so many options available that making a decision isn't the easiest thing. Timcampy's being no help, either. He doesn't know the first thing about men's fashion! It's shameful, really, especially that he already tried to eat that charming one with the ducks. Hank shouldn't have brought him, honestly, but he probably would eat him out of house and home in his weirdly mopey way if he'd left him back at the room.

There's little choice left, he'll have to poll the audience. There's a blonde there peering over the jewelry, hopefully she won't mind lending her opinion.

Excuse me! [Congratulations, Harley, you are now being addressed by a seven foot tall blue lion with a weirdly plump golden volleyball with wings perched on his shoulder. In his massive hands are three different ties.] Sorry to bother you, but would you mind telling me which of these you think best accentuates my fur?
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[He pulls them back, holding the striped one against his arm. She's right, of course. The green one was only an indulgence, anyway, there's no way it would really look all that great. And yet...]

But I did like the polka dots.
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Blue and orange, clashing? I think Hollywood poster designers would disagree!

[He holds it up against his neck to get a good visualization, but it isn't easy to see around his snout.] It was the color I liked to begin with, but maybe it could do with a shirt that softens the transition.

[Meanwhile, Timcampy is getting bored and plops off of Hank's shoulder, waddling on away on his little stumpy feet.]
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Well, you can't wear the same tie everyday! [He looks back at the striped one.] Especially not one with such personality as this. Better to save that for more specialized occasions.
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Really? What would you wear it with, if you're going to make something that loud work?
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It's such a shame when it seems like black or white are your only options! I might prefer something cream-colored instead. ...But not with that tie, obviously.
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You don't think I'm blue enough already? I don't think my coat should eliminate all of my options!
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That would be quite simple, I'd just have to make it work in a way that doesn't clash! Yellow matches my eyes, after all.
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[Well, McCoy is probably of Scottish ancestry.]

For the suit? I'm sure I could make yellow work splendidly with a green jacket. Maybe even a yellow vest to match!