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WHO: Everyone participating and attending the CHARITY BENEFIT. Don't forget to tag yourselves!
WHERE: One of the City's many fancy, large event ballrooms
WHEN: FRIDAY, the 5th, 5 PM onward
WARNINGS: Doubtfully any?
SUMMARY: It's the big night at last! FOR YOUR OWN REFERENCE: Bidding results have been posted here.
FORMAT: Whatever is your pleasure.

The night is here at last. Please make sure you're dressed as nicely as you're able, and take care to donate at the door if you're able -- it's not required, but it's all too a good cause. Upon entering the ballroom you'll see many tables laid out with white tablecloths and place settings; feel free can sit and order something, the restaurant is open until 11PM and the bar opens at 8PM. In the left corner is the table where at any given hour or half hour interval you can find someone signing autographs and photos for imPorts or natives alike. The schedule reads:

In the right corner is the auction set-up; at 8PM sharp the auctioneer will set up a ballot for silent bids to be placed, and announce the highest bids at 15 minute intervals. Good luck! It should be wrapped, like the signings, at 12 midnight. Have fun tonight, Cityzens, eat, drink, be merry, and bid until your desired option has been pried from your cold not-dead fingers. At 12:15 the WINNING BIDS will be announced.

Congratulations, everyone; you have raised $136,022! Below are separate mingling threads to utilize as you'd like: there's loads to do, just mind the clock. As usual, don't be shy about new CR!
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open for autographs!

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[Hank sits at his table, twiddling his pen in one hand, his headshots all laid out in front of him. He brought along an image inducer, mostly as a parlor gag, partly as a demonstration of his work. Maybe a stack of pamphlets about the Xavier Institute, as well.

His attention keeps going off to the auction case. Those damn so puppets unsettle him. He checks his watch, there's still some time. He'll have to do something about them.
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Doctor McCoy.

[Mordin nods in greeting, then immediately starts peering at the image inducer. Science.]

Wasn't expecting to see you here. Good opportunity to talk- never really had the chance to discuss scientific matters, despite previous encounters. Impressed with your work, technical and medical. Would be honoured to have your autograph.

[And maybe an evening to talk about science with him. Mordin is gonna do some real bidding soon, oh yes.]
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Dr. Solus! By all means, the honor is mine.

[But, nonetheless, he takes one of the serious-looking headshots (though he has some sillier ones he kept off to the side just in case) and scribbles out a signature across the bottom, along with a little doodle of a bubbling beaker with a smiley face on it.]

I've always regretted that, actually, as you've done quite the impressive amount of work, yourself. I've been quite a fan of the sensors, especially.
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Glad you approve. [Mordin doesn't even look to see his autograph being written. He reaches out and pokes the image inducer with a long, slender finger.] Important project, producing significant results. Oh!

[Now he does look away from the science.]

Gave you a spare prototype for testing, I recall. How did it go? Identify any possible improvements?
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Ah, right!

[He ends up picking up the image inducer as he starts talking, once Mordin's attention has moved away from it. Passing it from hand-to-hand, checking over the buttons. It's there as both a demonstration of his work and a party favor, so what good is it if it isn't being ogled or studied?

He'll have to show the other scientist a few of its tricks.
] I hadn't really made any improvements myself so much as I wanted to properly understand the technology involved. I do think it would be useful to require our faculty to have it installed as a forewarning system. Sometimes the speed information travels at is the farthest-reaching benefit we can hope to offer the world!
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Excellent idea. [Mordin strokes his chin, considering.] Also excellent insight. Connectivity among ImPort community's greatest advantages. Network useful both socially and for crisis management. Ways to improve or extend benefits could be quite valuable.
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Improving the Network itself would be more complicated. We would need to know more about the hardware involved in maintaining it, and where the server is based to begin with. [It isn't something he's really bothered tracing before, but he wouldn't be surprised if Tony had. Most likely it was in the Porter housing, but that was really just conjecture.] The best we could really do there is increasing security by putting it in our own hands, but co-opting it without drawing attention would be a challenge.

Idle thinking, mostly.
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Yes. Actually, parallel to something suggested to me by Julian Keller- believe you know him. Proposed direct communicator modification to increase sensor efficiency. Used Vulcanus sabotage last year as example.

[Mordin lowers his hand, shakes his head.]

Examining feasibility hasn't been encouraging. Can't find way to do it without being vapourized by Porter. Don't understand how Vulcanus did it.
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[The frightening thing there is the suggestion that Vulcanus must have a way to move within Lachesis' blindspots, either by such blindspots actually existing already, or they have the ability to create them. Neither thought is reassuring.]

Is that only for the sensors themselves, or the entire Network? Because the problem in the second would be that changing the way the Network is relayed could change it completely. Ridding ourselves of the server would lose us not only data, but security as well. There could be a way to make it work, but I'm not sure the results would be worth it.
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[Mordin's been feeling the exact same fright ever since he heard the story of how Vulcanus pulled that off. He can't figure out how they managed it, and whenever Mordin can't figure something out, it bothers him.]

Sensors only. Currently using lab computers to receive sensor signal, then triggering sending of farewell messages from communicators. Julian's idea would cut out middle step, render lab link superfluous.

[Mordin frowns, thoughtful.]

Agree total Network modification undesirable. Risks of something going wrong- problematic.
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Ah, yes, I can see how that might expedite it. Though, of course, you would lose your own ability to collect the data from it.

[Which Hank had always suspected was half the idea behind them.]
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[Mordin shrugs like 'whatever no big deal.']

Already have ample data on Porter energy. Can always use more, of course- new phenomenon, still being understood. However, in this case, judge practical applications to be more important. Sensors and farewell messages provide important benefit to ImPort community.

[He smiles.]

Learning always enjoyable, but less point in learning if you can't use it to help people.
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Ah, well, I meant more the data related to individual comings and goings. But I suppose recording that would be at your own discretion, and perhaps there are some who'd feel it was taking advantage.

[His face turns thoughtful.] While I personally feel that helping people should be the highest priority, but I think there are endless applications for our learning and countless motivations. We have to help ourselves as well as everyone else, after all.

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Re: open for autographs!

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[Angelica's mission is twofold: unload those awful puppets and collect as many autographs as possible. Smiling, she walks up to Hank's table and presents him with a small notebook.]

Good evening, Hank. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind signing my autograph book.
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Hmm? Oh, of course.

[He takes the book and scribbles his name in on a blank page, making sure to leave a nice note above it. But his attention is still partly arrested.]

So, those puppets. ...Pietro made them?
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[She admires the autograph a moment, then slips the book neatly under her arm.]

He sure did. He makes them all the time. We probably have thirty of them in his study. This is no exaggeration.
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[The frown he gives is one of a sort of baffled sympathy. He can't even imagine thirty of them in one room, the thought itself is vaguely horrifying.]

You mean, he has multiples of this set?
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Well, not this set specifically, though I bet he could easily remake them. Recently I've spotted Dorothy and her friends from Oz, Mister Toad and Ratty, and other characters from kids' books and fairy tales.

[Pietro always liked the whimsy of the fairy tales. Angie thinks back to their first date and visiting a tea shop modeled after Toad Hall. It's nice to think of now, and it's a decent distraction from the terror the puppets usually evoked.]

He started making them when he was a child, you know? Back in Transia.
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I recall his foster father having a similar interest when we first encountered him during my earlier days as an Avenger. [IT WAS REALLY WEIRD.] I imagine he must have picked it up from him, somewhere along the way.
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They're really very beautiful, and he works really hard on them. I always thought it would be a good way to earn some extra money, but this is the first time I've been able to convince him to part with more than a couple of them at once.
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You've actually managed to... [Wow, how to word this.] ...sell them to others before?
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Yeah, I did. [She looks a bit sheepish.] Only a few of them though, over the Network. Let's just say he was really upset when he found out.
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[Hank, on the other hand, looks genuinely baffled.] And who was actually interested in buying them?
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[She has to think a moment to remember.] Eridan bought five, I think.
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Isn't he the ornery young man with the accent and the poor understanding of both science and magic?

[Because that is the only thing Hank has ever spoken to him about.]

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