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WHO: Everyone participating and attending the CHARITY BENEFIT. Don't forget to tag yourselves!
WHERE: One of the City's many fancy, large event ballrooms
WHEN: FRIDAY, the 5th, 5 PM onward
WARNINGS: Doubtfully any?
SUMMARY: It's the big night at last! FOR YOUR OWN REFERENCE: Bidding results have been posted here.
FORMAT: Whatever is your pleasure.

The night is here at last. Please make sure you're dressed as nicely as you're able, and take care to donate at the door if you're able -- it's not required, but it's all too a good cause. Upon entering the ballroom you'll see many tables laid out with white tablecloths and place settings; feel free can sit and order something, the restaurant is open until 11PM and the bar opens at 8PM. In the left corner is the table where at any given hour or half hour interval you can find someone signing autographs and photos for imPorts or natives alike. The schedule reads:

In the right corner is the auction set-up; at 8PM sharp the auctioneer will set up a ballot for silent bids to be placed, and announce the highest bids at 15 minute intervals. Good luck! It should be wrapped, like the signings, at 12 midnight. Have fun tonight, Cityzens, eat, drink, be merry, and bid until your desired option has been pried from your cold not-dead fingers. At 12:15 the WINNING BIDS will be announced.

Congratulations, everyone; you have raised $136,022! Below are separate mingling threads to utilize as you'd like: there's loads to do, just mind the clock. As usual, don't be shy about new CR!
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Hank wasn't hard to spot. The guy is huge and blue, after all, but more than that, he was walking directly in Quentin's direction once the results were announced. He had his checkbook out.

"I'll give you three thousand dollars."
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"You aren't getting out of spending the day listening to me," Quentin interjects. He knows why Hank is offering him the three thousand check but, he doesn't want to give up his prize. His one chance to pointedly mock the very group he hates. Taking a step away from Hank, he takes the set of dolls with him.

"Use that money to make my dinner."
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"I have no intention of getting out of that." Somewhere in his mind, he almost wonders if it might not be good for the two of them. Some adjacent area is starting to think he's gone mad. He keeps pace behind Quentin, not ready to let him go just yet.

"There are some abominations that just shouldn't be out in the world, Mr. Quire. I would appreciate if you'd let me deal with this one."
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"You think I'm an abomination, Hank? I'm wounded." Again, he takes Hank's words completely out of context on purpose. He enjoys agonizing Hank, and with the play of words he knows he's pushing the professor's buttons in two different ways. One, by continuing to deny him the marionettes and by diverging the conversation away from the topic of the marionettes.

"That's no way to talk to your best student."
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"You aren't the one I'm taking about. Neither are you currently a student." He begins writing out the check, then tears it off and holds it up, just out of Quentin's reach. "See? Three thousand dollars. Just let me have those puppets."
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"Oh, you mean these dolls?" Quentin asks as he gestures towards the case. He looks down, admiring his win and appears to be considering the option of handing them over. Instead of handing them over, he takes a step backwards and looks up at Hank with a smirk.

"No can do."
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Hank rolls his eyes and groans. Why Quentin, of all people? Did he really think he would have gotten anywhere trying to reason with him?

"Why, exactly, did you want them so badly?"
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Quentin grins at the question and sets the case down on the floor gently before opening it up to unveil the avenger marionettes. With a certain air of playfulness, he picks up the Captain America puppet, dangling him by his arms.

"For fun." He beams with pride as he squishes the dolls face. "Who doesn't like Cap and his stupid fat head with his cute wittle wings."
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Hand folds the check and slips it in his pocket, his hands moving to his hips.

"You're just going to torture and destroy them, aren't you?" He says it with an air of disapproval, but really, not even deep enough to be beneath the surface, he thinks he would be okay with that. He wanted them destroyed anyway, and while it may not be the best of hands or circumstances, what gets the job done might still be perfectly acceptable.
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"Well not all of them but, yeah. Something along the lines of torturing them."

Hank might not approve of the shenanigans these puppets are going to find themselves situated in, but he has the right idea when it comes to what Quentin intends to do with the dolls. He closes the case, keeping the Captain doll out to curb his boredom of the celebration party.

"Doesn't that make you mad?" He knew the answer but he asked it anyways. To give Hank some sort of wishful thinking., or rather to see what Hank says. Quentin waits for the answer as he idly puppeteers Captain America through the small bursts of telekinesis.
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Maybe it isn't such a great idea to try lying to a telepath, but if Quentin knew he wanted them destroyed he'd be far less likely to comply. He might even go so far as to plant one in his office just to surprise him if it didn't mean having to set foot on school grounds.

First step in avoiding a lie with a mind reader, don't give yes or no answers, stick to facts. "I find it incredibly disrespectful to them. Do you really think that was worth fifteen hundred?"

Wait. He missed something. That was a detail probably worth worrying about. "What do you mean not all of them? What did you plan to do with the others?"
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"Well,I might destroy Captain America because I hate him but on the other hand, my own little voodoo doll sounds kind of flashy. It all depends on my imagination and inspiration at the moment." He smirks, but it quickly fades as he looks at Hank. He's not reading his mind but, the look on his face makes it seem like he is.

"But why do you care what I plan to do? You think it's disrespectful either way."
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"What, and there can't be any nuance to such a thought? I think it's disrespectful and it has to end there?" He points to the case, a certain blue puppet in particular. "I think I'm allowed some curiosity when one of them is me."
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"Maybe I'm hosting a science show with puppet Henry McCoy." Quentin grins, which is partly correct. He's hosting a show, with puppets, anyways.

"But enough of that," he indicates he's done discussing the fate of the puppets and makes a wild gesture at Hank. "What about our little five topic dicussion? And dinner, don't forget that."
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Hank just isn't ready to talk about the dinner yet. He's too busy hearing just what he was afraid of. "Five thousand dollars."
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"Nope, no can do," Quentin smirks. Perhaps on any other occasion he'd jump at the prospects of having five thousand dollars but, he knows his decline if for a noble cause.
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"It was never the puppets you wanted to torture at all, was it? This is all for the benefit of the people they resemble." Benefit wasn't the word, but he wasn't using it sincerely, either.
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"Oh please," he exasperates. "I'm doing it for the benefit of me. If Captain America had made me attend mandatory therapy sessions, I think it would turn out something like what I have in mind."
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Hank just scoffs in response. "Don't mistake therapy for mischief. I doubt that you'll keep anything that comes from it to yourself, you couldn't miss the chance for attention."
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"That would be selfish of me, Hank. Selfish of me to not share my mischief- I mean. Progress." Again, he's grinning with delight. Sure, Hank knew what he was up to but, he had no way of stopping Quentin in Quentin's mind. Sure, there were a couple of plausible scenarios but none of them seemed like things Hank would do. Unless, of purse, he did the unexpected. But Quentin was counting on what he expected.
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And Quentin was entirely correct in that. It takes desperation to get Hank to do the unexpected, and while this was an inconvenience, an embarrassment, an annoyance, end the end it wasn't worth going to extremes. At least, not until the puppets turn out to be the vessels of some kind of creepy mind control scheme.

"Oh, I'd love to hear how you intend to stretch this to fit the definition of progress."