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i want to let go, i want to shake hands

WHO: danger, hank mccoy, & leo valdez.
WHERE: x-club.
WHEN: backdated to the weekend.
WARNINGS: science???
SUMMARY: x-club welcomes the son of hephaestus.
FORMAT: quickie.

[ the truth of the matter is, danger is rarely too interested in recruiting help. as far as she's concerned, she's more than capable of managing her share of the work-- and it helps, being a literal machine. it means not having to eat or sleep. it means being able to endlessly multitask, processing information at electric speeds while her inhuman strength lends itself to the more physical labor.

but despite that, she'd made the effort to bring leo valdez to hank's attention-- to arrange this meeting, even. there was something different about him. and while she might have been biased by his treatment of her (as a person, and with such wonder, such interest), there was no denying that leo had a special talent for mechanics.

as they wait in the basement lab for leo to arrive, danger remarks plainly:

I believe you will find him suitable to be taken under our mentorship, Hank.
He is very eager, and I think he will find a place to belong with us.
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[Hank is leaned up against the counter with his arms folded. He's rather pleased to see Danger show such initiative, and recruiting new members is something that's been on his mind for a while. X-Club has been in a precarious position recently, and it would take work if he's going to salvage it, and new blood is part of that. There are a few names on his mind already, so Danger suggesting one of her own is a good start.

He might use this as incentive to approach another person or two.

Well, I have always wanted an intern, but it never really worked out before. Your vote of confidence has to be quite a winning recommendation either way, so I'm just as eager to meet him!
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[Leo still had a long way to go until he familiarized himself with the laboratory, but he was slowly getting to know the most important places after a couple of times. Especially the ones Danger used the most, since he liked to stay close to her while they worked. He was her guest in this place after all and he didn't want to step on anyone's toes.

And now he was supposed to meet one of her friends. Co-workers. Partners?

Still, since his working schedule meant he came to the lab at weird hours he hadn't yet come across Hank. So he's a little surprised to find a blue teddy bear next to her...

Oh, uh... hi. [Whatever, he's seen weirder right? He gives him a hesitant smile.] I'm Leo.
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Leo, hmm? I'm sure irony will have that you're a Capricorn! [He extends a paw toward the boy with a smile.] So, tell me a bit about yourself. What kind of things do you do?
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[The Teddy bear is a Doctor? And knows manners, apparently. Julian did mention some mutants from his world had weird looks that scared them off, and Danger's power was also maintaining her robotic body. Hank's was probably maintaining his fur.

Leo shakes his paw easily with a smile.
] Nah, born in August. Mamá thought it kind of fit.

[Deep breath. The man seems nice enough and he's Danger's friend so maybe if he's honest about his abilities he won't kick him out? Danger did say he had potential.]

I'm... well I should start with the fact that I'm a demigod I guess. I'm a son of Hephaestus, which means I get long better with technology and machines than I ever did with humans in general. I don't... have any kind of training whatsoever but I can build anything you want me to with enough time and material.

I might not be able to explain how though, but I just... do. Machinery kind of talks to me in away? And I would love, love to know more. To learn more.
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[He gives Danger a nod of agreement. He can tell already the boy shows promise, and her vouching for him certainly goes a long way.]

You might be surprised how many gods I've worked with in my day. Never Hephaestus himself, but I'm sure Hercules could have told us stories about him if we asked.

So, it's something of an innate technopathy? Do you only build things you know the specifications to, or have you been able to intuitively discern the construction of items you've never seen before you made them? [Technopathy had so many different variations to it. For as many Madisons as there are, you'll always have your occasional Forge, too.]
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[Danger's positive assessment of himself and the Teddy- Hank's laid-back attitude about who he is overwhelm Leo for a second, and he just stares and blinks for a few seconds without even lowering his hand.

Eventually he does- and he's tempted to yell 'I'm smart, I swear' at them because he feels there's no way he will live up to the standards Danger is putting him in.

Uhm- yeah, I'm getting that a lot. About the gods I mean- apparently everyone isn't as surprised about their existence as I was when I found out who my father was.

[He scratches the back of his neck.] I'm- Uh, I guess it's more of the second? I haven't found anything I can drive or know how it works in a matter of minutes. I just... know.
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Well, they sound rather comprehensive as it is. [He turns around to have a look at the lab behind them, and the various machinery throughout it.] It might be worth running him through a few of our completed projects, just to see how quickly he takes to the sort of work we do here.

How would that sound to you, Leo?
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[Leo grins and makes his knuckles pop, the shy grin slowly being taken over by his usual proud and sure of himself demeanor.]

Bring it on.
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Absolutely! Though I hope you don't hog him, it could be nice to have an extra pair of hands around.

[He looks around the room for something close at hand, picking up one of their prototype image inducers, a handheld personal holographic disguise device. He tosses it over to Leo.] What can you tell me about that one?
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[When Danger said he would fit in, he had only bought it partially. He rarely gets along with people, he is always the third wheel people tagged along with because he was useful.

But in this place he is actually going to be the one learning. He was other to watch and help as other built things, not the other way round. He catches the device easily, thinking this is too good to be true.

This is... [He looks down at it, running a finger across the material but being extremely careful. He doesn't know how sensible it is.] I'm pretty sure this part is supposed to create some sort of hologram, but I can't see any screen. It doesn't directly go to the retinas either, it's more like... [He fishes for the right words, this is why he wants to learn. ] I think it would be seen all around you.