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I said "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"

WHO: Staff, patients, and visitors at the ImPort Clinic!
WHERE: ImPort Clinic, Manhattan.
WHEN: Over the week of April 13-April 20.
WARNINGS: Probably none.
SUMMARY: Open Clinic log for science, medicine, getting to know co-workers, and more.
FORMAT: Whatever works. Start your own threads, set up Clinic-y scenarios tag into other threads, make new CR!

Things were going very well at the Clinic lately, at least in the esteemed opinion of its current administrator. Mordin had a great team with some new faces that he was excited by. The City hadn't witnessed a real invasion or massacre for long enough that the flow of patients was entirely manageable. Clinic funding was both generous and secure thanks to the Rossum Corporation's trust fund.

Mordin was convinced the Clinic was in a good position to do more, that it had a solid grounding from which to launch new initiatives in medicine and research. The City was always an intriguing place for a doctor: its unique dangers tended to create unique medical challenges. Based on how things were progressing, Mordin was confident the Clinic could meet anything the City could throw at it.
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Depending on the time of day, Rapunzel can be found all over the clinic, typically with her hair up in her short, brown pixie cut. She might be assisting one of the doctors with a patient, or sitting somewhere reading the various medical books (she...mostly doesn't understand but she's TRYING) or just observing people working.

She also has become something of a go-to woman for the local children, who tend to show up whenever they happen to hurt themselves and have her fix them up straight-away. She uses a little room off to the side of the entrance for it, and can be found in there wrapping her hair around various small injuries (and some larger ones, for the skateboarding crowd) and magically fixing them up before sending them on their way.
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Hank had come in for his shift about a few hours ago, and spent most of his time since making his rounds and picking up a few new admissions. Nothing was really emergency-level at the moment, so he felt he had a moment to sit down for some coffee in the break room.

After filling his mug, and he didn't to keep some very quality beans in stock specifically for moments like these, he saw her huddled on the break table with a collection of books. He eased himself down onto a nearby couch and gave her a nod. "You look like you're studying for a final."
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Rapunzel looked up with a start as Beast sat down, her green eyes wide until she remembered where she was. She could get quite absorbed in a book, even when she wasn't entirely comprehending what she was reading.

"Uhm," she brushed her hair out of her face and sat up. "No, it's just, mm..." She held up the book, which was one medical text or another she had pilfered from the various offices around the building. She always returned them!

"I'm just trying to understand more of it. Since I work here." She explained finally, looking somewhat embarrassed.
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He righted his glasses and leaned forward a bit to read the title, but the book itself didn't seem as important as the topic. Nonetheless, he kept it in mind. "Yet, you seem to have no problem doing so even without that knowledge. Still, personal enrichment has never been known to cause harm, and some of the nuances may ultimately benefit you if the magic should ever fail."

He turned his attention back to his coffee, but quickly looked up again with a frown. "It is magic, isn't it?"
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She smiled sheepishly. "Well, trying to understand it and actually understanding it are fairly different," and trying was the operative word, here, since she barely understood half of it, really.

"What? Oh, my hair...yes, it's magic." She gave a nod, reaching up to tug on her hair lightly. "Mother always said it was magic anyway, and it acts like magic..."
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"Well, it certainly seems like magic, at least." He rested his hand on his chin, leaning back in his seat. "Part of the problem may be that medical textbooks are hardly material for beginners. You can't really just leap into it and expect to grasp the whole thing without first having been initiated into that context. Most medical students will already have completed at least sixteen years of standard academic training!"
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She sighed at that because it was obvious and true and she knew it was true. But there wasn't really anything much she could do about it. Professor Solus had suggested a few things, but she knew that would take a lot of time to organize.

"Well, I sort of...missed school. I never left Mother's tower until I was eighteen, and then I was here and it was too late for me to go to school..." She shrugged. "So I'm just trying to make the best I can."
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He let out a thoughtful noise, sipping at his coffee. "Well, it doesn't have to be too late. There are GED courses available. Why, you wouldn't be the only imPort to be in such a situation, either! We have someone else at the Institute working toward the same thing."
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"...Really?" People had mentioned it, but that wasn't the same as knowing it was genuinely a thing, and Rapunzel had been sort of afraid to ask for fear of it not being a thing.

"I mean, it doesn't matter that I...I've never gone to any school at all?"
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"Well, that's mostly the point of a GED. It proves that you have the general equivalent of the education necessary after twelve years in school. And the courses beforehand are to make sure that you do."

Of course, there was always more to learn after that. "If you wanted to specialize your knowledge in medicine once that's finished, well... Have you considered nursing school?"
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She nodded at the GED information, though how much of it she understood she wasn't sure yet. The idea seemed reasonable at least. "I...could take those, then?"

And then she frowned. "I hadn't really...I mean, I assumed I couldn't go to nurse school or medical school or anything like that."
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"With the GED you could, along with a few pre-entrance exams." He finished off his coffee and put the mug on the table. He'd probably have more information on this sort of thing at the school, but nothing on him at the moment.

"If you'd like, I could put together a packet for you to outline the whole process."
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"Oh that would be wonderful!" Rapunzel couldn't even attempt to hide her glee, a big smile settling on her face. If he was right...and she had no reason to believe he wasn't...maybe she really could do all this!

"Thank you so much, Doctor McCoy."
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"Of course!" He gave her a smile of his own, glad he could brighten someone's day. "I'll have the whole thing waiting for you next time you work."
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"Thank you!" It took everything she had not to give him a hug, and she nearly did anyway.

"I work again the day after tomorrow. Is that too soon? Do you need more time?"
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"Oh, not at all," he said, rising up to his feet, peering at the bottom of his mug with a frown. He looked back up from it to give her a smile. "That should be plenty of time for me, really!"
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"Oh thank you!" She's practically bouncing in place she's so excited...and then yup, Hank is getting a big hug.

She just couldn't resist.
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He can't help but laugh as he brings his big fluffy arms around to complete the hug. "It's really no trouble at all!"