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I said "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"

WHO: Staff, patients, and visitors at the ImPort Clinic!
WHERE: ImPort Clinic, Manhattan.
WHEN: Over the week of April 13-April 20.
WARNINGS: Probably none.
SUMMARY: Open Clinic log for science, medicine, getting to know co-workers, and more.
FORMAT: Whatever works. Start your own threads, set up Clinic-y scenarios tag into other threads, make new CR!

Things were going very well at the Clinic lately, at least in the esteemed opinion of its current administrator. Mordin had a great team with some new faces that he was excited by. The City hadn't witnessed a real invasion or massacre for long enough that the flow of patients was entirely manageable. Clinic funding was both generous and secure thanks to the Rossum Corporation's trust fund.

Mordin was convinced the Clinic was in a good position to do more, that it had a solid grounding from which to launch new initiatives in medicine and research. The City was always an intriguing place for a doctor: its unique dangers tended to create unique medical challenges. Based on how things were progressing, Mordin was confident the Clinic could meet anything the City could throw at it.
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Molly is almost always at the clinic during odd hours of the day and night. A fair chunk of her work revolves around filing and checkups, but she does take on emergency cases now and then. And, of course, she's always around to hand out free coffee to anyone in the waiting room (if they aren't going to be treated, of course). Just look for the woman in the white coat with what is probably a jumper with a kitten on it, the woman behind the front desk will tell you. She always has a smile and a few words to share.
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Of course, someone has to bring her own coffee every now and again. Hank drops in where she's working on her filing and drops a cup on the desk next to her while he's at it, leaning against the wall as he flips through a few new admission charts. "Much as we may like to support the bistro down the street with our patronage, trade secret: I keep the gourmet stuff in the break room."
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Molly is probably made of at least 40% caffeine; ingesting more can't be good for her. And even though she jumps a bit at the sudden addition of the cup to her desk, she smiles when she sees who's delivered it. Molly tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear and laughs. "Is that where it is? No wonder I've never been able to find it."
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It really is unnerving how quickly and silently such a large guy can move. When you expect clumsy, thudding footfalls, he instead moves with a superhuman grace and finesse. Though the slippers they make him wear here to meet regulations at least give a bit more sound than his padded feet.

He glances up from his chart with a grin. "Well, that's the brilliance in it! Everyone expects it to be hidden, so they never imagine it might be just where it's meant to be. If they weren't so suspicious, they might actually be rewarded."
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She sets her papers down and reaches for the cup. A quick sip assures her that it's just as gourmet as she'd expected. But she drinks anyway, partly because she needs it and partly because Hank's brought it to her in the first place. "Excellent idea. I promise I won't tell a soul about this fantastic coffee. I won't even use it myself, just to keep your secret safe."
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"No need to worry about that!" He raised a brow, sipping his own cup. "I'd hardly have revealed the location if I weren't extending an invitation for them to be used."
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"In that case, thanks. I'll take advantage of it just as soon as I can." Which probably won't be for a while--she still has quite a bit of paperwork to do. Not that she minds; she has a certain knack for tedious jobs. "How are you, Hank? Coffee keeping you awake?"
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"This? Oh, I drink it for my health," he said with another grin. "Sleep is a very tricky concession. We obviously need it to keep our bodies and minds from burning out, but it always cuts in on one's time! It's a constant battle, balancing the two," he raised his mug as if raising a banner, "but at least we're properly armed for it."
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She nods, returning his salute with one of her own along with a wide smile. "Don't I know it. At least as I've gotten older, I've learned to run on less sleep." Molly knows, just as well as any doctor, that it isn't healthy in the least, but when one gets as busy as they did at the clinic, there was really no helping it.
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Health schmealth, they have patients to look after. There's no room to sleep with all that to take care of. "You know what I've found helps aside from just what's sure to be more caffeine this a person should ever ingest?"

He leaned down with his hands out, pinching the air between thumb and forefinger. A punchline requires presentation, after all. Even when it's actually true. "Cat naps."
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Those are her thoughts exactly--it's just that nobody who isn't in the medical profession seems to understand it. Life as a doctor is hard.

For her part, Molly leans forward, looking as if she's hanging on his every word. Which isn't entirely untrue--Hank is a very intelligent man, and there is a very high possibility that any tidbit he offers will be incredibly helpful. Almost sadly, his suggestion is one she has heard many a time though hasn't ever managed to implement. "I've never been good at naps, unfortunately. Once I'm up, I'm up."
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He leaned back, shrugging with one hand as he took a sip from his cup. "That can be the unfortunate case for some people. It was worth the suggestion, at least."
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"Maybe one day when I'm a little older, I'll be able to." An impish smile crosses her lips. "Or I'll somehow become more catlike, if I keep adopting them. I'm sure that could help."
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He let out a chuckle at that. "Well, spend enough time around them, you never know what you may learn from osmosis! If you have one at home, maybe you could just curl up with it on the couch some time and see what it gets you."
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"Lacey would like that, probably." She's actually done that exact thing many times, though she's never been able to fall asleep. Maybe if she turned off the telly she would, though.
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Televisions can be so distracting when you're trying to sleep. "I wouldn't doubt it. Cats can be very fond cuddlers, after all."
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"Once they soften you up with their claws, of course!" Toby had been declawed when she'd gotten him, but she'd had no such luck when she'd adopted Lacey.
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"Oh, that's just their way of getting comfortable! Just as one might fluff a pillow before resting their head on it." Hank himself had never kneaded his bed before lying in it, but, you know, the thought tended to occur to him from time to time. The subconscious can be a funny thing. Just one of those small reminders that he is still somewhat animal beneath the man beneath the animal.
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Really, Molly doesn't even consider the thought that Hank could have any catlike behaviors. He's too much of a classy gentleman for that "I'm not sure how much I like the idea of being her pillow if that's the case." A complete lie; she loves when Lacey curls up beside her. It makes her fee comfortable, silly as it might seem.
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Molly doesn't think of him that way on accident, it's the exact impression he works pretty hard to give people. "It isn't that bad. Takes a bit of getting used to, maybe, but it can be nice."