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Meeting at the D.O.I.

Who: Callie, Julian, Jack and all those that signed up here
What: A secured meeting at the D.O.I... Things get rolling towards Import action against Skrulls and Vulcanu
When: Thursday, 6pm
Warnings: None?
Notes: Assume your characters have been contacted by either Callie, Julian, and Jack prior to the meeting- pin pointing their interest in helping with Import support and taking down Vulcanus. Any questions just PM Brakish.

Callie waited as the Imports they had contacted filed in to the conference room. She glanced over the room, giving a nod to her assistant who closed the door. Clearing her throat, Callie stepped to the head of the conference table.

"Thank you for coming tonight. As you all should know by now... we have communicated with you due to our attempt to rallying an Import committee to finally take a stand against the organizations that threaten us and in effect, the natives that live here. The D.O.I. has been continuously running an investigation since the last major clusterfuck. We've run across a couple leads... but the trick here being most activity we are seeing is happening over seas."

Callie gave a nod, projecting a map onto the screen behind her.

"Here you see our biggest lead-- As you can see, there's some activity in England..Skrull related. Our guy in question is the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs-- Craig Williamson." She clicked to a picture of the fellow in question.

"He's fairly public, incredibly vocal about immigration restrictions, and thought fairly highly of by his government. As the Import population rose in number, he called for stronger border control. It was to the surprise of no one that he became one of the earliest supporters of the ImBargo Act, and was one of its strongest champions in the British Cabinet. His role in securing the necessary support for the Act in the Cabinet as well as within Parliament itself cannot be overstated. A popular and trusted Foreign Secretary, he is viewed on the whole as having the country’s best interests at heart, even though the ImBargo Act itself has always been a subject of controversy."

She stepped ahead. "Support for Mr Williamson suffered a marked decline after ImPorts were attacked in Venezuela by Vulcanus. Mr Williamson has given fewer press interviews over recent months, though his stance on ImBargo remains as firm as ever, and he rarely comments on protests against the Act from other quarters except to restate his own position."

She shook her head. "As you can probably guess, we need to confirm him as a possible Skrull, which requires deeper investigation.... which means infiltrating the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as agency workers. If there is corruption, it'll be found in their filing systems-- particularly evidence that Williamson's policies represented a marked change from his predecessor's. Involvement with Vulcanus will be found by way of his private office, no doubt. Records, diaries, and expenses will be telling."
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Hank crossed one leg over the other, shifting in his seat slightly. "I have experience working operational and analytical support for more secret ops. Obviously, I wouldn't be very effective in the field for something of this nature," harder to hide a giant blue guy, even with some of the technology he has, "but I have tools I could offer to make a mission like this go smoother."
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Hank spread his hands, inclining his head a little. "Well, sharing the exact history of my experience isn't really in the cards." Though only one other person it's relevant to was in the City, it still didn't feel like his story to tell. "Let's just say that I know how to outfit spies. For a stealth mission, the important part is to avoid detection while getting as close as possible to Williamson. Disguises. Though what our people will be doing exactly once the distance is closed, that's a bit iffier."
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"Speaking of," Piccolo interrupted for a brief moment, arms across his chest. "How far are you and Jeffries on device that changes your appearance? ...If we don't have one that's functioning, I might need to sit this one out." Not that it was a favorable outcome... he truly wanted to help with this mission.
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"We still have the prototype, of course. Actual production has been delayed due to...a staffing shortage." Most particularly, Madison's recent absence, but even before that, things hadn't been going smoothly. Not since that day, in fact. "I can make sure to get one to you by the time this is done, if not a couple more for everyone else going along. I may be able to program in a few extra disguises specifically for the mission, though I'll need is a dossier of the office."