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(or do you not think so far ahead.)

WHO: the escapee ([personal profile] ioudas), the bond villain ([personal profile] oedipusrat), the best friend ([personal profile] professorlionface) and the robot ([personal profile] heartlessglitch)
WHERE: nepal
WHEN: before waterworld
WARNINGS: it's cross
SUMMARY: People have had enough with his shenanigans and they're going to get him back.
FORMAT: Quick!

(The moment he had made that broadcast, he should have run. His powers had returned to him and whatever adverse effect that being without them didn't appear. Cross woke up one morning, realized that he wasn't consumed with --

Well, he didn't know what Fallens felt like. He assumed that it was always hate and the urge to destroy themselves from the inside out, but he didn't feel like that. What Cross felt was loneliness. It was a pity that he couldn't just return back to the City, acting like nothing had happened. However, pride was a pesky thing; his face was patched up by the local doctors but it was still raw and red from the shot, his head pounds maybe because he doesn't sleep and he feels like he needs to just away from everything.

His assassination meant one thing, the key players in this game that he's played in for so long (too long) were waking up. He was supposed to be there when they awoke, and be there to make sure that nothing happened to them. Every day it's like this, wake up with a gasp as if he'd pulled himself out of death, feel the need to plan something, do nothing and go into town to fix things here and there. He'd taken up residence in a kind stranger's house, exchanging small favors here and there for residence.

His decision to leave for Goa next week was probably procrastination, thinking that even Tim couldn't track him down now that he was "dead".
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[Despite the reason for the trip, Silva still can take some time to appreciate his first bit of travel outside the country (in fact, outside the City) since his arrival. He's a patient man, but there's still some wanderlust left in his blood.

The company is awkward, but it can be ignored. They're all on this flight, himself and Doctor McCoy and Danger (who seems slightly less intimidating as someone with human flesh and looks compared to her typical robotic counterpart), for one reason that he's aware of. All about Cross. The bloody attention-seeking narcissist should be happy to get all of this. But chances are that he won't.

He shouldn't even be here, but it's a thought he keeps to himself when they're back on solid land, a trio that must stuck out so sorely in the likes of Nepal. But it's not like Cross is going to blend in, either. He shouldn't be that hard to find if he hasn't rabbited.]

My Nepalese is somewhat rusty. [The last time Cross made contact with the network was somewhere in the area. But unless Cross is chatting it up or inadvertently broadcasting right now, he can't narrow it down any farther.] Doctor, Miss Danger, if you have slightly better knowledge...?
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[Of course, how badly they'd stick out is one reason Hank brought his image inducer, activating it just before they got off the jet. He appears as a much smaller man, with is mostly relative for someone at his size, but it's accurate enough to the face he had long ago.

Just under six feet, with dark brown hair, round glasses, and a big parka. You could catch an anomalous blur every now and then as he moves, betraying the size disparity almost as much as the wide berth he's still keeping from everyone else, or the way Timcampy resting on his shoulder looks like he's floating a foot in the air. The little guy seems a bit excitable now that they've entered the village.

I'm not fluent, but I might know just enough to get us through this. [He looks over (up?) at Tim.] I think our little bloodhound might've caught a scent.
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[ The only precaution Danger's taken against standing out from the crowd is a pair of aviator sunglasses that conceal her pupil-less eyes, but fail to completely hide the tattoo-like markings on her cheeks. She's been more or less quiet to this point in their trip, keeping to herself. Maybe it's because she still distrusts Silva-- maybe it's because she has a lot on her mind. She's been thinking of Lillian, and what response Cross's return will bring.

Emotionally, it would easily swing either way. But there's no doubt there will be violence.

If we are able to locate Cross quickly, we will minimize our necessity to speak Nepalese regardless. [ Her attention turns to the little golem on Hank's shoulder. ] I would suggest relying on Timcampy. I somewhat doubt any of us is more capable of locating Cross Marian.
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Just don't let him near any cats along the way. [Because Tim won't stick out at all here, of course. Cross is going to be particularly upset, but not as upset, he suspects, as some of the people he's really pissed off with his running off to the middle of nowhere. Even if it was for safety reasons. As of yet undisclosed safety reasons.

Which Silva will make him disclose if it's the last thing he does, or this will have been a waste of a trip. Funny, Silva isn't used to being the most normal-looking of a group of people.]
And no causing international incidents. Hopefully Mister Marian will keep that in mind as well.
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Oh, I'm the only cat he'll ever need.

[Hank notices Tim's new restlessness, and looks ahead to see a familiar mass of red hair. He weighs the options for a moment, how easily they should be seen before making contact. This would go smoother if he'd worked out some of the image inducer's bugs sooner.

He glances up at Timcampy, setting his jaw.
] Well, no point in delaying. Let's go fetch our prodigal.

[And he moves in past some of the locals out on the street to close the distance. When he gets close enough, he stops, settling his hands on his hips, speaking in Nepalese. His voice isn't changed much, despite the image inducer, but there's a distinct lack of its typical purring undertone.]

<You don't think these teams could be assigned more evenly?>
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[ Danger follows closely behind Hank, but once she recognizes Cross, her attention drifts to the children running about as they kick that ball amongst themselves. A few of them pause to look at the strange-looking newcomers, and she watches them back from behind her sunglasses for a few long moments before glancing back at Cross.

She doesn't speak. It seems unnecessary-- no doubt Cross will realize right away why they've come. She isn't sure yet if he'll resist. If he tries though, she'll be the first to intervene.
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[Of course Cross would run. He ran all the way here just to get away from everyone. Why should he stop now that he's caught? It strikes Silva that should Cross decide to use any of his magic in a more offensive manner, there isn't much he can do--and games of cat and mouse are so tedious otherwise.

Best that Danger handle him. Or let Tim work out some of his feelings. He rolls his eyes heavenward when the flames dissipate, heaving a sigh. Before seeing what he's still capable of these days and bolting after. No sense in being left in everyone's dust, hm?]
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it's cool!

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Oh, for the love of--

[Hank wastes no time. He doesn't care about the image inducer's glitching, just shutting it off instead and running off on all fours, using the walls to get around people when he has to. If it's going to be a hunt, he can play always the predator.

He doesn't think Maria was with Cross, but he wasn't totally sure. That would make things more complicated. He only hopes the month away hasn't made his scent too much worse.
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[ danger follows in suit, taking another path. with any luck, she and hank will be able to outflank cross. she maneuvers quickly through the crowds, letting the natural athleticism of her organic shi'ar form help her close distance. ]
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[Whatever spots Hank can't slip into will be no problem for Danger and Silva. Although really, Silva's starting to think he should've just stayed back at the jet. A literal beast and a deadly ex-robot woman and an annoying victorian magic-user? What a crowd to fall into...

Still, Cross isn't the only one in the group with training and skills suited for this sort of chase. And the rooftops aren't the best tactical choice, as it just gives less cover, less of a crowd. Following the path Cross has left behind, it's not such a problem to make it up there. Thank god, because he really wasn't looking forward to pulling out some moves to hop on cars and awnings to clambor up. (He can leave theatrics like that to James back in the City.)]
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[The doors around here are very unfortunately narrow. It means Hank has to climb around instead of going inside. He could probably manage it if he weren't pushing for speed, but that isn't working today. Unfortunately, he still has to anticipate where Cross is moving, and this is where it's lucky that he's not working alone.

He stays high where he can, but ready to pounce to the ground in an instant when he has to. He's long since lost track of where he left Timcampy.
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[ tight spots aren't an issue for danger, at least-- and even without her robotic body, she's clever enough, emerging from an alleyway nearby cross and quickly trying to block his path, calling out his name sharply: ]

Cross Marian.
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[Thank god the strange little (sometimes big) critter is on their side. Probably should've just said "sic 'em" and let him do his thing. Ah well, hindsight.

He's almost furious when he catches up, though the good practice of breathing (from running around a little Nepalese village) helps settle that down. Somewhat. There will be no yelling or fists--yet. But he really rather likes the idea of Cross going down and staying down for the time being.]

You're not staying here. Unless you would like to give us a very good, specific reason.
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[Dust scatters around them as Hank lands in the alley, giving Tim a nod as he kneels down next to Cross.]

We tried doing this the easy way, but this has gone on long enough. It's time we had a talk where you can't hang up without actually saying anything.
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[ Danger stands her ground, keeping her direction block off. But her face stays passive, betraying nothing of what she thinks about all of this. Instead, clinically, all she says is: ]

Do not make this more difficult than it must be, Cross.
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Fine. Keep saying nothing. You'll still be accompanying us back stateside. [scoff] Stop acting like such a child about this; it's unbecoming.

[And maybe then they can have a conversation like adults. But that sounds like it's going to be a while.]
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[Hank gives a glance toward Danger, than Silva, and finally Timcampy before settling himself down on the ground and meeting Cross directly in the eye, leaning in with a look of tired exasperation.]

You aren't the only one who can be stubborn, you know. If you don't want to talk, we can just sit right here and enjoy the weather until you change your mind.
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[ danger keeps her distance. she isn't one to be openly sentimental, not on most occasions, and she isn't one for wasting words either. undoubtedly either hank or silva will be more eloquent for their cause. she, on the other hand, means only to stop cross should he try to escape again. if they're going to talk about all this, it'll most likely be in private. not here. danger's no diplomat, and she doesn't intend to convince him of much.

one way or another, cross marian is going home today.
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We can always haul you back to the jet right now if that's what you would prefer. Or just let you deal with Tim a while. [It's a little amusing, really, although he'd rather just up and get out of here. It would be safer.]

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