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Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven

WHO: Clint, Bobbi, and guests.
WHERE: The Avengers Mansion
WHEN: Sunday
WARNINGS: Kissyfaces
SUMMARY: The lovebirds get hitched.
FORMAT: Your choice! If your character is friends with Bobbi and/or Clint, you can assume you were invited and are welcome to tag in!

This is their second marriage, but it's their first real wedding since Pietro has constantly been reminding them that eloping doesn't count. Bobbi disagrees, but she's tired of being harped on and would rather enjoy the festivities instead. It doesn't have to be a big deal, she doesn't want a big deal. She just wants it to be her and Clint and the people they love and also some decent barbecue.

Also she wants Clint to actually show up. That'd be cool.
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[And then, of course, there's the giant cake Hank made. It's four layers, all in different flavors, and he's terribly proud of it, so he's attending to it personally, serving everyone who gives it even the slightest glance. If you don't come to it, he'll come to you. Everyone will enjoy this cake if he can help it.]
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Hi, Dr. McCoy.

[Val, in an adorable poofy pink dress and looking nothing like the 400 pounds of trouble in a 40-pound body she really is, holds up an empty plate to him. Hook her up.]
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Valeria! I heard you were around here somewhere. Now, you have a particular flavor in mind, or should I surprise you?

[He uses his pie knife to give a Vanna White wave across the four layers, white, marbled chocolate, strawberry, and mint. There's also the mysterious purple section, because there's no way he couldn't at Hawkeye's wedding.]
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Marble, please. I assume you made it?

[Because no way would he be hovering like this if he hadn't.]
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[He cuts out a child-size slice, which is actually a bit bigger than the adult size, and set it on a plate before handing it to her with a sheepish grin.]

I can't be that obvious, can I? [Yes, he really can be.] I put a good deal of love and care into this one. I don't get to make wedding cakes everyday, after all.
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If it makes you feel better, you can assume I deduced it and other people wouldn't notice. [Nope, just that obvious.]

This is the first wedding I've ever been to. [And she's still a little jumpy about the possibility of it being attacked because that's what happens at weddings.]
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Really? Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Really delightful little things, everyone should get the chance at least once.

[He's been to enough that he'd like to put her at ease from that, but this is an Avengers wedding, just like his own first. All bets are off there.]
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I don't really see the point, myself. The tradition is a holdover from interfamilial property transfers. Romanticizing it seems retrogressive.

[Val's going to be a menace when she's old enough to date.]
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[His brows furrow slightly and he wonders if this is actually a discussion he should pursue. But then, patronizing her without maintaining the intellectual end wouldn't do.]

Well, being that it's a holdover, the romanticism is really all that's left to it, other than the change of tax brackets. [But then, there really isn't an intellectual end to it, is there?] To the two people involved, the point really has nothing to do with it.
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Yeah, Mr. Barton couldn't explain it, either.

[Not that she expects great intellectual feats from Clint Barton, mind you. Having Hank agree that it's all sentiment more or less confirms her feelings as to the general uselessness of the entire affair.]
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[Well, that doesn't sound quite right. He frowns, resting his thumb against his chin.]

Don't mistake the lack of a point for the lack of an explanation, now. It's a gesture between the two individuals involved. The ceremony itself is there to bring us into it as witnesses to that gesture.

Just because it may no longer serve so prominent a social purpose anymore doesn't make it any less important to its participants. It's ceremonial, symbolic. And symbols have exactly as much significance as we collectively allow them.
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They were already living together. Nothing changed.

[Despite her immense capacity for abstract thought, Val is too young to viscerally understand symbolism. She can analyze it at length, but it's just an intellectual exercise to her.]
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[He just nods. It's actually a bit harder than he expected to try to put it on purely intellectual terms, but he'll do his damnedest.]

Because nothing needed to change, it was more of an acknowledgement of what was already there. Sure, it seems obvious to the rest of us, but it means something to the two of them.
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[Val finally gets around to eating a bite of her cake.]

This is good.

Anyway, it's fine if people want to do stuff with no practical benefit, but setting up everyone to get attacked like this is kind of irresponsible.

[Weddings always get attacked why does no one but her understand this.]
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Thank you! I did hope each flavor would stand on its own wonderfully, but I'm a bit curious how it might work if I blended them together, as well. [Hank lets out a small as he takes a look around at the reception.] But I'm not sure how much of an invitation this is for an attack. Certainly no more of one than any of our other publicized activities.

But, when it comes down to it, we are a gathering of superheroes, remember. Anyone coming here with ill intent would only be inviting trouble on their own head.
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Either strawberry or mint in the marble would probably have been fine, but not both of them.

[This is her studied opinion as a three year old supergenius who eats a lot of sugary cereal.]

That's never stopped anyone before.

[She's heard stories about her parents' wedding.]
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[Oh, he was there. He remembers.] Maybe it hasn't, but I think we've learned how better to prepare ourselves as a result. There aren't as many active supervilains around anyway, now any that would be stupid enough to attack here.

[On an entirely separate note.] I do think strawberry and mint could be interesting together. They just need the right application.
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[Fiiiiine she'll relax.

A little.]

Strawberry-mint lemonade?

[That seems good to her.]
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[He makes a face, not really disgust or necessarily surprise, just...curiosity.]

You know, that just might work. You wouldn't know until you tried it, at least. Flavor isn't an entirely scientific field, there's too much subjectivity involved.
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It works with basil, and that's pretty left-field. Other aromatics might work, too.

[Val's got a meditative look, but she's not thinking about mocktails so much as how to remove the subjectivity from taste.]
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[Hank's eyebrow lifts a little.]

Yes, one is about to put basil on a cake.
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You've never seen Uncle Johnny trying to cook outside his hot pockets comfort zone.

[Trust her, Hank. It ain't pretty.]
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Okay, correction: no one who actually knows what they're doing.