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Who: Callie's team ( Bobbi Morse, Laura Kinney, Miss Martian, Beast, Frank Castle, Raven, Piccolo)
What: investigation, diplomacy, and action all up in Europe
When: May 13, 14, and 15
Warnings: None yet?
Notes: Super apologies, I am sick, but I'll poke in when I can!

It was finally time to take action. The travel wasn't as horrible as previously anticipated, and after refueling at Liverpool, her team went off to their first meeting-- Callie had an audience with a group of old white guys to discuss the Imbargo Act.

The rest? Well... it should all fall into place.
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"I'll sit with you, Callie," Bobbi said as she scoped the room, memorizing the layout, the furniture, and all possible means of escape. She was a professional, not just a superhero/super-spy, but also a scientist, and today she was dressed to play that part, appearing quite conservative with her hair swept up and reading glasses on.
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Frank had kept to himself; this wasn't his usual position, but he was here because Bauer asked for it. He didn't take orders often, but he had a trust of Bauer that he didn't doubt. He wasn't the expert here; this was new terrain and a new enemy. Bauer knew more than Frank did, and he wasn't going to stand idle out of stupid pride, when he could follow a man he respected and achieve something instead.

But Bauer wasn't here, and his confidence in the others was shaky. If the Skrull was found out, they had no idea what his retaliation would be.

"Are you ready if something goes to hell?"
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She stared at Frank, wondering vaguely if she even registered to him or if she'd somehow managed to fly under his radar. It was a fleeting thought, quickly set aside to emotionally prepare for the coming meeting. There were Skrulls to deal with, and Bobbi liked nothing more than killing those horrible green bastards.

"You bet your ass I am."
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Frank watched Bobbi for a moment, considering. He knew her, but he hadn't seen her fight head-on. Bauer knew how to make a team; he trusted that. What he didn't trust was someone not getting soft when the time came. Her, though?

Good answer.

"They'll be watching the guards, not you so much," he said. "Won't expect it. Gives you an edge." Maybe not much; maybe just a few seconds.

Morse seemed the type who only needed a few extra seconds.
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"Let them underestimate me." Everyone always seemed to. As a human on a team of anything but, she was used to it. She'd learned to compensate over the years, and more than that, she'd learned to use the perception of weakness to her advantage. A simple scientist didn't pose an outward threat. Or so many of her foes seemed to believe. "Let them underestimate all of us. They've done it before, they're doing it now. It's a mistake they'll pay for."
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The response satisfied him, and he didn't let it show. He simply nodded, as if it was sufficient. He wanted to be able to rely on at least one member of this mess.


They just had to follow through with all that talk; talk was the easy part.
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She glanced at her wrist watch, eyebrows arching. "What time is this clown supposed to show, anyway?"
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"You know why I came here. I don't think anywhere but that panel will be an effective place for me." Which isn't to say that's the only thing he'll have done for this mission. Each person in their entourage should be outfitted with an image inducer keyed to their specifications, but the security detail especially.
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He gave her a slight shrug in return. "Of course, it isn't our hearts that we'll need to bleed. But it takes one already bleeding to get that to spread, doesn't it?"
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He tugged at his lapels, smiling at the ceiling. "I'd like to hope not. Our community needs someone to advocate for us, doesn't it?"
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It was the fact that Laura could look entirely inconspicuous if she wanted to that had her making the first move against Williamson and his guards. A grey skirt and white blouse stolen from the room of a visiting secretary, her black hair up in a bun, Laura stood off to the side of the hallway that Williamson and his guards were coming down. Her attention seemed to be focused on a small clipboard she held in her hand, her expression one of vague frustration.

She took a step backwards as the men approached, seemingly attempting to get out of their way, and they paid her only a cursory glance before they were passing her by...the one closest to her made the mistake of looking away, and suddenly he had a clipboard slammed into his face, sending him stumbling backwards before a kick to his stomach knocked him to the floor.

Laura had already turned towards the next guard when the first hit the floor, her hand held up to strike at him when he raised his weapon and fired, shooting her twice in the stomach and knocking her backwards into the wall with a grunt of surprise.
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